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A gripping detective thriller full of suspense

(DI Calladine & DS Bayliss Book 2)


First published 2015

Joffe Books, London www.joffebooks.com

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places and events are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental. The spelling used is British English except where fidelity to the author’s rendering of accent or dialect supersedes this.

©Helen H. Durrant

Glossary of English TERMS & Slang for US readers

Charity Shop: thrift store

Carrier bag: plastic bag from supermarket

Care Home: an institution where old people are cared for

Chat-up: flirt, trying to pick up someone with witty banter or compliments

Comprehensive School (Comp.): High school

Childminder: someone who looks after children for money

Council: local government

Deck: one of the landings on a floor of a tower block

DI: detective inspector

DS: detective sergeant

ED: accident and emergency department of hospital

Early dart: to leave work early

Estate: public/social housing estate (similar to housing projects)

Estate agent: realtor (US)

Fag: cigarette

Garden Centre: a business where plants and gardening equipment are sold

GP: general practitioner, a doctor based in the community

Handy Man case: the case Calladine and Bayliss dealt with described in Dead Wrong.

Home: care home for elderly or sick people

Inne: isn’t he

Into care: a child taken away from their family by the social services

Lad: young man

Nick: police station (as verb: to arrest)

Nowt: nothing

Nutter: insane person

Nursery: a place which grows plants, shrubs and trees for sale

(often wholesale)

PC: police constable

Piss off: as exclamation, go away (rude). Also can mean annoy.

Planning Department: the local authority department which issues licences to build and develop property

Randy: horny

Scroat: low-life

Semi: Semi-detached house, house with another house joined to it on one side only

Solicitor: lawyer

Sweeting: endearment, like sweetheart

Tea: Dinner (Northern English)

Tilclass="underline" cash register

Torch: flashlight

Tutor: university teacher

Tower block: tall building containing apartments (usually social housing)


Detective Inspector Tom Calladine

He is single, just past fifty. He is tall, slim build but with reasonable muscle tone, his hair used to be dark but is now greying and is cut close to his head. His daughter is called Zoe, she resulted from his short-lived marriage and he only found about her recently.

Detective Sergeant Ruth Bayliss

She is single in Dead Wrong but has now met someone—teacher Jake Ireson. She’s in her mid-thirties, likes birdwatching.

Detective Constable Simon Rockliffe—Rocco

A solid team member. He works hard and gets results. He is tipped to go far. He was attacked on the Hobfield in Dead Wrong.

Detective Constable Imogen Goode

She is the IT expert of the team. She is intense—very keen on her work—a bit of a nerd. She is being eyed up by Julian—the forensics expert.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector George Jones

A mediocre stand-in at best. He considers himself overworked and can’t handle the pressure. Runs the nick on a day-to-day basis.

Detective Inspector Brad Long

Overweight, and generally lazy—the other team leader in the police station.

Detective Sergeant Don Thorpe

Works with Long and has picked up his bad habits.

Doctor Sebastian Hoyle

Pathologist. Often referred to as the doc.

Forensic scientist—Doctor Julian Batho.

Unmarried, hard-working. Not particularly good-looking.

Monika Smith

Care home manager and sometime girlfriend of Calladine.

Freda Calladine

Tom’s mother—resident in the care home run by Monika.

Lydia Holden

Reporter seeking the big time. She is a glamorous blonde who uses her looks to get what she wants. Calladine falls for her. She was a reporter for the Leesworth Echo in the case described in Dead


Ray Fallon

Calladine’s cousin on his mother’s side. One of Manchester’s most notorious gangsters—drugs, gun running—whatever he can make money at. His gang provides the drugs for the local housing estate

—the Hobfield.

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