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All my friends and family were really happy when I met Dick. He was rich after retiring as a professional football player and very handsome and they thought it was cute for him to be Dick to my Dixie.

On our first date he told me that he was an oldfashioned kind of guy and that the feminist movement was bullshit. He thought women were too independenat now and that he was capable of taking care of a wife with no need for her to work.

I agreed with him. I told him my grandfather and grandmother lived happily together for fifty years but my Mom who insisted on working was with her third husband. My grandma was very happy taking care of the house, her children and grandpa while Mom and her husbands fought at least once a week. I had never heard Grandma and grampa raise their voices to each other and I thought that was great. My Mom did not agree. She said Grandma was too submissive letting Grandpa rule her life and she could never live like that. She told me I only saw them when everything was nice. She had seen Grandpa spank Grandma like an unruly child when she displeased him with her panties down just like my mom when she was little.

I knew that could not be all that bad because Grandma never said anything bad about him and probably deserved the spankings.

He seemed very interested. "Do you mean you wouldn't mind if your husband spanked you?"

"No. I don't think so. Mom said they hurt and were really humiliating but if I did something wrong I suppose I would deserve it."

That seemed to make him happy and we started dating steadily. He was also happy when he made advances and I told him that I could not go further as I was still a virgin and planned to stay that way until married. I told him that I was not ignorant and had seen sex in movies and looked forward to it but thought I should wait until I could feel free to do anything my husband desired.

I think now he was testing my submissiveness on our dates because he would decide where we were going and order my food asking if I objected. I never did because he always made better choices than I would.

He even began buying my clothes which were much sexier than I would have chosen. Finally he bought some lingerie that was really sexy and I said I would be embarrassed to wear it. He said that only my husband and myself would see it if I was telling the truth about my virginity and he wanted me to wear it as it excited him to know I had it on. I had to agree.

Then one night he said he felt childish and decided that he wanted to take me to an amuzement park the next day and I should wear the mini-dress he had bought for me with the matching blue lingerie.

The next morning I put on the outfit but the mini-skirt flared and when I twirled I could see my bare bottom since the panties were just a small vee with elastic strings that hid so little of my sex that I had trimmed my pubic hair to the same small vee because the hair looked gross escaping around it. I thought the rides might make the skirt flare so I put on my standard white cotton panties.

When he saw me he said I looked lovely making me proud but when we were in his car he asked If I was wearing the pretty lingerie.

I could have lied but I explained I was afraid the skirt would flare up and someone might see my bare bottom.

He was angry. "You lied to me! You said last night you would wear what I told you. All you had to do was be ladylike and the skirt would stay down. You are being naughty. I should spank you but I think I will just take you home and find a girl that can follow simple commands."

I panicked! I had really enjoyed all the things we had done and he seemed to be falling in love with me. I already loved him and was living for the time he would ask me to marry him.

"No please don't take me home. You are right! I should have worn them and just been careful. Take me to your place and spank me! I deserve it! Spank me until you are sure I won't disobey again."

"Are you sure? It will hurt. You may hate me afterwards."

I had no idea what a spanking would feel like. My mom had sworn there was no way I would be humiliated the way she was until she ran off to marry at sixteen.

"No I won't. I deserve it. The more it hurts the more I will hate myself for not doing what I had agreed to do. Please do it. You can use your belt. Grandpa used his belt."

"Alright. I think I love you. If you can take it without hating me I think we should be married."

That made me look forward to the spanking. I hugged him on the way to his house and told him that I would prove I was not angry by thanking him for the spanking when it was over.

"How many spanks do you think you should get?"

"That is not up to me. Spank me until you are satisfied."

"No. I think you should make a committment so you can't say later I gave too many."

I thought a minute and remembered Mom had complained she would sometimes get thirty spanks. She didn't indicate that caused a lasting problem so I said, "I am not sure. Would thirty be enough?"

That seemed to make him happy and he kissed me at the stoplight.

It occurred to me that I had never been spanked and had no idea how much pain was involved but it was too late to back out. I hoped he may take pity on me when I said, "I have never been spanked. Will it hurt awful?"

"No. It will sting and your skin will get red but it is not unbearable. Some girls even like it."

I doubted that but I was committed and didn't try to stall when we got to his house.

He took off his belt when we went in and gave it to me.

"Here. This is what I will use. Hold it and let me know if you want to change your mind."

It was just a small dress belt that felt soft and it did not frighten me but holding my instrument of torture reminded me I would soon be feeling the sting and by agreeing to it I would also be committing myself to further spankings when I displeased him.

"Will you be using this on me again if I displease you?"

"No. After we are married I will take you to a place I know and you can pick out a proper instrument that will be hung on the wall to remind you to be a good girl."

"You mean like a whip?"

"Possibly. That will be your choice."

I thought about it for a moment then said softly, "I guess that would be fair."

"Are you ready for your spanking?"

"Yes. Should I just bend over for it?"

"No. You may lose your balance. Lean over the back of that chair."

He pointed to a large overstuffed chair and as I leaned over it for some reason instead of fear I was feeling excited.

He said, "Are you going to be able to lie there quietly or would it be better for you to be tied in position?"

That excited me more and it would also relieve me of having to concentrate on being still.

"I think I should be tied. I am kind of a sissy and may not be able to resist trying to get away even though I want you to do it and will try to be brave."

"I think you made a good choice. Especially for the first time. I have some soft silk neckties to tie you with."

He tied my ankles to the chair legs which spread my legs enough to raise my hemline then he tied my wrists to the legs in front to press my breasts into the chair seat and bring my heels off the floor and press my pubic bone into the back of the chair. I had seen my bottom in the mirror in my bathroom when I bent over to pick up a towel. I realized my pussy would be pooching out between my open legs and hoped he would not hit it but then perversely wondered how that would feel.

When I was securely tied he said, "You could not feel this little belt hitting your clothes so I will lift your skirt and pull down your panties."