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Jim Dawson

Raped runaway


"Please, mister, don't hurt me," flfteen-years-old Lyn Holmes said to the man who was about to lower his naked body to heft. The man paused, his throbbing cock wedged between the lips of her tender young cant, and looked at her.

Lyn was worth looking at. Tall, supple, with good tits-flrm, high-set mounds, with large red circles at the center of the white abundance, circles centered on stiffened nipples. Her body tapered down to a small waist, then flared out into generous hips. As his eyes slid lower, they took in the thicket of russet cunt hair that began below her navel and swept down her body, into the undercurve of her torso. Lyn's lefts were even better than the rest of her, but he couldn't see all of them, since they were in the shadows.

"You're not going to tell me you're a virgin, are you?" he asked.

She hadn't acted like a virgin. He'd picked her up along the highway several hours earlier, given her a ride and shelter from the storm that was intensifying in power outside at that very moment.

From all indications, Hurricane Abby was showing potential as one of the most devastating storms to strike the East Coast in years. When they had reached Boston at three in the morning, she had accepted his offer of a place to stay even when he'd told her there was only one bed.

They had gotten soaked in the short distance from where he parked to his apartment. Once inside, he'd tossed her a large beach towel that he'd taken from the living room closet. "Here," he'd said, "get out of those wet clothes and dry off."

To his delight, she had caught the hem of her shortened, sleeveless sweatshirt and shucked it right before him. Frank had sucked in his breath at the sight of her braless tits. He had noticed them jiggling as she'd moved and had known they were, but he hadn't known they were perfect. Frank that been aware of tits since the age of thirteen, fifteen years earlier. In those fifteen years, he had rarely seen a set of jugs as beautiful as Lyn sported.

He had whistled involuntarily and the auburn hair rid had smiled it him as she had reached for the fastener on her blue jeans cutoffs. Frank had fumbled with his own clothing as he watched her open the shorts, then pixel them down along with her bikini panties. He had been pleased that she was a natural redhead. There was something about discovering a different color at a woman's cunt that turned him off.

Frank had watched Lyn's body jiggle as slit had dried herself. it had been more than he could stand. He had caught her by the hand and tugged her towards him. There had been a little hesitation in her step until he had looked her in the eye and whispered: "You don't have to fuck me, you know." Then she had almost surged into his arms.

Although Frank led an active sex life, it had been a long time since he had run across anybody like Lyn. The teenager had kissed him as enthusiastically as he had kissed her. He had caressed her back briefly, then slid his hands down to her luxurious ass.

Her tongue had danced against his when he'd slid it into her hot mouth, which had sunk under his immediately. She had slid her arms around him and pressed herself to him, her big tits spreading from the pressure of his chest. His cock had been a homing spear between their bellies, his tightly sacked balls nestling in the start of her beaver.

As he had sunk his fingertips into the resilient flesh of her pen ass, Frank had felt her nipples stirring against his chest. He liked that, diced women who turned on easily. Even though he took his time with foreplay, Frank liked women that were easily aroused. He liked to make his women cam a time or two before he fucked them.

Lyn pushed his tongue out of her mouth and slid hers into his mouth. Frank kneaded the pliant flesh of her trim ass and sucked eagerly at her tongue. Jesus, she turns me on, he'd thought. To think i almost didn't see her out there. I'm damn glad I didn't miss her. Damn glad.

He moved one hand from her ass, trailed it up her side. She twisted a little, making her tit accessible to his hand. Slowly, almost reverently, he ran his fingertips over the proudly jutting mound, testing the firmness of the tit, the stiffness of the nipple.

Lyn had moaned against his mouth when he had covered her tit with his hand. He had felt the nipple swell even more against his palm as he had next his fingers' squeezing the resilient flesh.

"Hhhhhaaaa!" she had moaned, digging her fingers into his shoulders.

There had been a freshness about her that Frank had found incredibly sexy. He knew she had just turned fifteen, she'd told him so in the car as they'd driven in from the outskirts. But she was the hottest fifteen-year-old he had ever encountered.

As he had worked his hand against her tit, she had reached down and started scratching the underside of his cock in a blatantly erotic manner.

"Let's go to bed," he had whispered.

She hadn't said anything, but she had given his cock a squeeze of agreement. Frank had scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, lowering her into the middle of the still un-made bed.

Leaning over her, he had kissed her again as he'd entered the bed himself, stretching out on his belly, his torso half over hers. Again, she had kissed him as eagerly as he had kissed her. Their tongues had fought each other from mouth to mouth and back. Both of his hands had gone to work on her heaving tits. He had stroked and squeezed and kneaded the abundant jugs as he had fenced his tongue with hers.

"Mmmmm!" she had murmured against his mouth as he had played with her melon-sized tits.

Frank had edged a knee between hers and she had slide her leges apart without protest. He hadn't moved his hands from her tits, just rubbed his knee against the satiny flesh of her inner thigh as he drew his fingers up until they were on her nipples "Hhhhhhhaaaa!" Lyn had moaned as he'd tweaked the stiffed spears of flesh. He had rolled them about in his fingers. He had pinched them gently. Lyn had shuddered under him as her breathing hid grown ragged.

A few moments later, he had pulled his mouth from hers and kissed her face, then moved his lips onto the taut column of her neck. After kissing the hollow at the base of her throat, he had let his hips move onto the upper slopes of her onerous tits.

Frisk had taken his time kissing her tits. Well, they were tits that deserved to be adored, to be caressed and kissed. He sucked all of one tit, then crossed to the other after licking the deep cleavage between the two out thrust mounds. Lyn had writhed under him as he had slide his hands over her exciting young body, stroking and squeezing her thighs, caressing her flat belly.

When he finally took one of her nipples into his mouth, she dug her lingers into his arms and cried out eagerly. He has sucked on the firm nipple as he had eased his hand between her thighs.

To his delight, Lyn had spread her legs even more to make her pussy more accessible to his exploring hand. Frank had drawn his angers up the length of her cuntal furrow, pleased to discover that she was already wet.

He had also been pleased to discover that her clitoris was a throbbing, swollen bud. He had flicked his fingers against it as he had slashed his tongue across her spanked nipple and she had shuddered against him.

Opening his mouth, he had sucked more of her tit into his mouth. Frank wasn't one of those men who had a fetish for big tits he could get off on a girl whose boobs were only half the size of Lyn's.

But he was a man who appreciated perfection, and Lyn's tits were as perfect a pair as he'd ever had his mouth on. Gnawing lightly against her firm tit, he slid his hand up and down her cant, rubbing the cleft, the puffing lips, the Outfit edges of the trembling teenager's puffy.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" Lyn had squealed as he'd centered his hand-action over her swollen clit.

The underpants of her shapely hips had grown steadily stronger, more pronounced. Lyn had reached down and wrapped her angers around his cock, then started to manipulate it in what had to have been a practiced manner.