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Jerry Hull

Sister rope lust

Chapter 1

Phyllis Fields made a last-minute check around the bedroom. Everything necessary seemed to be packed for the trip. Mike was dressed and ready. His shaving gear was the last thing to go into his suitcase.

"All set?" he asked his wife.

"I suppose," Phyllis answered. "I've looked and looked, but I know we'll forget something."

"People always do," he said, smiling.

Phyllis sat on the edge of the bed, a worried expression creeping across her face.

"Come on, hon," her husband said, crossing the room and putting his arm around her shoulders. "Bobbi and Teddy will be just fine."

"But they're only babies!"

"They'll soon be thirteen, and they're very smart for their ages. They know how to take care of themselves, "

"If we could have found someone to stay with them,-"

"It isn't necessary. They have the neighbors, and Mrs. Wilson will be in almost every day to cook for them, and they have money, and, "

"Oh, I know," Phyllis Fields said. "But two weeks is such a long time to leave them alone."

"Maybe we can get back earlier. If your father improved, "

"I promised my sister I'd take some of the work off her hands. Oh, Mike, maybe we should take them with us after all."

"You know that's impossible, hon. The show at the school is for the benefit of some very important charities. And Bobbi and Teddy are almost the stars of it. Why, they're even singing one of their own songs. They just can't walk out on it now. I understand their feelings perfectly."

Phyllis could have cried. The twins probably had a deeper sense of civic responsibility than she did.

"You're right," she said, standing up. "Our children are not only the most beautiful and talented kids in this town, they're, they're angels!"

Mike Fields laughed.

"And they understand that our leaving town is an emergency. Now why don't you try to remember that?"

Phyllis Fields smiled at her husband.

"Come on," she said, "let's say goodbye to them and get going. If I wait around any longer, I might not go!"

The twins watched their parents drive away. Standing in the doorway, both dressed in jeans and plaid shirts, it was hard to tell them apart. They were the same height and both had blond hair that was almost white. Teddy's was a bit shorter than Bobbi's, but just as curly. And when Bobbi stood up very straight, the beginnings of very prominent breasts pressed against the material of her shirt. Except for that, they could have passed for one another in a pinch.

"Want to rehearse?" Teddy asked, when the car was finally out of sight.

"Bobbi had a different idea.

"Not right now. There are a couple of things I have to do. Besides, I thought you were rehearsing with Cal Malone on your scene together."

"Yeah," Teddy said. "He'll be over in about a half hour."

"Okay, see you later."

Bobbi made a beeline for her parents' bedroom. She knew exactly where to look for the magazines. She'd seen her father quickly hide them when she walked into the room one morning without knocking. She went to the small smoking stand between the twin beds and opened the door.

Damn! she thought. They aren't there!

Bobbi only had a glimpse of the cover of the book her father had been reading in bed, but the photograph was enough to tell her just what kind of magazine it was. These were strictly adult publications. Some of the girls at school talked about them, but nobody «her age could buy them, even if they knew where to look.

She began to search the bedroom now. Unless her parents had thrown away these books, they'd have to be somewhere! She took a chair from her mother's dressing table and searched the top shelves of the closets. The search yielded nothing. Then she looked in various boxes on the lower shelves, boxes containing hats, old shoes, discarded clothing, odds and ends of things that had been stored away for years. Still nothing.

Her mother's bureau was also devoid of anything very interesting. Her father's was a little bit more intriguing. She found several boxes of contraceptives. "Rubbers," she'd heard boys call them. She knew exactly what they were and what they were used for. She and some of her girlfriends had even played with a box of them once, blowing them up like balloons.

Then in the bottom drawer of her father's bureau, she found the magazines and books. There were over a dozen of them, and Bobbi couldn't believe her good luck!

She didn't waste time looking at them then. She wanted, instead, to get them safely into her own room before Teddy saw her. He was still downstairs, she knew, because she heard the refrigerator door closing when she tiptoed down the hallway. She went into her bedroom, closed the door, and spread the magazines and books out on her bed, making sure she could see the covers of every one of them.

Bobbi was astounded! She hadn't realized that it was possible to buy books with pictures like these. The first one she picked up was the one her father had been reading. She knew it was the same because it was the largest, a full-sized, glossy magazine with a color photograph of a man and woman on the cover. They were both nude and lying on a bed. The picture had been taken between their legs, looking up. Her one thigh was raised, and the man's stiff cock was penetrating her hairy pussy. From the angle of the shot, it was possible to see his buttocks as well as hers, and also his big, fat balls.

Bobbi had never seen an adult man nude before, except on rare occasions when some of her girlfriends brought pictures to school. But those photographs had only been classic poses, never specifically sexy pictures like these. She was surprised to see how much hair the man had on his ass and balls. She wondered if all men did.

The girl reached down and let her hand gently rub the front of her crotch. A warm, tingling sensation had started there, and her other hand almost trembled as she turned the pages.

The same man and woman were in another photograph on the inside cover. In this pose, he was straddling her chest and playing with her big, round breasts. The nipples of her breasts were the largest Bobbi had ever seen. Her own nipples were still quite small, as were most of her girlfriends' that she showered with at school, but she knew her mother's were not this big either, because she had seen her mother dressing one day when she forgot to close the bedroom door all the way.

The woman had her hand wrapped around the man's enormous cock, and she was holding her mouth open to indicate that she wanted to suck it. The photograph Was so clear, and taken in such a good light, that Bobbi could see a little drop of moisture oozing from the tip of the man's big prick. As she stared at the picture, the warmth in her crotch got hotter and hotter, and she began to rub her fingers more firmly against the denim material of her jeans.

On the next page, the photograph almost made the girl's head feel dizzy! The woman's pussy was being pictured in a real closeup, and the man was holding the lips of it apart. Bobbi had never seen what a pussy looked like inside. She had examined herself in the mirror, of course, and she and several of her school friends had looked at each other, but their young cunts were nothing like this. The woman's hole was so open a fat finger could have gone into it without being felt. And the hair that framed the lips was thick and black, becoming even thicker on the lower belly around the vee of her crotch.

Bobbi quickly slipped out of her jeans while she continued to stare at the magazines. She examined her pussy then, darting her eyes back and forth between her crotch and the picture. No, there was no comparison. Her own cunt lips, just starting to show a prominent fullness, were almost devoid of hair. A very fine down of white, white hairs could be seen if you looked in the proper light. Otherwise, it seemed completely bald. She leaned down and tried to separate the lips of her vagina, but they would only stretch so far. She caught the same glimpse of soft pink flesh behind the lips that she had seen many times, but her hole wasn't prominent at all. She could only make it open with her fingers, and she began to do this now while she continued to turn pages of the magazine.