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“No, Sir,” she said around the gag. Not in the least. She wanted to ride this wave of pleasure as far as he’d take her and struggle for more of his touch in order to earn more punishment. She craved being touched by this handsome male specimen.

“Very good, Pet.” Master S picked up a plastic bag he’d placed by the sawhorse. “You need more jewelry.” He opened the baggie and held up a butterfly nipple clip. The metal shone in the harsh playroom light. “I brought these just for you.”

He squeezed the clamp a couple of times, then affixed it to her right nipple. The pinch surged from her tit to her cunt and settled in her brain. And he still had the other nipple to clamp. The thick metal dangled from her breast.

“I should add something to that.” He stood, then strode across the room. “This is what I want.” He came back with two metal balls in his hand. “One weight for each tit.” He knelt long enough to hook the ball onto the clamp, then made his way around her and pinched her other breast. The twin weights swung with every movement, pulling at her tender skin and reminding her she’d given up control.

Master S knelt beside her once again then moved the o-ring gag out of her mouth. “Lick this. Nice and wet for me.” He held a shiny blue butt plug to her lips. “Prepare it for me.”

She slurped on the plug just as she had with his cock, rolling her tongue around the hard plastic. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she slickened the plug.

“Good.” He removed the toy, then put the gag back into place. “Breathe out,” he said and disappeared from her line of sight. She felt his hands on her ass, pulling her ass cheeks apart. Her skin stretched taut as he rubbed his thumb over her tight pucker.

“You like this, having your ass filled.” He pressed the head of the toy against her anus. “More?”

“Yes, Sir,” she gasped around the gag. “More?”

“Greedy.” He pushed the plug further into her ass, stretching her sensitive tissues. Once he eased the plastic past her anus into her rectum, she relaxed. The broad handle of the plug held the toy in place.

“That’s a pretty sight.” Something whipped through the air as he spoke.

A thousand streaks of pain splashed across her ass cheeks. The pain segued into bliss in moments. Another blow rained down on her butt. The clamps pulled hard on her tits, giving her pleasure at both ends.

“Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” she asked around the gag.

“At least ten,” he replied. “Bad girls need more punishment.” He brought the flogger down hard on her backside, alternating the spanks between her ass cheeks and her upper thighs.


Nadia wriggled under his ministrations. The frustration of the day washed away from her and she embraced the serenity at his hand. Each strike from the flogger freed her. She groaned and arched her back to accept more from him. The flogger tapped the plug, sending new tingles through her body. She rested her head on the sawhorse and closed her eyes. Her ass burned and her skin sizzled. The sensation of floating washed over her.

She moaned, despite the gag.

Master S added more spankings, making her entire being tingle. Cream flowed from her cunt and slickened the pad beneath her.

“Beautiful.” The spankings stopped and Master S draped the tails of the flogger over her tender backside in a soft caress. “You’re doing well.” Another swipe of the leather tails over her butt. “But I want more.”

Master S knelt beside her and unlocked the restraints around her ankles, then hoisted her against his chest. He carried her to the open seat chair. “Sit.”

Nadia toddled to where he wanted her and eased onto the thin bands comprising the seat. Her ass slipped through the hole in the chair and her bound wrists fit into the hole at the back of the chair. Master S situated her legs open, hooking them over the arms of the chair, then capturing her ankles in the restraints once more.

“Good, Pet.” He whipped the flogger through the air once more, then brought the leather tails down over her breasts. She winced at the sting, gritting her teeth on the gag. The clips pulled on her breasts, sending new frissons of heat and desire through her body. He swatted her inner thighs with the flogger, then tossed the item onto the floor.

“What else should we do? My pretty Pet needs to come, doesn’t she?”

Nadia nodded. She knew damn well answering yes would earn her another punishment.

Master S placed his hands on his hips. A smile played on his lips. “I see.” He returned to the table with the toys and selected a few more items. This time when he strolled back to where she sat, he twirled a new gag around his fingers. A thick vibrator swung by its cord from his arm.

She shivered and wriggled in her seat as he placed the prone vibrator on her leg.

“Open wide, Pet.” Master S removed the o-ring gag and left the gag on the floor next to the flogger. He opened the buckle on the new gag. “Open for me again.” He bobbed the cock-shaped end of the gag at her. “Take it in.” He fed her the new gag, then wrapped the free ends of the leather around her head. When she shifted, the gag and leather straps held her fast in place.

Nadia tested the gag. She wouldn’t be able to talk around this one. Hell, she’d be lucky if she could get any noise out with the tight fit. Honey flowed from her cunt anew.

“No getting loose from this one.” Master S rested on his knees and took hold of the vibrator. “Now we play.”

Her eyes widened. What did he have planned? The plug pushed further into her ass with every wiggle on the chair. Master S turned the vibrator on, then touched the bulbous end to her sensitive nipple. The vibrations cut straight through to her core. She moaned around the gag and puffed out her chest.

“More?” He switched the vibrator to her other nipple, then pulled a smaller flogger from his back pocket. When had he grabbed that? She wasn’t sure, but craved the feel of the thin strips of rubber on her body.

Master S moved the vibrator down her torso to the apex of her thighs. Despite the fact he hadn’t touched her cunt, she felt the vibrations on her clit. She writhed to move the vibrator to where she needed it-on her clit.

She gazed down at him from under heavily lidded eyes. Pleasure from his hand and toys would be the death of her.

“More, please, Sir,” she attempted to say around the gag. She whimpered and pleaded with her eyes. Maybe he’d get the hint she wanted to come? Wanted? No, with every last cell in her body, she needed to come.


“My naughty Pet wants a reward?” He slid the vibrator over her clit. “Like this?”

Bliss filled her body and her pussy creamed. She fought against the cuffs and restraints, needing more of the toy. Needing to give in to the orgasm. She groaned and her leg bounced as she came closer to climaxing. Her hands shook.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t nod or let him know she loved what he’d done to her body. Her foot twitched and she breathed hard around the gag.

“Ready to come?” He stared into her eyes for a moment. “Now?”

She blinked, hoping he’d get the message. Part of her wanted him to put her out of her pleasure-induced misery. Most of her wanted him to prolong the pleasure. Make her wait for what he’d do next. Make the orgasm the best fucking thing she’d ever experienced.

“You’re not ready.” He removed the vibrator, switched it off, then twirled the smaller flogger in his hand. “Can’t let you finish now. You’ll hate me later.”



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