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Robert Jenkins

Seducing Mom and Dad


All during the picture, Emma's cunt kept getting hotter and hotter.

She and Jack were sitting as close together as possible, considering the arm of the seat that jutted between them, gouging into their ribs. Emma cursed herself for being stupid enough not to wear a skirt; a good short one Jack could easily get his hand up underneath.

The picture was a sexy one, a foreign film with lots of bare tits and asses. When Emma saw the male lead's hand close over the heroine's big-nippled breast, her own tits throbbed in sympathy.

She guided Jack's hand to her closest tit. "Pinch the nipple a little," she whispered fiercely into his ear. Jack complied, his thumb and one finger worrying her taut little breast-bud. Emma squirmed in her seat. Now her cunt was really getting hot!

Emma's hand stole over towards Jack's crotch. He had a hard-on! Well, why not? He couldn't fail to notice how turned-on she was.

Emma began rubbing Jack's hard cock through the material of his pants. He almost groaned, but caught himself, biting off the give-away sound. His cock got harder and harder in his pants.

The couple on the screen were fucking. Or at least faking it very well. No bare hard cocks or gushing pusssies showing. It was too high-class a film for that. But a lot of bare flesh, slow writhing motions in the dim, suggestive lighting, and the low panting moans of both the celluloid lovers.

Emma and Jack were getting so hot they temporarily forgot they were in a crowded theater. Jack's crotch were pumping slowly up and against Emma's caressing hand. His own hand reached over and worked down into her pants. The waistband stretched, digging into Emma's back and sides. But she didn't care. Not with Jack's strong fingers slipping under her panties, prowling through the upper perimeter of her beaver.

"Mmmmmmmm…" she sighed as Jack's fingertip slid down into her wet steaming slit. She wriggled around in the seat, trying to thrust her hips upward so Jack's marauding finger could find her pussy-hole. Her hand grabbed desperately at his hard, hidden cock.

Then Emma heard the snickers around herself and Jack. She jerked her eyes to the side away from Jack. A young man was staring down at Jack's hand disappearing beneath the waistband of her pants. He had a huge bulge in the front of his own pants.

Someone was breathing down the back of Emma's neck. She looked over her shoulder, then recoiled. Another man was leaning forward from behind her, staring down at her heaving tits.

"Jack!" Emma hissed, jerking her hand away from her lover's swollen rod. She desperately pried his hand out of her pants. His fingers came away smelling strongly of hot cunt.

Both Emma and Jack forced themselves to sit rigidly still, staring straight ahead at the screen. Why hadn't they gone to a drive-in? Emma wondered. If they'd gone in Jack's van, with that big bed in the back, they could be fucking like rabbits right now.

But Emma had wanted to see this particular film, and it wasn't playing at the drive-in. And besides, with a big van like Jack's they made him park in the back of the lot. From there, the screen looked like a nine-inch TV screen.

Jack's van! Emma shifted uneasily in her seat, thinking about the bed in the back. Her pussy continued to throb as she stared at the fucking couple on the screen. The woman was clearly about to cum, or at least that's the way it looked. Her back arched, pushing her naked tits up against the man's bare chest as his crotch humped down against hers. Emma just couldn't stand it a minute longer.

She tugged at Jack's hand. "Jack… let's go!" she hissed.

Jack tore his eyes away from the panting couple on the screen. "Huh?"

"Let's get out of here!"

People were staring again, eagerly waiting to see what Emma and Jack were going to do next. They seemed to be a bigger attraction than the make-believe people on the screen. Emma blushed.

"I want to leave," she insisted, standing up and pulling Jack after her.

Jack reluctantly looked away from the screen. "Okay," he grumbled. He'd been having fantasies of fucking the beautiful actress in the picture. Then he remembered how excited Emma was. His cock lurched in his pants. Maybe fantasy wasn't going to be necessary.

The young couple stumbled along their row of seats, heading for the aisle. Apparently they weren't the only ones turned on by the film. Once, Emma felt a stranger's hand gliding lewdly up the back of her leg, heading towards her cunt. Usually she would have been outraged. This time she only shivered, and skipped more quickly towards the aisle.

The night air was cool outside the theater, but it did little to dampen the hot fires raging out of control up inside Emma's seething cunt. She wanted to get fucked!

She and Jack reached his van. He fumbled with his keys, starting to open the passenger's door. Emma stopped him. "No," she said. "I want to get in the back."

Jack looked at her. "Right here?"

"Right here," she said firmly, nodding her head. "I can't last until we get home."

Jack's fingers fumbled even more as he hastened to unlock the side door. When it swung open, he ushered Emma into the interior of his van. Then he got in behind her and closed and locked the door.

The inside of the back of the van was plush and comfortable. The walls were paneled with rich looking wood. Thick carpet padded the floor. But the most noticeable feature was a huge bed Jack had built into the van with loving hands. A soft quilt covered its inviting surface.

"Ooohhhhhh… come on!" Emma panted, pulling Jack down on the bed with her.

"But… I haven't put up the curtains yet," he complained.

The windows were uncovered. Street light spilled into the van, dimly lighting the interior. But the back was still semiprivate, because the only windows were in the back and front.

"Fuck the curtains!" Emma snapped. "Instead, why don't you fuck me?"

The young woman lay on her back, breathing hard. Her legs were parted a little. Jack thought he saw the crotch of her pants darkening with pussy juice.

"Yeah… fuck the curtains," he muttered, swallowing hard. The French broad in the picture had been a sexy bitch. But nobody, nobody turned him on like Emma when she was ready to fuck!

Jack fell full length on the panting girl's body. His mouth mashed down on hers. Their tongues entwined hotly. Jack felt Emma's legs open wider, one snaking over his body. The girl pushed her crotch against his thigh, pumping hard.

"Oh, Jesus Emma…" Jack moaned into the girl's mouth.

His hand shoved in between her thighs, groping. He could feel the heat and wetness of her cunt right through her pants. Emma moaned with pleasure, humping her snatch up against his hand.

Too much cloth in the way. Jack slid his hand back up the girl's body, underneath her tight T-shirt. As usual, she was wearing no bra. Emma didn't have the world's biggest tits, but they were well-shaped. And Jack loved their silky-smooth resiliency, and the way Emma's taut little nipples quickly grew, pushing up against his palm.

"Oooohhhhh, Jack… you're driving me crazy!" Emma whimpered.

Her tits throbbed with pleasure, sending erotic signals down to her hungry cunt. Her crotch was getting so wet she felt like she'd pissed in her pants. But it was all hot slippery pussy-lubricant. Cock-grease.

Jack pulled up the girl's T-shirt, baring her naked tits. The nipples looked dark and swollen in the dim light. He leaned down and sucked one of the stiff little buds into his mouth.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" Emma moaned.

Her fingers entangled themselves in her lover's hair, pulling his face down more tightly against her shuddering tits. She was panting like a steam engine.

"Oooohhhh, God! Let's get our clothes off!" she whimpered. "I want to fuck!"

Inflamed by his girl friend's eagerness, Jack began to unbutton her pants. When he had the fly unzipped, he started to work the tight trousers down over the girl's swelling hips. It was a struggle.