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Karen had not minded that. She preferred to suck on his cock anyway. Usually that was the way it happened. They would fondle each other, with the boy fingerfucking her and sucking on her tits, and she would caress his cock and balls, then suck him off.

By this time, Karen was quite warm with her memory. Her tits tingled against her knees and her pussy was pulsating nicely. She could hear the laughter of the children in the water, and she opened her eyes to look at them.

A few feet in front of her was a boy, a boy as young as the one four years ago. He was lying on his stomach, chin propped in his hands, and he was looking at her. Karen lifted her head and smiled at him.

"Hello," she said. "What's your name?"

"Devon," he replied.

"Taking a vacation before school, Devon?" she asked.

"Yeah," he replied.

Karen noticed his body squirming, his ass moving in a subtle way. Then she realized where he was staring so intently. She was wearing a skirt and blouse, and with her knees drawn up this way, her skirt had slipped halfway down her creamy thighs. Sitting in this position, she knew what he was looking at.

Devon was gazing with interest at the backs of her smooth thighs, and he could see her panties, with the slight pooching of her cunt. Karen shivered with a sudden excitement, enjoying his interest.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked in a low voice. "Your vacation, I mean."

"Yeah," he mumbled, not lifting his eyes once from her crotch. "I'm enjoying it. There's a lot of things to see here."

Karen caught the double meaning of his words and looked into his eyes. He was very young, his face smooth without evidence of an approaching beard. He was very good-looking young boy, she thought. He didn't seem to have, any hesitation about letting her know where he was looking, and he certainly wasn't bashful about it. Karen had never known a boy as young as this one to be so bold, so sure of himself.

Precocious, she thought. As young as he is, he's ready for sex. Some boys this age are, she knew. She began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, she could play with him. There was no doubt he was interested, otherwise he would not be peaking under her skirt so baldly.

"Are your parents around, Devon?" she asked, her voice trembling with excitement.

"No," he replied. "They took the car and went to the store."

"When will they be back?"

"I don't know. Maybe an hour or so."

She let her eyes wander over his ass, cupped in a pair of swimming trunks, the boxer type. She could see his little ass flex, and knew without a doubt he had a hard-on.

"Are you camping out?" she asked.

"I guess," he replied. "If you can call a motor home camping out."

"Why, I'm here in a motor home, too," she said. "It's small, but I'm not with anyone. I'm by myself."

"Ours is a real big one," he said.

Karen looked at his eyes before she spoke again, want to be sure. His eyes remained on her revealed panties and thighs, gleaming hotly. There would be no danger here, she thought, smiling at the boy. "Would you like to see my motor home?"

"That'd be neat," he said, sitting up.

Karen saw his cock bulging against his swim trunks. Slowly she stood up, holding her hand out to him. He took her hand and she helped him up. As they walked to where she had parked her motor home, she saw she was a good foot taller than he, and that his cock thrust out against his swim trunks deliciously. He gave no sign of embarrassment, and she was pleased, knowing there would be no difficulty now.

She unlocked the door of the motor home, and stepped inside. It was a small one, but it had a tiny galley and a double bed that could serve as a couch, too. The boy looked around. "It is small," he said. "Ours is thirty two feet long."

"That's a rolling house," Karen said, opening the tiny refrigerator and handing him a Coke. "But I don't need a big one."

The boy was looking at her again, and Karen sat on the bed she had not made up yet. Deliberately she placed her right heel on the edge of the bed and drew her knee to her chest. This brought her skirt up, and the boy gazed directly at her revealed crotch. Karen saw his cock jerk in his swim trunks, and gave a soft, low giggle.

"I bet you have a lot of girl friends," she said teasingly.

"No," he replied, openly looking under her dress as he leaned against the small stove. "I don't need any girl friends."

Karen accepted that as meaning he enjoyed other things than girls at the time.

"Don't you like girls?" she asked.

"Sure, it's just that I don't need any right now."

"Don't you ever want to… you know, play with a girl once in a while?"

"Sure, but you know how girls can be," he said.

Karen knew very well how little girls his age could be. Some of them would scream murder if a boy so much as touched one of their little tits. But she also knew there were enough little girls who wanted to play with a boy as much as the boy wanted to play with them.

"Would you like to play with me?" Karen asked, almost breathlessly.

The boy gazed at her crotch, his cock thrusting hard against his trunks. "Yes," he said, his voice huskier now. "I'd like that."

Karen gave a throaty laugh and peeled her blouse off. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, dropping it on the bed. Her tits arched out, beautifully shaped, her nipples long and throbbing in desire. She cupped them in her hands, watching him as she rubbed her nipples. "Take your trunks off," she whispered in an excited voice.

Setting his Coke down, Devon peeled his tight trunks off, his cock jerking upward. Karen stared at his cock and balls, hardly breathing as her excitement increased. His prick was about four inches long, and he had a very lovely pair of balls. There was not much hair around them, and this was the way she loved a cock and balls best.

"Ohhh, that's beautiful," she murmured hotly. "Ohhhh, come here, darling, and let me feel it."

Devon came to her, dropping his trunks to the floor. He stood before her, his prick arching upward, jerking as it throbbed. Karen stared at it with hot eyes, then reached up with her right hand to cup his balls. She squeezed his balls gently, tugging at them. Her left hand closed about his prick, and she jacked it. She was pleased when he reached out and began to play with her tits.

"You're so hard, darling!" she gurgled as she stroked his prick. "I love it when a cock is hard this way."

Karen slipped off the bed and knelt before him, her face inches away from his prick. She ran her hands up and down his thighs, around to feel his hard little ass, then back to his cock and balls again. She looked up at him, her dark eyes hot and misty. "Have you ever been sucked off, Devon?" she asked. "Has a girl ever put this lovely cock in her mouth and sucked it, and made you come in her mouth?"

"Sure, lots of times," he said.

She was sure he was bragging like all boys of that age, but she didn't tease him about it. "Do you like having your cock sucked off?"

"I love it!" he grunted. "I like to fuck and get sucked all the time."

"You've fucked a little girl?"

"Sure, lots of times."

Karen laughed at his bragging. She slipped her hands around to his ass again, cupping the cheeks in her hot palms and squeezing them. She pressed her face to his cock and balls lovingly, caressing her cheeks with them. She kissed his balls, then opened her lips and thrust her tongue up and down the hardness of his prick. She felt him tremble with excitement as he looked down at her, his eyes hot and gleaming with excitement.

She opened her lips and sucked in his balls, both of them at the same time. She sucked on his balls for a long moment, then released them. "Oh, they feel so full!" she murmured hotly. "I bet you're going to come a lot, darling."