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The owner came up and introduced himself, He said, "I am glad to see you. I have always been one of your biggest fans. What can I do for you. For you everything is twenty percent off."

Dick grinned at him and said, "Meet my new wife, Dixie. She needs a little punishment from time to time. I decided to let her pick out some whips and things."

"Well it is hard to judge how well suited a whip is just by looking. Why don't you just pick out an assortment and try them on her. There is a soundproof room in the basement with a camcorder if you would like to record her visit. There is no charge for the camcorder. I'll even give you a blank tape."

I was dying of embarrassment while Dick said, "That is a great idea! It will give her something to look at when I am out of town to help her get off with masturbation."

"Oh Dick no! Let's just leave. I am awfully embarrassed. Why did you tell him I liked being whipped."

Dick laughed and said, "He didn't need to be told. You would not be here if you weren't interested. I said we would get some whips. You better take him up on his offer or I may pick some that will really hurt you."

The man said, "He is right. Some of these things can leave nasty scars. I'll suggest a few that won't cut you."

I flashed back to one of the magazines showing a woman with big scars on her breasts and pussy and realized that if I refused and made Dick mad he would probably pick out the worst.

"I guess we should. Would you pick out some things that aren't too bad?"

"I would be glad to help you."

He began filling a basket with whips, paddles, bamboo canes of different thicknesses, stiff rubber switches of different lengths, little whips that looked like they were made of leather boot strings and one strange thing with a small leather paddle at the end of a nylon shaft.

I realized that if I was only hit once with each one I may be too exhasted from the pain and orgasms to leave without a rest.

He led us down to the basement and opened a thick door to reveal chains with padded wrist cuffs hanging from the ceiling and other cuffs about four feet apart on the floor.

He said, "This used to be a food store and this was the cold room. You can't hear anything that happens here. I just added lights for the camcorder and heat so it would be comfortable."

He left and Dick told me to strip.

"Please don't hurt me too badly. "There is an awful lot of things. You won't try them all will you?"

"Of course. We want to be sure we have the perfect things. Don't worry. I will know if a whip is too bad."

When I was naked he had me spread my legs to attach the ankle cuffs so far I felt my pussy lips open then put on the wristcuffs and went to a wall with buttons marked "Up" and "Down" then pushed the "Up" button. There was a clanking sound as my arms were pulled up until I was stretched so tight I could barely move.

Suddenly the door opened and the man walked in. I blushed to my toes and moaned, "I didn't know a stranger would see me naked. Please make him leave."

He said, "I am sorry I surprised you. I was just bringing the blank tape and to make sure you knew how to operate the chains. Should I leave?"

Dick said, "No. I told her that she would have to get used to being nude. This will be a good start. Doesn't she look great?"

Oh yes. Being stretched really makes women look good. It raises their breasts and flattens their tummies."

That implied I normally had droopy boobs and a fat gut. I said, "My boobies are high and tummy tight without being hung."

Dick came over to me to squeze my breasts and push on my tummy as he said "That is true honey but they look even better now. Feel her Jim, she is tight as a drum."

I couldn't believe he would let this stranger touch me. I squirmed in embarrassment as he felt the whole front of my body then squeezed my butt cheeks.

He said, "You can't see how great you look."

He went over to the wall and rolled over a big mirror on casters so I could see my front and sides. They were right! I looked great! My waist looked as if it had shrunk at least three inches and even the small crease under my boobies was gone. I felt proud and no longer minded being naked except for the fact my clitoris had become so engorged it was actually sticking out from my stretched pussy lips to let them know what a slut I was to become so excited when a normal girl would probably be struggling and begging to be freed. My joints began to hurt from being stretched so tight but this just just made it plain how vulnerable my body was to the whips and increased my excitement.

"You did a good job Dick. Look, even her pussy is pulled tight to let her clit be vulnerable."

"Yeah. The only time her pussy was hit she was loose and the clit was hid. She had a great orgasm at that. This way should make her crazy."

I panicked! My clit was so sensitive gentle caresses threw sensations all over my body. "No! No! You wouldn't hit my clit. That would kill me."

Jim said, "Don't worry. That will be saved for last after you are fully aroused. You will be begging us to hit it to throw you into the greatest orgasm ever."

I doubted that and continued to moan, "No. No. Please let me go." Actually I would have been disappointed if they had let me loose I just thought I should protest so I wouldn't look so perverted.

They ignored my protests and began laying out the whips. Jim said, "I think it is best to start out with easy ones. As she becomes aroused and her nerves deaden the more painful ones will be welcomed."

I shuddered in fear as he laid out the first whip that looked like a combination of six of the little dress belts Dick had used on me. Then another identical only with longer and thicker thongs, after that was one with the same length thongs but made of braided leather with knots at the end. the next two he said were made of rubber. They looked like black snakes with one about two feet long and the other four feet. Then a strange one made of a nylon shaft like a fishing pole with a leather paddle on the end a little bigger than a silver dollar.

Jim said, "This will test your accuracy. It is meant to be used just on the nipples and clit."

I shuddered again knowing those were the most sensitive places on my body.

Finally he put down a whip that looked as if it was just eight leather bootstrings braided to make a handle with the strings hanging out about two feet.

"This is for dessert. If she hasn't cum by the time you get to this it will surely do it. You bring it up between her legs to sink the center thongs in her slit then drag the thongs up to slide on her clit. The little knots will drive her into an orgasm that usually makes women faint.

I begged, "Please just use that one. Forget the others they will all hurt too much."

Jim laughed and said, "No. You have to earn this one by being brave through the others. Are you ready to start?"

"Oh God! Please don't make me say yes. It implies I want the pain."

"I am sure you do. If not you can hang there until you are ready."

"Oh no! My shoulders and hips already hurt."

"We can wait. Dick. Would you like to go up for a few beers?"

"No! Don't leave me. I am ready."

"Say 'Please use all the whips on me."

That would remove all pretense I was being forced into this and worst of all I would see myself asking for them on the tape. I knew that if I said I would go to the police if they did not let me go I would be released but perversely the threat to leave me hanging provided my excuse to say, "Please use the whips on me. All of them!"