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Ray Strong

Overeager young stuff

Joe Barcone had been born horny. From the time he was old enough to understand why men had cocks and women had cunts, Barcone was continually burying his meat in one hot twat or another, never able to completely cool the heat inside him. Had he decided to make his living as a stud, he would have made a fortune. For some unexplainable reason, Joe Barcone could fuck twenty-four hours a day, if necessary, and on some days it was definitely necessary just to burn off the excess heat inside him.

Joe wasn't tall, only about five-feet-nine, but he had the kind of face designed to make women go crazy. Although his body wasn't the equal of his extremely handsome face, he had an adequate physique. His hair was short and dark, his eyes seemed to pierce a girl's soul, and he had a sexy mustache which drove women crazy, especially when he ate their cunts.

No one thought Barcone would ever marry. He was having too much of a ball with all the different pussy he was fucking. But Joe met Margaret, and Margaret was the one woman in the world who understood his need for more than one cunt. Too, Margaret was too good a fuck to let go.

They moved into a nice little suburban home after a three-week honeymoon, and in order to celebrate, they spent ten hours in bed, during which time he fucked her incessantly. When she thought it was over, she went and bathed, then, wrapped in a towel, returned to the bedroom.

Margaret approached Barcone, letting the towel fall away, and he noticed again the superb structure of her legs and thighs. The flesh was firm, pink, curving where it should curve, leading to the juncture between her thighs where the hair was light brown, and not the golden color of the hair on her head. The lips of her cunt were a healthy pink, pouting at him, challenging him to part them the way he had all the previous night.

Margaret felt a heated desire beginning to build inside her merely from the way Barcone was looking at her. As she neared the short, muscular man, he reached up and pulled her down on the bed. His mouth covered hem, his burning tongue searching behind her hungry lips for her own tongue. His kiss was light, yet intense. His hands began to lightly roam across her thighs, running up the smooth curve of her heaving belly, lightly touching her small navel. She realized she was about to be fucked again.

The instant Margaret felt his sure hand, her legs spread, waiting for his fingers to dip into the delightful vee of her snatch. Her cunt was on fire again, aching to be filled as it had been filled so many times the previous night.

Barcone let his lips work down from her mouth, past her solid tits and flat stomach directly to her thighs. As his lips burned her inner thighs, Margaret shut her eyes and forgot she had to go to work. Barcone's mouth, hot, moist and tantalizing, ran up and down her thigh, sending tiny shivers up and down her spine. He let his tongue run down one leg and up the other, always remaining on the inside, stopping and letting his teeth touch her without actually biting. He spent lengthy, delicious moments kissing the soft flesh behind her knees, and then letting his dry tongue run all the way up to the crevice where her, leg joined her body. And just when she thought he would plunge his tongue into her cunt, he zipped right back down along her thigh. Her cream came bubbling out of her pussy in thick waves, coating her cuntlips and her inner thighs.

Shockwaves of passion exploded from her enlarged clit, and Margaret knew she was ready to come. It took a supreme effort of will to stave off the climax, because she knew it would be better if she waited.

"Oh God!" she moaned, grinding her ass deeper into the bed.

Barcone began licking the split between her juicy cuntlips, letting his nose touch her clitoris. Margaret felt her entire being now centered where his tongue teased her. She thrust her loins upward in an effort to feel his tongue inside her sapping gash, grinding around and around in the hope he would plunge his slithery tongue into her cunt.

"Oh wow!" she exclaimed as two of his fingers now traced a path along the crack of her cunt. And then a finger slipped in and she could feel his knuckles press into the tenderness of her hungry pussy.

This was a fantastic man. Margaret had been fucked royally from the time she was sixteen, and now she felt like a virgin again. This was a true expert, and his teasing was driving her crazy. Compared to Barcone, all other men had been little boys.

In a sudden, unexpected move, he raised his head and then shoved it between her waiting thighs, mouth agape, dive-bombing with his tongue against her cuntlips, feeling it slither inside and twirl about, sending ice-cold needles of pleasure down her spine.

"Ooooohh!" she yelled as his wet, sloppy tongue lapped away inside her, thrusting, tasting, penetrating to the deepest part of her cunt. Her body shuddered as she raised her hips in a wild, uncontrolled motion, thrusting straight up, pulling back, and thrusting up again.

Margaret had been gobbled before, but never had she known a man to do it so enthusiastically. Barcone obviously enjoyed eating her cunt, and he was making the most of it.

His tongue roamed inside, then came out to tease her clit, rubbing first up, then down, then back into the flew pit of her cunt. She began to move furiously, using her hands to push his face deeper into her twat, feeling the fantastic sensations building to a maddening pitch.

Thrusting his hands under her hips, he lifted her ass off the bed and let his tongue dip down along the crevice between her ass cheeks until it touched her asshole. The moment the tip of his tongue entered her shit chute, Margaret felt one jolt of electricity follow another through her body. As his mouth covered her ass, the tongue dipping ever deeper into the tight hole, Barcone's fingers began dipping into her cunt. Margaret thought her pounding heart would explode.

His mouth began rising as his fingers left her twat. She trembled with ecstasy as she flopped onto her belly, letting his mouth play along her back. His tongue danced along her shoulder blades, making her squirm and wriggle with impatient desire. Oh God! It was maddening!

Margaret flipped over again, onto her back, and Barcone put his lips against her cuntlips and settled down to deep thrusts with his flicking tongue. This time she began to bounce, completely out of control, and she knew she wouldn't be able to stop the climax from coming. His tongue was whipping against her clit, swollen with blood and standing up like a tiny cock. He sucked on it, and it was like the wings of a moth rubbing against silk as she wound her thighs around his head, pushing her fingers into his hair, yanking and pulling, and then crying out as the feeling growing within her enlarged, exploding into molten metal overflowing in every direction. Her limbs were flung wide as she heaved her ass up from the bed again and again.

Barcone, with his tongue still inserted in Margaret's creaming cunt, felt it pulsate as hot fluid continued pouring into his mouth. Jets of cunt juice blasted into his throat, and he drank as if it were wine. And when she went into the final throes of her climax, she noticed his mouth was still resting on her cunt, lapping away, sucking out every last bit of liquid inside her.

He finally raised his head, and with her juices still smeared on his face, said, "You have a great-tasting cunt. I could drink it up all day."

Margaret actually heard herself giggle, just like a little girl. She hadn't giggled in years. But then she hadn't felt so completely satisfied in years, either. She lay back and let the warmth of her climax envelop her as Barcone's strong arms wrapped themselves around her. She had to do something for him again, before she dressed and went to work.

"Now it's my turn," she murmured, and removing his arms from round her, sat up.

She shifted to her knees, letting her blonde hair touch his thighs as her head dipped down. Her mouth approached his massive, upstanding cock. Without hesitating, she opened her lips and let them touch the tip of his pulsating prick. With one hand she steadied the twitching staff, letting her tongue dip into the tiny slit at the head. A few moments went by, her warm breath enveloping the cockhead, her tongue licking the glans to a lubricated smoothness.