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Dick picked up the first whip and hit my butt. To my surprise having multiple thongs spread the sting over a larger area than his belt and the air must have slowed it as there was just a "Slap" and a small sting followed by heat.

Jim must have noticed my tiny reaction because he said, "Dick. You are an athlete. You know the importance of follow through. Try it again."

On the second he brought it way back then around his body to make a much sharper sting and the feel of the thongs sliding across my butt. That made me gasp and Jim said, "Much better. One more."

The next seemed to put my butt on fire but the heat went right to my pussy to make the pain exciting.

Then he picked up the longer one. The leverage from the longer thongs really stung but by then it just created more excitement.

Jim said, "There is a reason for the longer thongs. May I demonstrate?"

Dick said, "Sure. You are the expert."

I moaned, "No. Oh no. I thought only you would whip me. I love you."

"This is an exception so I can learn to give you maximum excitement."

Jim took the whip and stood close to my side. I felt pain to my butt followed instantly to even greater pain across the front of my hips at my pubic bone as the tips seemed to increase their speed as they curled around my body. The sharp pain just above my pussy made me gasp in excitement. I looked at the mirror to see red stripes oh so close to my clit.

Jim gave the whip back to Dick and said, "Try hitting her back about where her bra has left a tan line."

The pain to my back was nothing compared to the feeling as it curled around my side to let the ends sunk into both my boobs and made them jump. He must have liked seeing them jump as he did it again which brought me to a new level of excitement seeing my nipples sink under a thong on them to pop out stiffer than ever. I moaned in disappointment when he put down the whip to pick up the next. Jim felt my wet pussy saying, "She is aroused enough to continue. This one could cut her if you use a full swing. Think of it as a nine iron and just use a short back-swing to forehand and back hand her thighs.

That was totally different. The whip seemed to cut into me causing a deeper pain to make me yelp and also redder stripes but it also brought me to that wonderful, terrible feeling just before the orgasm.

Jim said, "A little higher this time."

The forehand hit the bottom of my butt and when I pushed forward the backhand came across my front just above my clit. That threw me into orgasm. so when he did the same with the longer snake letting the tip go across the lips of my pussy I screamed as I went into a greater orgasm and my body began convulsing.

Dick stopped and said, "Jesus! Is she alright?"

"Yes. She is in orgasm. Keep them going with the nipple paddle."

Dick stepped in front of me to hit my nipple then my clit then my other nipple. It caused a terrible burn and I screamed "You are killing me! Don't stop!"

Jim said, "We had better go to the last. You use it on her pussy while I keep her nipples hot."

Then all my sensitive parts were aflame as Jim stood by my side to hit one nipple then the other while dick slapped and drug the knotted bootstring through my wet gaping pussy and clitoris. Suddenly I was staring at the tortured girl as if it was someone else and the pain disappeared to be replaced by pure sensation.

I just went crazy from the sensations that drove me higher and higher until I passed out.

When I woke up I was lying naked on a cot. My nipples and clit were still throbbing and I got up to look at myself in a mirror to see if I was badly bruised. To my amazement my body was just pink with the only evidence of my ordeal being some still red welts left by the rubber whips.

I began to get excited as I caressed the welts and remembered the pain they caused. Suddenly I felt ashamed knowing I had been naked and whipped in front of a stranger with only token protests. I put on my clothes and sat on the cot confused and ashamed until Dick returned.

"Oh you are awake. How do you feel?"

"I am not hurt as bad as I thought. Only my nipples and clit are still throbbing but I feel horribly ashamed. I thought you loved me. How could you let a stranger see me naked and even whip me?"

"I knew that would make it even more exciting for you and it did. Didn't it?"

I cried as I said, "Yes but that just makes me more ashamed. How did you know I would react that way? "You know I am not a slut. I was a virgin."

"That only meant you had a lot of pent-up emotions.I knew the first moment I saw you that you were incredibly sensual just by the way you moved and the way you caressed youself as you smoothed out your skirt and blouse. Your reaction to my spanking clinched it. Remember? It was your idea to be nude. All I had done was push your skirt above your butt and I would have been satisfied by that. When you suggested you should be naked I knew you would accept further adventures."

I knew I liked to feel my hands on my skin but had not realized before that I did it in front of others using the excuse of removing wrinkles in my clothes. He was right. I wanted to be naked and helpless for the spanking. If he had not suggested I be tied I would have. I knew at that point that I would be terribly thrilled.

We left the store and I noticed he was empty-handed.

"You didn't buy any whips. Does that mean you are sorry you hurt me and won't whip me anymore?"

"They are already in the trunk. I bought them all. Even the one we did not use."

"I thought you used all of them."

"No. I skipped over the braided leather one he called a 'Cat of Nine tails' because he said it would leave bad welts. We will save that for the time you really deserve being hurt by being dis-obediant."

I shuddered at the thought of a whip that would hurt even more than the others and said, "I will never be dis-obediant. I let you do things no other girl would allow."

"I know and I love you for that but remember from the magazines there are other girls that not only allow it but relish it. You could be like them."

That frightened me that I could be like a girl in a photo that was just standing untied with a look of ecstacy on her face with big red welts crossing her body. I thought it would be best to reminded him the thought of being whipped frightened me and that I only allowed it because I loved him even though I had to admit once it started it brought on excitement that could not be matched any other way.

He hugged me and told me I was wonderful on the way to his cabin which made it all worthwhile.

The cabin was actually a log house in a beautiful wooded area at the edge of the lake. He said he owned all the property around the lake and we had complete privacy.

He told me to get undressed and to swim and sun while he barbecued some steaks for us.

I started to dig in our luggage for my swimming suit but he stopped me saying, "You don't need a bathing suit. We are alone. Swim naked."

I went outside naked feeling a little embarrassed as I imagined there may be people hidden behinf trees looking at me but then perversely that possibility just excited me and I began to twirl and pose for my imagined audience. The sun and warm breeze felt very sensual. I was amazed at how sensitive I had become. I had been outside in bathing suits and had never noticed the gentle caresses of a breeze.

The cool water and warm sun felt wonderful. In a little while even the welts faded. While I was feeling my body enjoying the fact that the whipping seemed to make me more sensitive he yelled out that everything was ready and I went up to dress for dinner. He told me to stay nude. I would be nude all the time we were there unless it got cold.