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"Yes.. I know. Mom said Grandpa did it that way but that will be embarrassing."

"You should be embarrassed. It is part of the punishment. You will get used to it. We will soon be married and I plan to see you naked a lot."

That excited me more and I said, "You are right. I am sorry I objected."

"Good girl! I am proud of you."

When he lifted my skirt and saw my big cotton panties he said, "Jesus, where did you get these ugly things. You will never wear them again."

He took a penknife out of his pocket and cut them off me. His fingers against my bare bottom to keep the knife away from my skin excited me even more.

He then pulled the skirt up until it was loose from the chair and my dress settled down to my shoulders leaving me bare to my breasts.

"Oh! Are you going to hit my back too?"

"Yes. Thirty are too many for just your butt. I would have to hit the same place over and over which may bruise you.You will be red from your shoulders to mid-thigh."

As he said that he slid his hands up my thighs over my butt and down my back saying, "You have a lovely body. I won't damage it."

His kindness made my fear go away and his touch on my naked skin and the compliment made me totally aroused. Since he thought I was pretty I wanted him to see even more.

I said in a voice shaking with excitement, "Then the dress should be out of the way. Pull it down to my wrists."

He said "Good girl." as he bunched it around my wrists then said, "The bra straps are still in the way."

I moaned, "Yes! Get rid of it."

He used his penkife to cut it off and then I was totally naked with my nipples pressing on the sensuous leather of his chair.

He stepped back then I felt a sharp sting across both cheeks of my ass followed by heat that seemed to go directly to my clitoris. The pain I had dreaded was just fantastically exciting. Then there was a sting just above the last then just below. he followed that pattern going down my thighs and up my back with the end of the belt snapping against my side. My excitement rose with each lash and when the end of the belt hit the side of my breast with the next curling around my thigh to hit my inner thigh millimeters from my pussy I had an orgasm stronger than I had ever achieved from masturbation.

At that point he changed sides and the end hit my other breast then the inner thigh of my other leg.

Then he stepped behind me and fore-handed and backhanded the sides of my breasts to drive me into greater orgasms as I panted and slid my nipples around on the leather made wet by my perspiration. I pulled back to let my nipples slide as far as possible. That pulled my hips away from the chair and he back- handed and forehanded the side of my hips to let the tip sting my pussy. I pushed up with my hands with the shock of another orgasm which lifted my boobs so the tip could hit my nipples. The sharper pain just brought a stronger orgasm.

Suddenly he stopped and began caressing my tingling nipples and pussy as he said, "There is just one place still white."

I knew he meant my pussy and wanted the greater pain that I new would be pure excitement. I panted, "Yes! Make it red too!"

He brought the belt up between my legs to hit the left pussy lip then the right. The last one up the center that put the tip on my clit made me scream in ultimate orgasm.

He untied me and held me against his chest to kiss me and say, "You are wonderful. I want to marry you." I hugged and kissed him saying, "Thank you for my whipping. You have seen me naked and since we are getting married please make love to me so I will know you have forgiven me."

He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom. I watched in fascination as he undressed to reveal a throbbing erection about eight inches long and as thick as my wrist.

There was a stabbing pain as he broke my hymen then I started having new orgasms. He was a wonderful lover. He lasted long enough to give me three more orgasms that either made me pass out or go to sleep.

When I woke up he was gently caressing my nipples and pussy. He said, "You are wonderful! I have been looking for you all my life. I will show you all aspects of sex so you can continue having orgasms always."

I suddenly felt ashamed. I had been excited not only by the whipping which was supposed to be painful and humiliating but also loved the sex that Mom had said was just a duty women had to perform for their husbands.

"Yes but it isn't normal for me to be excited by pain. Even worse I just had this dream where I was hung from the ceiling while I was whipped like the slaves in the South and it excited me. I feel ashamed."

"Don't. There is nothing wrong with anything that excites you. If you hated it but still allowed it you would be strange. Your dream excites me too."

At that he kissed my lips, then my neck, then my nipples and stomach until I felt this wonderful feeling when his tongue began caressing my clit. I had heard of that but always assumed it was just someones fantasy. I never expected to have it done to me and resolved to keep my pussy clean and sweet so he would always want to do it.

He kept it up until my first orgasm then turned me over to fuck me doggy style. Just as I went into another orgasm he jammed his thumb into my ass-hole I had never thought of this area as sexy but it threw me into an orgasm nearly as great as the belt hitting my pussy.

That made it plain to me that Mom had lied and Grandma did the right thing.

We napped awhile then he said he had to take me home to make the curfew my parents had set although I was eighteen.

He kissed me on my doorstep then said he would be back in the morning with my engagement ring.

I woke Mom to tell her the news. She was a little doubtful. "Are you sure honey? He is about ten years older than you. He may want to treat you more like a daughter than a wife. You may have trouble controlling him."

"Mom! I don't want to control him. I just want to be a good wife and make him happy."

"All men get bored eventually. It is better to let them know right away that if they don't toe the line you will divorce him and take everything he has."

"Mom! Who are you to give advice. You had two miserable marriages and this one is looking rocky."

"Maybe so but I always came out on top."

I could see there was no use arguing with her and went to my bedroom where I stripped to see if I was bruised. To my amazement although he had whipped me for a long time all traces had already gone except for a few tiny bruises on the sides of my breasts.

I went to bed but couldn't sleep. In the past when I couldn't sleep I would play with my clit until I had a little orgasm which would bring on sleep. Now I was spoiled. After that great sex nothing made me excited until I had this fantasy where I was tied hanging from the goalposts while he whipped me in the bright lights used for games while loud cheers came from the stadium full of people. Even that fantasy would not let me get even close to the orgasms he had provided.

The next morning he came by and gave me a two carat diamond for my engagement. Even Mom was impressed especially since he said we would be married the next weekend at Las Vegas and that he would pay all Mom's and my step-dads expenses. She loved to gamble but was cheap and would just play with the chips given to her when she stayed at a casino.

He said he would take me shopping for clothes for the wedding and honeymoon. I don't know how much he spent but it was a fortune. I know the wedding dress cost two thousand dollars. He bought clothes for lounging, sports, evening wear, and casual clothes. He spent more on alterations. Nothing standard showed enough of my breasts or had short enough skirts. He even had them hem up my short-shorts until you could see the curve of my butt and had the waist trimmed to well below my belly-button. When I complained that a dress with a vee neckline that went down below my belly-button was too much he ignored me and had them open it until it was more like a rectangle. Then I was sure my breasts would slide through the wide opening and complained again.