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J S Bradley

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Suzy Flancher lay on her back and soaked up the warm Florida sun, her eyes closed to the sky. Laughter came from somewhere up the sugar-sand beach, maybe from her brother, Matt, and the girls he'd located at the resort motel already.

From the other side, she could hear the low tones of her father's gentle voice as he talked soothingly to her mother and flipped shells into the tiny ripples of surf.

She started to sweat suddenly. She could feel the panties and halter of her yellow-and-green striped bikini becoming damp with it. Her young, ripe breasts seemed to swell firmly in the halter cups and stretch toward the sky, as if wanting to break free of the hot cloth confining them.

She parted her thighs slightly, and she could feel her virginal cuntlips bloat inside the panties, slick and moist with heat, and surprisingly sensitive.

She opened her eyes and sat up quickly, looking out over the ocean. She worked her mouth. She could taste it again. She could feel the sensation of it filling her mouth and throbbing and then spurting the thick, syrupy wads that had coated her tongue and burned at the back of her throat.

She shivered in the heat of the sun and its glare from the white sand, as if ice had been plunged against her spine. She swallowed and swallowed, even though there was nothing in her mouth left to swallow.

"Honey? Suzy? Are you all right, Suzy?"

Suzy stopped swallowing. She sighed heavily, her full tits heaving firmly on her chest. Her eyes closed again. She could feel the prickling sensation along her thighs of the bum the sun was giving her already.

"Yes, Mom," she said quietly, not looking around, not wanting to see the look of panic in her mother's eyes.

"Are you sure, Suzy?"

"Mom, I'm just fine!"

"Tish, leave her alone," her father said quietly. He raised his voice with false joviality and displayed the grin that was too ready lately. "Want to race me out to the reef and back again, Suzy?"

She looked around and smiled at him wanly. "No, thanks, Dad. I think maybe I'd better go back to the room, though. I'm starting to burn. I can feel it sneaking up on me."

She rolled over and got to her knees, her long yellow ponytail swinging from the back of her head and making a shimmering webbing of gold in the bright sunlight. She picked up the towel she'd been lying on and shook the sand from it carefully.

"Back to the room?" her mother asked, her voice still tinged with alarm. "David, I'm going with her."

"No, you're not," he said firmly. "You stay right here with me. She's probably right about the sun, Tish. She and Matt have been out most of the morning, while we stayed in bed."

He put his hand on his wife's shoulder and smiled comfortingly. She sat up quickly, shrugging his hand away.

"Matt…" she said, looking up and down the beach without really seeing anything. "Where's Matt? He can go back to the room with you, Suzy. Where's your brother?"

"Mother, stop it," Suzy whined. "I'm a big girl. I can go back to the motel by myself."

"But there might be someone…" Tish started, her voice rising again. David had cut her short with a grab and shake of her arm. She jumped back from him in her seated position and nearly screamed with fright. "Don't grab me like that!"

David held his hands up placatingly. "I'm sorry, honey – I'm sorry. Calm down, sweetie, I didn't mean to scare you. Look, Tish, she's just going right over there – just back to the room. We can watch her all the way. There's nothing to worry about, Tish. I'll watch her. You just lie back down and rest again. Come on, honey."

Tish bit her lower lip, her fine, even teeth nearly cutting the soft flesh. It was a sensual lip, even when trembling. Her eyes were blue, and her hair was tawny, a little darker than her daughter's.

Her tits were full and widely spaced, her thighs firm, her ass tight and round inside the taut, stretchy material of her white suit. Her features were pretty and young-looking, and she didn't look anything near thirty-six.

At least, she hadn't. Not before the night of terror ten days ago. Now she held her thighs together and her arms over her breasts, and her eyes were slightly sunken. Her lower lip was nearly raw from the way she chewed on it.

Tish closed her eyes finally, letting her husband's hand stay on her shoulder this time. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut. She tensed into her self for a moment and shivered once.

"I'm all right now, David," she whispered.

"That's my girl," he said, praising her excessively. He looked at his daughter and winked with a nod of his head. "Be sure to lock the door behind you, honey."

"Yes, lock it! Lock the door, Suzy!" Tish cried, bolting up again.

"I will, Mom. You lie here and don't worry about me."

She smiled at her mother and backed away quickly, finally turning to half run toward the motel cottage they were staying in. She saw her older brother splashing out in the ocean, having a fine time with three girls and another boy.

Suzy paused before the cottage door, the key in her hand. Her fingers trembled a moment, and her mouth went dry.

Damn her! Now she's got me doing it!

She rammed the key into the lock and twisted it, shoving the door open and stepping boldly inside the dim, coal cottage. Despite the show of bravado to herself, she shivered again and glanced around quickly, her senses alert.

The fear was unreasoning. But it was there. Her mother kept it there. There was no question in Suzy's mind that her mother had been far more affected by the night of terror than she had.

She made certain the door was locked. The air conditioner whooshed cool air into the cottage, filling the two bedrooms and the living room kitchenette combination.

Suzy couldn't help crossing over to her parents' bedroom and looking inside. Their things were in it. That was all. In the living room, her brother's stuff was arranged neatly at one end of the daybed. She went into her own room, looking first, and felt an undeniable relief at confirming there was no one else in the cottage with her.

She stripped off her bikini after closing her door and got under the shower to rinse off the salt and sand. While she dried herself, she looked at her body in the mirror, holding the towel aside.

Her eyes went up and down her figure. She saw the ripeness of her youth, the firmness of her tits, the nipples pink and rubbery.

She studied the pinch of her dainty waist, the flare of her mature hips. She saw the inviting roundness of her pert ass and twisted her torso slightly to get a better look at it.

She saw the dampness from the shower on her blonde cunt hair and the way her mat of hair really hid nothing of her pussy. The puffy lips showed clearly through the thin patch, and they began to swell apart slightly as she watched them.

She stared at the juncture of her thighs and felt the tingling sensations of heat throb through her young body. She tried to imagine what it would have looked like.

What it would have looked like if he'd fucked his hard, strong cock between her cuntlips and into her virginal pussy and had spurted his syrupy cum inside her young cunt instead.

She closed her eyes and shivered again. She didn't know why she shivered, why she felt so tingly all over tight now. She didn't know why she'd felt so damp and moist in her pussy on the beach a few moments ago.

Had it been the sun? Or had it come from inside, from the desires she couldn't help feeling?

The towel slid from her fingertips to the floor. She stood in front of the mirror with her legs braced apart slightly and her eyes closed, and she slid her hands along her inner thighs until they met at her cunt.

She cupped her soft, silky crotch and squeezed, unable to suppress a small moan. The pink nipples stretched from the ends of her tits and grew to ruby darkness.