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Just Play

Book 3 The Last Play Series

Taylor Hart




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Dedication To all those out there seeking redemption—this story is for you!

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Sam stared up at Roman’s newly built home in Wolfe Creek, Utah. All the confidence he’d built over the last two days, when he’d decided to seek Roman out, was failing him. This was ridiculous, he told himself. He should have texted first. Or sent an email. Could have Snap Chatted it. Ugh. He swallowed hard.

The house wasn’t a typical professional football player’s home. At least, it wasn’t like the ones in Dallas. Sam nodded to himself, thinking it fit Roman. Imposing, but not flashy, just like the man himself. It had sea-colored shutters and matching furniture on the wrap around deck.

A twinge of jealousy pulled inside of him, but he quickly pushed it aside. After all, he was here to beg for forgiveness. He was absolutely not here to envy the new life Roman had made for himself.

“That’ll be a cool thousand dollars,” the cabbie barked out.

Jerked out of his daze, Sam frowned and pulled out his wallet. “A little steep, don’t ya think, friend?”

Cocking his head to the side, the cab driver grinned. “Roman Young paid it the first time I brought him to Wolfe Creek.”

Hearing Roman’s name, the pit of Sam’s gut tightened.

The cab driver grinned. “It’s cheap to keep secret the fact that you’re in town for a…” he cleared his throat, “visit.

Sam let out a breath. The last thing he needed was the media to show up. After trying to stay out of the spotlight this past season, he really didn’t need that. Reluctantly, he handed over his card. “Fine.”

The cab driver swiped the card and let out a gratified sigh. “Who knew you football players would be so good for business?” Then he handed back the card and took off.

Sam didn’t move, staring back to the house, wishing he hadn’t had to come. But, this kind of apology had to be done in person.

Stealing a man’s wife wasn’t to be taken lightly. He thought of Roman’s face, almost two years ago now, when he’d caught Sam and Sheena together. Adrenaline spiked through him. It was like he was entering the game for the final drive, down by four and needing a touchdown to win. He cringed at the mental comparison. That was the kind of play he’d failed at this past year. What made him think he wouldn’t fail at this?

Sam thought over all that was between them. He should have realized that Sheena would dump him after Roman took back the starting quarterback job. She had only waited one week and it wasn’t the same dramatic cheat fest that Roman had caught her and Sam in. Nope, it was all done on social media. One day he got a notice on Facebook that Sheena’s relationship status had been changed to single and that was that.

When Roman had injured his neck and decided to actually retire mid-season, Sam thought things were looking up for him. But, as it turned out, they’d only gotten worse. He’d played like crap. He had discovered that the more out of control his life became, the less control he had on the field as well. If he got the contract with the Miami Surf, he wanted to start with a clean slate.

Slowly moving up the steps to the porch, he stood for a few moments and then chickened out and moved to one of the chairs. He felt like he was at one of those Mexican café’s where you wait for ten minutes in line for food, but when you get to the front of the line, you still don’t know what you want. Even after stewing on this the whole flight, he still didn’t know what to say, what to expect. He felt his pulse kick into high gear. Closing his eyes, he sucked in a long breath and thought of the breathing exercises the shrink had taught him. He stood and then turned to face the driveway. This was a stupid idea. He never should have come. Whipping out his cell phone, he searched for the cab number he’d recently called. Maybe he could get a refund on that hush money he’d just given up to the cabbie.