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Michael Jaegger

Captive family


Bobby Mitchell ducked down quickly in the driver's seat as twin beams of bright light shone suddenly into the rear-view mirror. The sound of the approaching car got louder, and the boy prayed that it would go straight past. The last thing he needed right now was for some damn good-samaritan to stop and ask questions. Worse still, if it was a cop, he was done for! Even the dumbest cop in the world wouldn't take long to find out that the car he was driving was stolen. Although Bobby was only fifteen, with his past record the judge would throw the book at him. He couldn't chance that now. As soon as the other car sped past, Bobby started the engine and pulled off the side of the road into some bushes and waited. He lit a cigarette and puffed on it nervously. The acrid smoke filled his lungs, but did little to calm his nerves.

"Christ! Come on, Mom! Where the fuck are you?" he muttered under his breath. The waiting was getting to him and for the hundredth time tonight, he wondered if his mother's plan was going to work. Cathy Mitchell had no such misgivings. At that very moment, the tall, willowy blonde was crawling under the outer security fence of the State Women's Correctional Centre. It had taken weeks of planning and plenty of hard work to get this far. Not to mention the five hundred bucks she'd paid one of the guards to look the other way at the right time. Once through the fence Cathy headed off in the direction of the road, where she had instructed her son to wait for her. Having had plenty of time in the prison gym to get into shape, Cathy was undaunted by the prospect of the two mile cross-country jog, especially since at the end was freedom!

Bobby got out of the car and sat on the hood, craning his neck and staring into the darkness. He listened for any sign of movement in the bushes but heard nothing except the incessant chirping of crickets. Then a twig cracked.

"M… Mom?" whispered Bobby into the darkness. No reply. The hair on the back of the boy's neck began to rise as he held his breath, listening for further sounds. Nothing. He was about to turn when he felt a pair of hands cover his eyes from behind.

"Guess who, baby?" said a voice in his right ear. Bobby whirled around sharply.

"Jesus Christ, Mom! You scared the shit out of me!" gasped Bobby, staring at his mother with wide eyes.

"Sorry, honey!" laughed Cathy, kissing her son on the lips. "I couldn't resist it!" She threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

Bobby hugged her back, immediately conscious of the fullness of his mother's large tits against his chest. His hands circled her waist. It was narrower than he remembered, and the warm flesh under her thin prison smock felt soft yet firm. Even though she was his mother, the boy's prick lurched in his pants. He tried to keep her from noticing his hardening cock.

"Hey, you've lost weight, Mom!" blurted Bobby. He pushed his mother away from him, afraid that she would feel his cock against her. He had certainly been aware that it was pressing against her leg.

"And you've grown since I saw you last, baby. Jesus, you're almost as tall as I am!" They both ducked as another car drove past, its lights flashing over them.

"We'd better get moving, Mom. It don't think it's real safe around here."

"Yeah, you're right! Did you bring me a change of clothes, Bobby?"

"Sure! They're in the bag on the back seat."

"Okay, honey, you drive. I wanna change out of these damn rags."

"Where we goin', Mom?"

"I don't know, Son," replied Cathy. "Just drive north. We're gonna have to play it by ear for a while."

They got in and Bobby nosed the car out onto the road, speeding off in the direction his mother had indicated. He was pleased to be moving again, the throb of the engine and the rush of air past the windows somehow made him feel much safer. Beside him, Cathy began to take off her dirty, torn prison clothes, unashamed by her son's presence. As she stripped, Bobby kept taking sideways glances at her, unable to stop staring as his mother hurriedly pulled off her clothes. The baggy prison smock had concealed her stunning figure very well, and the boy's heart began to beat faster as more and more of her naked flesh was exposed to his excited eyes. Somehow, his mother looked a lot younger than her thirty-six year. Bobby seemed to remember her as being kind of plain and slightly plump. But that was a long time ago, and this woman sitting beside him, stripping her clothes off, was nothing at all like that… she was slim, trim and utterly sexy! Despite the fact that she was his mother, Bobby's cock began to swell in his pants.

Cathy finished changing and sat half facing her son, conscious of the strong effect she was having on him. She smiled, noticing the huge bulge in the boy's jeans. It fascinated her that she could turn him on so easily, her own son! The look of lust on his handsome young features was unmistakable. Cathy took a long, deep breath. It had been quite a while since she'd seen that look on a man's face, and although the boy was only fifteen, one glance told her that Bobby was physically already a man. Handsome and strong like his father, she thought with a wry smile. God, how she missed Doug! It had taken her a long time to get over his death, but now it consoled her to know that she still had Bobby, the spitting image of her dead husband. Doug had been fantastic in bed, a real stud, able to pleasure her all night when she wanted him to… and she did… often. Of all the things Cathy missed in their relationship, she missed sex the most. Her pussy began to moisten as her eyes settled on her son's bulging crotch. Judging by the size of the lump in the front of his jeans, Bobby was just as virile as his father.

Cathy supressed a feeling of guilt. After what she'd experienced in prison, the fact that Bobby was her own son didn't bother her a bit. In prison, you soon learned to get your kicks however and whenever the opportunity arose. Cathy Mitchell had been no different. At first, she found the shameless sexual advances of the other female prisoners repulsive. Some of them were quite pretty, and at first, Cathy rejected them. She resorted instead to frequent masturbation, bringing herself off as soon as she was alone. But eventually, even that became less and less stimulating. Cathy had always been rather highly sexed, and it was only a matter of time, before she was willingly initiated into the lurid world of lesbian sex. And for a time Cathy had enjoyed it, giving and receiving illicit pleasure at every opportunity. But in the end, it hadn't been enough, and even that failed to satisfy her. Cathy was one of those women who needed penetration, preferably deep penetration. A cock ramming in and out of her cunt was what she needed.

Cathy looked at her son sitting so close beside her and shivered with excitement. He was still stealing furtive glances at her bare legs, occasionally rubbing his crotch with his hand. The look in his young eyes excited her immensely. He reminded her of what it felt like to be a real woman once more… to excite a man with her naked body… to feel his hands caress her breasts, squeezing and pinching her erect nipples while his long, hard prick filled her sex completely… his narrow hips thrusting powerfully… pounding her juicy, quivering cunt into a mass of creamy froth as he fucked her from orgasm to delicious orgasm. Cathy opened her legs a fraction as the heat between her damp thighs became intense. Bobby noticed the movement and nearly ran off the road trying to look up his mother's dress. He had an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch her, but instead rearranged his hardening cock to a more comfortable position.

"I'm gonna try and take a quick nap, honey," said Cathy, trying to suppress a giggle at her son's obvious embarrassment. She didn't feel tired at all. On the contrary, Bobby's arousal had excited her greatly and Cathy wanted to see how far she could take it. She lay back and pretended to close her eyes. As she settled down, Cathy pulled up her dress and allowed her knees to fall apart, making sure her son had a good view up between her legs. Bobby darted a glance at his mother. Her dress was halfway up her thighs, and Bobby could see the inviting mound of his mother's cunt pressing firmly against the tightly-stretched fabric of panties. He moaned low in his throat, and reached for his cock. A quick look at his mother's face told Bobby that her eyes were closed, so he stared brazenly at her exposed crotch. The sight made his cock jerk and twitch unbearably. Once more, he fought off the urge to reach over and touch her. Instead he unzipped his fly and slipped a hand inside to squeeze his hard prick.