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Oh hell, he knew her well. He had been watching.

Master S dusted her nipples with the flogger, then spanked her chest with repeated blows. Each time the rubber strands slapped her nipples, she longed to cry out. The pain increased, but so did the desire for him to continue to free her. No thinking, just feeling and floating. She accepted his spanks on her body and groaned. The sparks of pleasure centered in her cunt. Damn, she wanted to tell him to give her more.

“I’m not done with you, yet,” he said, as if to read her mind. Master S switched the vibrator back on, but this time he held the blunt head to her ruddy nipple. He then twirled the small flogger in his fingers. “You like this, don’t you?” He moved his hand, slapping her pussy with each swing of the flogger.

She’d tried pussy spanking with her former master, but Master G never seemed interested. With Master S, she got the sting she craved. He fixed his gaze on hers, watching her slip back and forth into subspace. Each time she wandered too close to coming, he pulled her right back.

“No coming, Pet.” His eyes twinkled and the dimple in his scruff-covered cheek deepened. “Can’t let you have your way yet.”

She loved the delicious agony at his hand-and he hadn’t even entered her yet!

“So pretty and pink.” Master S stopped flogging her, then switched the vibrator to her other nipple. He dragged his fingers over her pussy lips, his touch soft on her skin. “You shave.” He spread her cunt wide. “I like you bare. Shows all your delicate folds and just how turned on you are.” With his thumb and index finger, he tweaked her clit.

She cried out and opened her eyes wide.

“One day, this should be pierced.” He rubbed her clit again. “A nice ring to guard your tight little pussy. Or one here.” He pinched her labia. “One on either side, maybe.”

Master S abandoned her nipples and moved the vibrator back to her clit. He inserted one finger into her cunt. She’d considered piercings before, on her nipples, but never on her pussy. Then again, the way he touched her, maybe a cute little ring wouldn’t be a bad idea. Might give him something else to play with. Fuck, another wave of desire crashed over her. Yes, she’d be making an appointment for a piercing very soon.

“So tight.” He added a second finger, opening her wide. “Mine.”

She clenched down on him, holding him within her vagina. Talk about not wanting to let this man get away. Yes, she belonged to him. There wasn’t a contract involved, but she’d sign one if he wanted her to. She needed to be collared by him, to wear his mark on her forever. Was that bad? To want someone so much while still playing with him for the first time? Probably.

Nothing mattered but him and what he could do to her.

“Do you want another?” Master S gave her little time to protest before he slid a third finger into her sopping cunt.

The pressure resonated throughout her being. With the thick toy in her ass and three fingers pounding her pussy, she’d never been so full before.

“One day, I’ll show you the beauty of my fist in your tight cunt.” He stroked her from within, then removed his fingers before plunging them in her once more. The vibrator continued to massage her clit. “All of my hand in there, pleasuring you.”

She’d never wanted to try fisting, but hearing him tell her the act was beautiful changed her mind. Then again, she’d do just about whatever he wanted. She embraced the freedom in his bonds.

“You’ve had enough.” He removed the vibrator, then worked his fingers out of her pussy. “Time for us to both get something out of this.” His eyes gleamed and a wicked smile spread across his lips. He unfastened the restraints around her ankles, then unbuckled the gag. The gag and vibrator ended up together with the two floggers on the floor.

“I’m going to fuck you, but I want to look into your eyes when I take you.” He wound the leash around his hand and led her to the wide bondage table. “Up.”


Master S gripped her hips and helped her onto the cushioned surface. The weights pulled on her breasts with every movement.

“You’re doing well,” he whispered. “Very well, Pet.” He removed the weighted balls from the clips, but kept her nipples bound. “On your back.”

Nadia stretched out on the table, then drew her knees to her chest. The cuffs on her wrists bit into the small of her back.

“Nice.” Master S pulled a length of rope from beneath the table. He wrapped the rope around her bent leg, securing her calf to her thigh. Without breaking eye contact with her, he bound her other leg as well.

“Mine.” Master S withdrew a foil packet, then held it to her mouth. “Open this.”

Nadia craned her neck. She bit the corner and opened the condom wrapper.

“Good girl.” Master S stepped back and opened his pants to unleash his cock. She licked her lips and tasted him on her tongue all over again.

He pushed her legs apart as far as she could stretch, then slapped the blunt head of his dick over her clit. “Do you enjoy that? Feel it all over your body?”

“Yes, Sir. Pound me, Sir. Take me and make me your slut.” She wasn’t even sure where the words came from. She’d never used language like that with any of her other masters. But with Master S? She’d do whatever she needed to please him if he kept pleasing her.

“My slut?” He stroked himself, his fist engulfing the purplish crown of his dick. “You are my Pet. Mine.” Master S shuddered, then rolled the condom over his erection, encasing himself. “I don’t share.”

He lined his dick up with her cunt and pushed. Nothing dainty or sweet about his entry, just balls slapping her ass as he filled her to the brim.

Nadia writhed on his erection. Despite the condom, she felt every ridge and bump of him moving within her. She squeezed the walls of her pussy on him, holding him tight.

“Fuck,” he bit out. Master S grabbed her hips, yanking her across the table. The move pushed him farther into her body. He tipped his head back, then gripped her thighs. The table creaked with each thrust. His balls tapped the toy, reminding her he owned her inside and out.

“Jesus, this won’t last. Fuck.” Sweat slicked his forehead and his hair slipped over his brow. His eyes flashed and his jaw clenched.

Beneath him, Nadia panted. Her vision blurred and her entire body trembled despite the bindings. She longed to cry out, but kept her mouth shut in case he wanted her silent.

“My cock fits you like a glove. Do you need to come, Pet?” He pulled her back to the edge of the table and pounded her, just like she wanted. Her butt ached from the plug and his spankings. The pain flowed into pleasure and she fought to breathe.

“May I come, Sir?” She’d done her best to hold back the orgasm, but damn, he knew how to push her right to the brink.

“Come for me, Pet. Come apart for me.”

She didn’t need a second command from him. Nadia embraced the sensations swirling in her belly. Electric current zapped her pussy from within and her resistance shredded. She focused on him and accepted the orgasm. Her juices sloshed on him and up onto her belly.

“You’re a squirter.” Master S pulled out of her, caressing her skin as she finished coming. “Sexy as fuck. I will make you do that again.” He yanked the condom off his cock. “My turn. Open your mouth.” Master S stroked himself and grunted. “Now.”

Nadia licked her lips once more, ready to accept his offering. This was the part she loved-being marked by her master. Nothing satisfied her after a long session of play like having his climax all over her face. She locked gazes with him.

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered.

Master S grinned and aimed his cock at her face. Thick seed spurted from the tip and splashed on her cheeks. Some landed on her tongue and some splattered on her forehead. The sticky liquid chilled on her skin. She swiped her tongue across her mouth, licking up what she could reach.

“Beautiful.” He drew in the mess on her face, guiding his cum into her mouth. “That’s right, clean yourself up.”



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