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Kathy Andrews

Naughty like Mom


Sandy Robbins lounged on the couch, doing her nails.

Richard lay on the floor, chin cupped in hands, watching television.

She looked at her son, her eyes roaming over the seat of his jeans. She liked her son's ass. It was small and tight and lovely to look at. The sight made her nipples tingle with hardness, sent a wet heat racing about her cunt. She wore panties, a bra, and a very thin, very short wrapper.

She was fresh from her bath and smelled delicious.

Being dressed in this revealing manner was nothing new. She often went about the house this way, especially in the evenings when she and Richard were alone.

It had been going on for two months now, ever since she had discovered Richard trying to look under her dress. At first Sandy was horrified, then excited. She went out of her way to let her son peek, always pretending she was unaware.

In the beginning, she was puzzled by her reaction. She had never been a particularly passionate woman. She had enjoyed fucking her now long divorced husband, but sex had not been sensational. But letting her son peek under her dress was better than fucking, she thought. Sandy had never thought of herself as an exhibitionist, and she was not – not really.

After almost two months of letting her son peek up her skirt, she had, just last week, come from the bathroom in her panties and bra, nothing else, knowing her son would see her. He did, and his eyes grew enormous.

He had a hard-on.

A beautiful, throbbing, visibly outlined hard-on.

He had gazed at her for a long minute as she stood in the doorway. Her bra emphasized the shape and uplift of her tits, her nipples almost revealed. Her panties were very brief. The triangle of cloth barely covered the thick, lush curls of her cunt. Two narrow elastic straps clung to her rounded hips, with a larger triangle of cloth hugging the swelling shape of her beautiful ass.

Then she had walked past him to the dining room and out into the kitchen. When she returned with a glass of iced tea, her son was on his back, waiting for her.

That was when she saw his cock straining inside his jeans.

With her eyes riveted there, she sat on the couch and sipped at her tea. Richard, looking dumbfounded, couldn't take his eyes from his mother. She allowed her knees to part just a little, almost afraid to open them. She could feel her cunt pulsing hotly, and she finally pulled her eyes from his hard-on. She looked into her son's eyes for what seemed hours, licking the rim of her tea glass.

Something had passed between them then.

They never had a talk about it, each seemingly shy, but not exactly embarrassed. Sandy realized what she was doing could lead them into other things. She felt mixed emotions about it. On one hand, she wanted to pull her son between her thighs and feel his young cock probe deep into her cunt. But, on the other hand, she was a little frightened of fucking him.

After so many years of dormant passion, she was afraid she would go wild, would become insatiable for Richard's cock.

But she knew, too, that her son loved seeing her about the house in bra and panties, and she was acutely aware of her own pleasure. If that were as far as they went, it would be okay. She could allow her son the delights of looking at her, probably jacking off during the night, and she could enjoy her own wild fantasies.

And Sandy's fantasies were getting wilder and wilder. She fantasized about things that could not possibly happen, always concerning her son, but lately other people were intruding upon her fantasies.

So absorbed was she in thought, it was some time before she noticed her son was squirming against the carpet. Through lowered lashes, she watched him. She saw her son turn and glance at her, then dart his eyes back to the television. A slow heat came over her face when she realized she had opened her legs quite wide.

Her son could look upon the tight crotch band of her panties.

Curls of dark hair swirled about the edges, and she was wet there.

No wonder Richard was squirming about, she thought. It was the most he had ever seen of her, and his cock was so hard he couldn't help but rub against the carpet.

Sandy felt a lurching sensation in her cunt, and her clit burned. She felt the inward sucking of her cunt, and then a soft whimper came from her. The orgasm that rumbled through her was unexpected. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before. It wasn't a strong orgasm, but it created a sweet, deliciously hot sensation throughout her slender body.

She placed her nail file down and leaned back on the couch, drawing her legs up. The glow between them felt hot enough to sear her flesh. Her mind was turning over swiftly with thoughts. Her son was squirming more now, and she could see the cheeks of his ass clenching. Her hand moved down her flat stomach, and she stroked along the slight bulge of her panties. Her tongue licked over her lips, and she knew the time had finally come.

"Richard?" Sandy whispered softly, a tremor in her voice. "Look at me."

He turned his head toward her.

Sandy, her eyes glazing with heat, slowly spread her legs, dropping her right foot to the floor, the other bent at the knee, pressing at the back of the couch, her hand resting lightly on the bulge of her panties. Richard's eyes opened very wide, and he appeared mesmerized, staring right at her cunt.

Sandy, feeling a blush on her cheeks, moved her fingers downward, stroking the tip of one finger along the hidden slit of her cunt. Her eyes smoldered and her lips were open. Richard had turned onto his side, and his cock seemed to be so large inside his pants. She ran her tongue over her lips as she gazed.

"Come here, darling," she whispered, not moving her eyes from her son's bulging cock. "Please, darling… come here for a minute."

Richard stood up, surprised and excited. His cock strained out as he moved toward his mother. When he stood at the edge of the couch, he seemed to be trying to look inside her panties. Sandy pulled her fingertip back up the crotch, then slipped her hand into the waist of her panties.

"Mom, I want to… oh, Mom!"

He dropped to his knees at her side, and Sandy wrapped her arm about him. His face rested on her stomach, and she felt his panting breaths through her thin wrapper.

"Don't say it, Richard," she whispered. "Don't say anything."

Her arm slipped dawn his back, nervously. She placed her hand on his ass, very lightly. She heard her son moan ever so softly. She knew he wanted to touch her, to feel her.

She squeezed his ass momentarily, and, removing her hand from her panties, she fumbled about until she found one of his hands. She drew it up and over, shoving it between her thighs. She curled her son's fingers into her cunt, and pressed.

A sob of delight broke from Richard, and he lifted his face to look at his mother.

Sandy smiled at him, her eyes still smoldering, a gleam flashing in them. She lifted her hips a bit, pressing her cunt into his hand. Dragging her hand off his ass, she slipped it in front of his body and grasped his hard cock, squeezing tightly. Richard groaned and his hand pressed hard into his mother's cunt.

"Take your pants off, baby," she whispered, the words husky. "Take them off, Richard."

He had to stand to drop his pants, and his cock swung free. Sandy gasped. His cock arched out, long and very hard. His prick wasn't all that thick, but the head was sweetly swollen, his piss hole flaring. Beads of clear fuck juices clung to his piss bole. His balls dangled below, and the only hair he had was at the base of his cock. Sandy had never been this excited about seeing a cock, and her body shivered with a strange heat.

She ached to take his cock in her hand, to feel the hardness, to squeeze and jack his prick. Somehow, she kept her hands off him.

"Take my panties off," she whispered, the words thick.