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I smiled in genuine amusement and said, "What's the matter? Haven't you seen a naked lady before?"

The big one gulped walked over to me and said, "Not one that looks as good as you. I want to see all of you."

I gulped too and then stammered, "No! I'm sorry . I shouldn't have teased you."

"Well it is too late now. Your tease worked and we are going to fuck your brains out.He grabbed me around my waist to pull me against his sweaty, hairy chest then said, "You have been a naughty girl. I guess I will give you a spanking." He pulled up my robe with his left hand and began spanking my now bare butt with his right.I put my hands on his shoulders saying "No." knowing I should push him away but instead I moved my nipples on his coarse chest hair as stings from his callused hand sent tingles to my clit.

The other man pulled my hands back to slip off my robe and I felt his dick pressing into my ass-crack as the big man dropped his pants and easily lifted me to pull my legs around his waist and sink his rock hard cock into my pussy then I felt the other mans cock begin to work it's way into my little rectum.

God it was great! It felt even better than Dick's prong with the dildo in my butt. I squirmed and squealed in delight as they grunted and pumped until I came and I realized they had too as their cocks softened and the big man began to let me slide down his chest. I hugged him to feel his chest and stomach hair slide against my hard nipples while I kissed his chest and stomach with my legs limp until I had slid down to my knees and the cock that brought me so much pleasure was at my lips. I began licking it and to my amazement it began hardening. Dick had always had to rest awhile before he got hard again.

I put it in my mouth and looked at his face grimaced in pleasure then the other man said, "God. I want some of that action."

"Yeah and I want to see if that ass is as tight as it looks."

He pulled away and put me on my hands and knees and spread my ass-cheeks as the other man wiped his dick with his handkerchief then put it in my mouth. Even wiped off I could still taste my shit but I didn't care. I sucked on it greedily while I felt the bigger cock plunging into my ass-hole. The big one reached around me to grip my breasts to use them as handles to pull me into and away from him while the other man used his hands to fuck my pussy. All my erogenous zones were being stimulated and I came three more times until one then the other grunted and pulled away.

I laid on my back on the cool floor breathing deeply while they pulled up their pants then the big man said, "Thanks a lot lady. You made my day."

The other one said, "Yeah me too. Have fun with your toys."

They walked out leaving my limp body as I realized they knew what was in the crates. I swear I just planned to tease them not fuck them but I knew now why the big man knew he could have me. Only a slut would be interested in sex toys.

I felt terribly guilty now that the passion had gone but I didn't know what to do. I knew I could not confess. He might not believe I was raped and may kill me. Besides it only started as a rape I had soon enjoyed it all.

He called to say he would be home late to clean up some things so he could take the rest of the week off and reminded me to leave the crates alone because he wanted to get the basement all ready for my surprise.

I had dinner ready for him when he came home while he excitedly told me he had arranged enough time off to get the basement perfect. He was going to the hardware store to get everything he needed in the morning for better lighting and some more camcorders.

He noticed I was distracted and said, "What is wrong. You are a million miles away."

"I am trying to guess what is in all those crates. They may be terrible things that will hurt me."

Suddenly I had an inspiration that would help relieve my guilt. "I would like to test you. Maybe you could use the clamps and paddle on me again to see if you have the restraint to not blister me." Even if he had that restraint I knew it would hurt a lot which I deserved.

"Yeah we can do that but first I want to see a new tape that was sent to me."

He put it in the VCR and the scene opened in a dungeon with stone walls much like our basement. there were four teen aged naked mexican girls with great bodies secured to the walls by heavy chains going to clamps like mine on their nipples to pull their breasts widely apart and other clamps stretching open their pussy lips. Their arms were pulled up to the ceiling while their feet were locked in manacles to hold their legs apart.

I shuddered knowing just the weight of those chains even if they had not been pulled tight would cause the teeth of the clamps to bite very hard. Then there were closeups of the girls breasts wet with their tears showing how the clamps were pinching their nipples and then a closeup of the hook on the wall to allow the chain to be pulled tight followed by a close-up of their pussies showing the lips pulled tightly open to expose the tender pink skin and clits.

Two big men released one of the girls and carried her over to what looked like a merry go round horse but then I saw a shiny metal gnarled dildo coming out of the seat about eight inches long and a couple of inches thick. They pulled her legs apart with them out in front of her then let her slide down on the dildo with close-ups to show how her pussy lips stretched and relaxed as they slid over the deep ridges. Her hands and ankles were tied straight out in front of her to a bar going through the horse head which would only allow her to move back and forth which she began doing. Then the camera moved closer to show a man on her right side holding a black box with wires running from it. He flipped a switch and the camera backed off to show the horse rocking from side to side as the girl got a wild look on her face then it zoomed in to show him flip another switch. Now the horse started jumping up and down. They showed a closeup of her pussy squirming from the lumps on the dildo as her butt bounced off the seat. Then they pulled back again to show her face and body as she approached climax. Just as she began letting out little screams they panned to the man who pressed a button. There was a shriek then the camera moved back to show the man hitting the botton as her ass spread from impact on the seat to cause shriek after shriek until they had to catch her when her head dropped and she started to fall off to the side.

A voice came on saying, This is an early model our improved version has sides on the saddle so they can't fall off and you can now change the speed of the horses trot and vary the amount of electricity going to the dido." That explained her shrieks as he pushed the button. They took her seemingly lifeless body back to the wall to hang her up but left off the clamps. She began rolling her head and moaning as they went to the next girl.

They carried her to a big table where cuffs were put on her ankles then turned a crank that began pulling her legs apart until she was screaming and doing the splits. Then her hands were tied to another winch that began pulling her body until the skin was tight on her belly. Toothed clamps were put on her nipples then they were pulled up ontil her round breasts looked like cones. Finally a man began pumping a foot pedal and a square piece began to rise out of the table to lift her ass and make her pussy accessible clear to her ass-hole.

They took a close-up of her gaping pussy. I was amazed to see her juices glisten in the bright light.

The narrator said, "Some will not like being stretched this much but as you can see this girl is wet from excitement."