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She sucked on his fingers, tasting his cum and sweat. Her pussy clenched again. The session hadn’t lasted long enough for her needs. She couldn’t wait for the next one to take place.

“Enough, Pet.” He placed his cock back in his pants and zipped. Master S rounded the table, then unfastened the ropes around her legs. He eased her foot off the floor, giving her time to stretch out.

“Relax.” He touched her tender ass and twisted the plug. She bore down on him and helped him remove the invader. “That’s a good Pet.” When she sat up, he gently removed the clips from her swollen nipples. He kissed her breasts, murmuring something she couldn’t hear, then reached around her to release the handcuffs. With the cuffs gone, he rubbed her chaffed skin with the pads of his thumbs.

“Feel better?”

Had she been in almost any other situation, she might have mistaken the tenderness in his voice for attraction. “Thank you, Sir. I do.”

“Good.” He grabbed the robe from the coat rack, then squatted in front of her. “I know you were upset Master G left you. He’s a shit and didn’t deserve such a willing, responsive Pet. I’m glad he offered you up to me. Now that you’ve played with me, are you happy we switched? Answer me honestly.”

“Yes.” No hesitation, no doubt in her mind-she’d found her playmate and maybe even something more.

“I have one stipulation from here on out.” He curled his fingers under her chin and tipped her gaze upward, once more. “If you’re willing to be my toy, you’ll only play with me. If I’m not here, make the front desk call me. Do you understand? I don’t share my pets.”

“Yes, Sir.” Knowing he wanted her to play only with him thrilled her. Stress relief looked so much sexier with him at the helm of their games.

Master S placed the robe around her shoulders. Unlike any master she’d been with before, he enfolded her in his embrace and held her tight.

“Good Pet,” he murmured. “Very good Pet.”

She grinned. Very good indeed.



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