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As soon as I began licking her she began spanking my butt. Surprisingly it seemed easy after my prior tortures and since my folks had always been prejudiced against homosexuals and I heard all my life how disgusting they were it seemed appropriate to be punished for agreeing to do this act. The spanking helped relieve my guilt. When she got near orgasm she broght the belt down between my legs to let the silver tip hit my clit. I screamed into her cunt which made her gush and she dropped the belt. I just felt a hot throbbing sensation.

I had to suck all the men and women but none of them really hurt me bad and I felt good I had chosen that course rather than an alternative much worse treatment.

They gave me a drink then Kay said, "While you were asleep we came up with several alternatives for your ultimate punishment. Since you were cooperative and we could not agree on the punishment we decided to let you choose the one best to relieve your guilt."

She picked up a note pad and said, "Number one. Dick has a wire whip that provides a 20,000 volt charge. You would be hung upside down with your legs spread while you are given fifty lashes on your pussy every thirty seconds which may cut it as well as shock."

That would be terrible. Being hung upside down I would not faint and the lashes spread that far apart would make it last forever.

I said, "No! No! that sounds awful."

"Okay then number two. Fish hooks will be stuck in your breasts so you can be hung from them while we take turns throwing darts at your pussy. The one who hits your clit will be able to burn their initials on your pussy lips with a cigarette."

"No. that is awful!"

She shook her head and said, "Too bad. That sounded like it may be fun. Then alternative three. The gauntlet. Your legs would be spread with a bar then you would drag on your back past our line of people separated just enough so yo will always be in range of a person who would be whipping you with barbed wire. If you can crawl fast it shouldn't last too long."

She showed me a whip. It was five feet long. I would have to crawl fifty feet and I knew I could not move very fast just dragging myself with my elbows.

No! I would be cut to pieces by that."

"Well okay. I'll skip down to an easy one. You can ride around on that fence post while you get fifty lashes with rose branches."

She pointed to a split cedar fence post with iron bars coming out perpendicular to the post so two men could carry it. The round side was up with stickery looking bark that would abrade and stick my inner thighs and pussy but at least it would not scar me like the other things and the rose thorns would just make tiny punctures.

"Okay. I'll take that. It seems much better than the others. Do you promise that once this is over I can go to bed?"

"Yeah. I think you will probably need to.

They led me over to staddle the post and tied my hands behind my back. I protested. "I may fall off the post if I can't hold on to it."

"Don't worry we have that covered."

They spread my legs and tied them to the end of an iron bar then attached weights to my ankles.

I protested, "Oh the extra weight will make it worse."

"Yeah maybe but if you don't have them you may slide off sideways. They will act like a pendulum to keep you upright and steady."

I agreed that it may be better because slipping sideways would cause more abrasion and stickers. If I could sit very still I might not be stuck too much and since all my weight would be on it I shouldn't slide against it like the whipping post.

They brought the post up between my legs and I looked down at it in horror to see they had turned it over so the "V" shape was pointing up with several big stickers coming out of it.

I cried, "Oh no! It will cut me in two."

"No it won't. Your pubic bone and tail bone will keep it from going in deep. Now shut up or we will go to option one."

They lifted the post slowly and just before it got to my pussy Kay spread the lips to let the sharp angle slide between them then they lifted it on up until my feet left the floor. I gasped at the sharp pain as all my weight concentrated the pain on my clit and tender anus.

Kay laughed at my contorted face and tears saying,"Are you comfy?"

"No you bitch. It hurts terribly. Hurry let's get this over with."

I had thought my ordeal would just last for a few minutes since it would not take very long to get fifty lashes but I was fooled again.

The lashes were nothing since they knew the real pain would be from the post. I was only occasionally hit and hardly noticed them considering the pain I went through when they jerked the post up, down, and sideways while others kicked the iron bar holding my legs apart to make me rock sideways like the toy clowns on a tight rope. Every bounce drove stickers into my thighs and pussy then to make it even worse they would lower one end or the other to make me slide back and forth burying stickers while blood ran down my legs. I eventually passed out.

I woke up hurting all over and found I was handcuffed to the bed. I called out to him and when he came in I told him I hurt awfully. He said that the girls had pulled out all the stickers and that he had salve that would cure me in no time. I begged him to let me loose so I could go to the bathroom. He agreed but said, "Alright but I am going to keep you in chains until I am sure you won't try to run away."

Peeing was awful. My urine burned my lacerated pussy so much I peed as fast as I could to get it over with. All I wanted to do was get away but I knew I would have to convince him I wouldn't leave.

I told him I didn't want to go and that although I was really hurt bad it was my fault.

He wasn't convinced and kept me chained for three days while I offered to suck his dick and moved around on my hands and knees to show him I was submissive. He was finally convinced when I asked him to whip my butt which had healed with the "Cat" as long as he wanted.

Thankfully he only hit me ten times then said, "I guess you are sincere. I'll take off the chains. You have nowhere to go anyway. I sent your Mom on a trip around the world. They will be gone for six months. Even if you do run away I have private detectives who will find you and when they bring you back I'll burn off your nipples with my cigarette lighter."

I promised I wouldn't run away and just asked that my next time not last as long.

He smiled at that and said, "On the next party everyone is going to think of a way to torture you. You may choose the one you want."

I deserved an academy award for my acting skill when I thanked him and said that sounded thrilling.

That night when I was sure he was asleep soundly after giving him a blow job while he jerked on fish hooks he put in my nipples I sneaked to the kitchen and got a big knife I used to stab him in the stomach over and over until he gurgled and died.

I took all the cash I could find and his credit cards and ran out to catch a cab to the airport to catch a flight to Mexico. It was stupid to use the credit cards. The cops arrested me in a week.

I am writing this for my lawyer to help defend me in court. He told me the best I could hope for is manslaughter since the cops found all the tapes except my last ordeal. They don't believe I was forced into those things and think I killed him for his money. According to them I had just gone to Mexico trying to establish an alibi.

The cops have already leaked to the press that I was into S&M and the tabloids think I killed him as the ultimate sadistic act.

The End