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I decided I didn't like my role. My only excitement had come from imagining myself in their place. No-one had even fucked me.

I whined, "I didn't get to cum. Everybody but me has cum. I want to ride the horse."

Dick reminded me that he had not cum either and that we were just hosts but that didn't help.I felt totally frustrated from being kept excited all night watching the other girls and imagining myself in their place.

I said petulantly, "I don't want to be hostess! I want to cum! I want monster orgasms."

Dick said, "The other girls earned their orgasms by accepting pain first. You have just been watching and your attitude is pissing us off."

I had watched them "Suffer." It had been no big deal and I said belligerantly. "I am willing to suffer a lot more than those pussies. I can do everything they did and more!"

Someone yelled. "Let's see if she is as tough as she thinks."

Everyone agreed and their excited looks and statements like, "She isn't all that tough. We will have her crying like a baby," frightened me. I said, "You won't hurt me anymore than you did them will you? I just meant I could take all the things instead of just some like they did."

Kay said, "You said you could take a lot more than us 'Pussies.' Prove it or admit you are all mouth by eating the pussies of us brave girls."

That would be worse. It would be terribly humiliating to have to admit I lost my nerve and have to go down on them. I hated the idea of looking like a lesbian.

I said belligerently, "I am not all mouth. You'll see. I'll make you all look like wimps!"

Dick said, "I think you are getting carried away agreeing to be subjected to all these instruments of torture. I'll give you one last out. If you agree to be everybody's love slave and eat pussy, suck dicks and lick ass-holes the rest of the night I'll let you off the hook. Otherwise you will suffer a lot."

Now I was really scared but no-one had suggested I should suffer. It had been my idea so I looked at them defiantly and said, I am not going to chicken out! Do your worst!"

I still can't believe how stupid I was. The last time they had hurt me much more than I could stand and yet I was challenging them to do their worst.

Dick said, "Since you are being so belligerant we will see how brave you are. If you scream or ask for mercy before you have taken all the punishment they have you will be punished even more."

I think I could have taken all they did but I had agreed to suffer more and it became endless. I started with the horse except that since I said I could take more I had to ride it for the combined time of the other girls at one more notch of speed and electricety. To their surprise I managed not to scream and actually got orgasms to the point of total exhaustion.

They gave me a break for a couple of strong drinks and a snort of coke to revive me then led me to the rack. To make it worse as I had agreed my legs were stretched one more notch wider and my arms pulled one more notch to cause terrible pain as I felt my joints were being dislocated and then four of them stood at my sides to whip my breasts to make them jump violently and my pussy to jerk open the lips and dig inside for three minutes which was one more minute than the bravest of them could take without begging for release. It seemed much longer with the hundreds of lashes thankfully with the thong whip.

Again I was given a short break with more liquor and "Coke" I would have liked to have quit at that point and was hating myself for bragging about how tough I was.

I was led to the barrel where I would get an extra notch of electricity and since Kay was whipped with the thong whip they would use the "Black Snake" on me.

It was much too terrible for me to turn the pain into excitement especially since the whips left narrow concentrated pain to my breasts and pussy when they fell away from the barrel. Even then I managed to just sob and moan.

Again I was released for drinks and cocaine but I was so exhausted even that did not help much.

When they led me to the broom I sobbed and said, "Please let me rest some more. I am so tired I don't even think I can get up on my toes."

Dick said, "We know that. Kay has suggested a way to make it easier to get up on your toes."

I was so dumb I thanked her when I saw them put a rope down from the ceiling over the broom since I thought my hands would be tied to it so I could use my arms to help hold me up.

I straddled the broom but Dick brought my arms behind my back and tied my wrists and elbows together to push out my boobs then tied the rope from the ceiling to my nipple chain.

They pulled up on the rope to pull up my nipples and breasts until I went up on my toes to relieve the strain. They took their time getting the broom up to the height everyone agreed was right which was just to the point I could feel the sharp pricks of the straws before they started my time at six minutes. I was so tired even the pain to my nipples only kept me up for two minutes. The moment my feet went down I was immediately hit on my butt with the "Cat" and when my body jerked forward to drag the straws through my pussy another man hit my pussy to drag it back. It felt like my pussy was being torn and I forced myself back up but in a short time I dropped again only to be ripped and rise again. By the fifth minute I couldn't get back up and just stood there flat-footed screaming at each lash until I just hung by my nipples to force my weight down on the broom so I would not be pushed back and forth until I passed out and the rings were ripped out of my nipples.

When I came to they were putting salt water on my nipples and pussy to stop the blood and dis-infect them. Using fire would not have been worse.

Finally the burning stopped and the cool water began to make me feel better. I went to sleep for a few minutes only to wake up in horror as I heard them discussing what my ultimate torture should be for failing my test.

I dragged my sore body to my feet and tried to run for the door. They just laughed when I got to it and found it was locked. I just fell into the foetal position and cried.

Dick came over to me and said nastily, "That was really stupid to try to escape. I was holding out for something easy but since you aren't cooperating I have decided to let them do whatever they want to you."

I pleaded, "No! No please! I never want to be hurt again. Don't hurt me. I'll do anything."

At that point Kay came over and said, "If she really will do anything we may give her a break. We are all horny. She didn't want to eat pussy and suck dicks but she might prefer that to being hung upside down and having us all whip her pussy with the 'Cat."

"Oh yes. Please let me suck you. I promise I'll make you cum."

"I want to cum fast. How about if I spank your ass with a belt until I cum to make you work harder."

I sobbed but my butt was the least sore part of my body and I thought the men's dress belts couldn't be too bad.

I said plaintively, "I don't want to be hurt anymore but I guess if that will make you cum faster it will be okay."

She said, "Great! Charlie, Give me your belt."

He lifted his vest to show me he was wearing a wide thick western belt.

I sobbed again as he passed it to her and she gave it to me to hold while she undressed and I felt it's weight and noticed the heavy pointed silver tip, I sobbed again as I imagined how it would feel.

When she was naked she sat on the edge of a chair then told me to get on my knees and to spread my legs until my mouth was pointing up at her pussy.