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Tabitha Levin


Claire looked wistfully at Samantha and her boyfriend heading to the bedroom. “I wish I had a sex life like they have,” she said as the door shut behind them. She sighed and turned back to her friend Luke.

“You deserve a great sex life and love too Claire,” he said. “You just need to let people in and stop thinking you aren’t good enough.” He smiled his goofy grin at her, and she laughed and punched him playfully on the arm.

“And where are all your groupies tonight?” asked Claire.

Luke shrugged. “I think I’m getting too old for groupies. Perhaps it’s time to settle down with one special girl.”

“Oh, yeah right. The day I see that is the day I give up believing in the Easter Bunny.”

“You still believe in the Easter Bunny?” asked Luke, and they both started laughing out loud.

Claire smiled at him as she walked away. “Need some air,” she said as she walked outside and away from the noise of the party.

She looked toward the side of the house knowing that Samantha always left the curtains open. Would she look? Would she dare? Without thinking or turning around she walked into the darkness headed directly for the bedroom window.

She hadn’t been there for more than a minute when his arms encircled her waist as he grabbed her from behind. His warm breath on her neck sent shivers through her body.

“Don’t turn around,” he whispered.

Claire let out a gasp, but continued to watch Samantha through her bedroom window. She didn’t think anyone had followed her outside. She nearly didn’t come out herself but she had to see, wanted to see, wanted to imagine what it would be like to have such great sex.

“You like watching them don’t you,” he said.

Claire tried to pick the voice but couldn’t tell from the whisper. “I guess,” she said.

She suddenly felt guilty. Perhaps she shouldn’t be here after all.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Shh. Not important right now.”

Claire started to turn around to see who was behind her, but he held her tight. “I told you not to turn around.”

She shivered but didn’t move. Her eyes were fixed on watching her friends through the window. Paul was fondling Samantha’s breasts, when the stranger’s hand slowly encircled her waist and glided under her top. She didn’t dare move when his fingers brushed against her nipple. His hands were soft and skilled and the heat from inside her body radiated around her skin as he touched her. She held her breath until she could bear it no more and let out a breathless moan as he touched her the same way that Samantha was being touched.

He moved closer to her and Claire leaned back into him. She could feel his hardness pressing against her back and suddenly wanted to feel him inside of her.

Inside the room Paul bent down so that he could kiss and lick at Sam’s stomach. Would the stranger do this to her too?

Her heart was beating fast and without a word she removed her jeans. She didn’t even know why she did it, but she desperately wanted to experience the same ecstasy that Samantha had talked about so many times before, and this encounter, whatever it was, was already hotter than anything she’d ever experienced and she didn’t want it to stop.

The music inside the house was pumping fast and Claire could hear the murmur of the guests mingling inside. What if someone walked outside and caught her like this? What would they think of her? Right now she didn’t care, all she wanted was to continue being touched like she was, to experience this wonderful pleasure.

Samantha bent down in front of Paul and placed his cock her mouth. It was full and hard, and Claire licked her lips wondering what it would taste like. She moaned lightly and the stranger responded by kissing her neck. He reached down and circled her clitoris with his thumb. A million sensations tingled throughout Claire’s body and she parted her legs further so that he could touch her more easily. And when he thrust his finger inside her she gasped with warm delight.

His finger slid into her again and again, the warmth of his skin mingling with the cool night air making the sensations all the more pleasurable.

She didn’t want him to stop. Ever.

“More,” said Claire breathlessly. Her body was shivering from his touch and the cold, but she didn’t dare move in case he stopped this delicious ravishment.

Inside Samantha and Paul had moved to the bed, and Paul bent Sam face down onto it. He gripped her hips and thrust into her again and again. Her eyes were closed and mouth open, and she looked to be in ecstasy as he entered her over and over.

The rhythm looked delicious, and Claire desperately wanted to be transported to the same heights of pleasure as her friend. The tingling through her body was getting more intense and she could tell the stranger’s fingers were wet from her juices as they were sliding into her with ease. She could feel her heart beating fast, and her breath was heavy when the stranger withdrew his finger from her.

“No, don’t stop,” she said. “I want it. I need it, I…”

Inside the room Samantha started to writhe and buck as she cried out. Paul sped up and entered her faster, his hands rocking her hips back onto his hard cock furiously and passionately. A primal groan left her lips as her body jerked out of control.

“That’s what I want,” said Claire. “I want to feel that.” She clenched her fists and tried to turn around but the stranger held her tight.

He pushed her forward until her face was against the glass and entered her in one forceful thrust, his hardness filling her body. He fucked her hard and passionately, the urge to make her come, and the desperation in her voice, driving his own desire to satisfy her.

Claire moaned with bliss as her body was filled with him. For the first time in her life she experienced the ecstasy that she craved, and she focused on the exquisite sensations that were spreading through her body.

Her eyes rolled back as the warmth of orgasm bubbled up inside her, the stranger continuing to move gently in and out of her.

“Oh, oh,” she shrieked as one last thrust sent her body shuddering with a wave of ecstasy. She fell to the ground weak, spent and breathless, unable to move.

She lay on the cool grass feeling it’s softness beneath her. She smiled and sat up turning to face the stranger, but he was gone. Where did he go? He couldn’t leave now, not after that. Oh god, what if she never saw him again? Claire felt sick all of a sudden. Her stomach was in knots with the thought of what she’d done and what she might never experience again. What had she become? Who spies on their best friend having sex? Who lets a complete stranger pleasure them? Who was she?

She put on her clothes; her hands were shaking as she zipped up her jeans. She bit her lip and slowly headed back to the party inside.

Samantha was out of the bedroom and rushed to hug her friend. “Having a good time?” she asked.

Claire’s eyes were wide and she tried to smile naturally. She looked around at the room of faces. Was everyone looking at her? She tugged at her top to make sure it wasn’t bunched up at the side.

“Yeah, it’s been interesting,” said Claire.

“It has been a fun night hasn’t it,” Samantha giggled. “Oh Claire, he makes me feel so loved, so wanted. You really need to get yourself a boyfriend like Paul who adores you.”

Claire pursed her lips and nodded. “Sounds nice,” she said putting her hands in her jeans pocket so they wouldn’t shake.

Luke wandered over, his pale blonde hair flopping into his eyes. “Where’d you get to? I was looking for you,” he asked.

Claire gulped and looked at both her friends. “I, er, I…”

“I was heading home now. Want a lift?” he asked.