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He was dressed so I said, "Why don't you take off your clothes too. The sun and breezes feel wonderful on your skin."

"No. My being dressed will make you feel even more naked and remind you that we are not equal. You are my love slave and I am your master."

He was right and being a slave made it seem alright when after dinner he said, "I want to see what excites you when you are alone."

He had me sit in a large overstuffed chair and pulled my legs up on the arms to open my pussy then told me to caress myself while he watched from a chair in front of me. It really seemed depraved but that excited me too and I pinched my nipples and dug at my crotch panting and gasping in my effort to cum. I just couldn't get there and I sobbed with the effort until he reached into his coat pocket and handed me the pussy whip without saying a word. I grabbed it from him and began beating my pussy sliding further forward on the seat and bringing bback my legs to open the lips so I could get to my tender inner lips and expose my clit. I don't know how long I hit myself I just know it worked and I fell back in the seat and let my legs drop after a terrific orgasm. He let me lie there until my breathing was back to normal then stood up and unzipped his fly to let out his hard dick and gabbed my hair to pull my face to it. I opened my mouth and sucked his dick into it then he beld my head in place while pumping his hips to literally fuck my face. It was depraved and I deserved it for proving that I was a terrible slut.

The next morning he was still sleeping when I awoke so I decided to take a swim. It was a gorgeous day and I felt great. All the marks had left my skin and my pussy seemed especially sensitive after the whipping I had given it. I played in the water discovering it felt good to pump my hips to make the water swirl through my pussy until he called me from the house for breakfast.

After all I was a slut so I purposely swung my hips and shoulders on the way to him to make my boobies move.

He grinned and said, "God you look beautiful and sexy. Your wet body reminds me of how it looked when you were whipped and sweating."

That reminded me and I could not resist touching my nipples and clit that had been so aroused by that experience.

He laughed and said, "Stop that. I have breakfast ready and you will make me too horny to eat it."

After breakfast he said, "Let's watch your tape. That should make us both horny."

He sat on a chair and had me kneel by his side as he stroked my hair and my breasts as if I was his dog while the blank part of the tape ran then suddenly I appeared standing naked breathing heavily as I spread my legs and held out my arms for him to put on the padded leather cuffs. I was obviously excited and making no protest.

When I was raised from the floor my body seemed to pulse from excitement and my ragged breathing.

At that point I realized the tape had been edited as all the discussion and laying out of whips was missing. There was just my voice quavering with excitement asking him to whip me and then whipping which looked very exciting with my body pulsing with excitement and a sheen of perspiration. I never screamed! I just gasped at each lash and shuddered as my mouth opened to take shuddering breaths. Toward the end Jim had taken a close-up of my pussy as it was hit. My juices were drooling from it in obvious excitement and I had not remembered moaning, "Yes. Yes! Hit it harder!"

Watching it while Dick pulled at my nipples made me so excited I moaned, "Pinch them. Pinch them hard! Make me scream!"

He did causing a sharp pain as his finger nails dug in to throw me into an orgasm. I turned and began sucking his prong until he pushed me on my back to fuck me into even more orgasms.

When he came he said, "Wow! That really turned you on. You can watch it while masturbating when I am gone. We will have to make more of them with even more pain."

That frightened me while at the same time made me excited it also reminded me of what Mom had said before the wedding.

"If the bastard ever gets rough with you, call the cops. That will help you get a bundle from him at the divorce."

I suddenly felt trapped. If this tape was shown in court it would be obvious to everyone that I was cooperating and totally excited. Neither of their faces showed. He could say he was divorcing me because he had found the tape and discovered I was a pervert. I would be the one that looked bad. I knew then that my whipping was just the first of many and tried for a compromise saying softly, "I let you do it because I love you and I knew it excited you too. You wouldn't hurt me real bad would you? Jim said some of the whips could cut me." I sobbed and said, "I don't want to be scarred."

"No. I only enjoy whipping you because it gets us both excited. If it gets to be too much I will be able to tell from your reactions."

"But I get crazy. You saw me. I was asking you to hit harder even though the pain was terrible."

"Yes but I didn't and you don't even have a mark left on your body. That should convince you I will take care of you. You will only be hurt bad if you piss me off by not cooperating in a venture I know will excite both of us. I noticed that lashes to your upper back and lower legs just caused you pain without the excitement you get from lashes to your butt, breasts, stomach and pussy. When I want to punish you the lashes will just be to your back and legs."

He was right and I shuddered as I said, "I will cooperate. Everything you have done has made me excited. I will trust your judgement even if it sounds terrible to me."

He kissed me and said, "Good for you. I love you. We are both sweaty let's go for a swim."

We played in the water and it seemed more normal for him to be naked too. We kissed and hugged then I sucked his dick until it was hard so we could make love on the blanket he had brought to the beach but it was not as good for either of us. He pumped fast as if he just wanted to cum fast and get it over with and I didn't even have one orgasm although I was close.

Then we went for a walk to see the property. It was beautiful and when we came to a waterfall we got under it to enjoy the gigantic shower while we washed each others bodies. It felt good but not particularly exciting.

We walked back towards the house on the beach until I stopped short at the sight of a tree on the beach.

When he asked why I stopped I explained.

"You see this tree with the two big branches coming out the front and apart and the roots coming out of the ground? Well I did some research at the college library for a theme on slavery and saw a picture of a black woman tied to a tree just like this with her arms and legs spread so she looked like the letter X while she was whipped. I was fascinated by it because the expression on her face looked like mine once when I masturbated in front of a mirror and was trying to get past that terrible moment just before orgasm. I never forgot it. I think it is why I did not protest when you wanted to whip me."

"I see. Do you want to duplicate that picture."

"Well not exactly. It was a shot from her side so you could see her face and back. They had just pulled her dress down to her waist. The overseer was using a very long whip that was leaving bloody welts just on her back. Also there were a lot of people watching."

I didn't mention the fact that all the people watching was the main thing that excited me so much. I continued,

"We don't have the people or the whip and it would be better to be completely naked so I could be hit on my butt, thighs and front. The long rubber whip would be close to the one he was using but shouldn't cut me. Just welts will give me an idea of how she felt."