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The boy knelt between her widely spread thighs, looking at her wet pussy. His cock throbbed, jerking up and down, his balls tight. "It's pretty," he said. "You really have a pretty cunt, Karen."

"Thank you," she said. "And you have a beautiful little cock. Ohhhh, I love you, Devon!" she gurgled softly, twisting her naked ass about. "Please baby, put your sweet cock in my cunt! Fuck me, darling! Come on and fuck me!"

"Yeah!" he grunted, lying down on her.

Karen reached down and grasped his prick in her hand, holding him off so she could rub that swollen cockhead against her throbbing clit for a few moments. She rubbed the head of his prick around the puffy, wet lips of her snatch, cooing softly.

"You're hot," he said, holding himself up with his hands on each side of her, looking down at what she was doing. "Hot and wet."

"Because I want you, baby," she cooed. "I want your delicious hard cock in my cunt! Ohhhhh, I want you in me, fucking me! Put it in me now, Devon! Ohhh, put your cock in my pussy before I burn up!"

But it was she who pulled his prick into her pussy. Karen lifted her hips high off the bed, her legs wide, and stuffed the head of his prick into her cunt. "Oooooooo!" she whimpered as his cock filled her cunt.

"You are hot!" he exclaimed as his cock entered her all the way, his balls against the cheeks other ass. "Hot and wet! Golly, you're gonna be a good fuck, Karen!"

"You better believe I am!" she squealed as she began bouncing her ass up and down, fucking his cock as he held himself up on his hands and knees. "I'm going to be the best Goddamn fuck you're ever going to get! I'm going to fuck that hard little cock right off, baby!"

Devon lay atop her, and she discovered that the top of his head was just beneath her chin. She loved that, him being so much smaller. She wrapped her arms around him, and felt his eager mouth sucking at a nipple. She lifted her long legs and wrapped them about his now pumping ass, holding him tightly.

"Wonderful!" she gurgled, kissing the top of his head as he fucked her. "Such a hard cock… such a lovely cock! Ohhh, baby, give it to me! Give my hot cunt that beautiful hard cock! Ohhhh, I love hard, young cock like yours! Fuck my pussy, Devon! Fuck my cunt… fuck my twat… fuck my snatch! Ohhh, you little hot bastard… fuck the piss out of my hungry pussy!"

"Hot bitch! Hot bitch!" she heard him grunt around her nipple. "Hot fucking teacher bitch! I'm gonna fuck the teacher's hot fucking bitch cunt! I'm gonna come in her bitch teacher pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" she squealed, humping swiftly with him, her hands racing down his back to claw at his tight ass. "More, more, more! Ohhhh, give my pussy more cock! Ohhhh, I love it… love that teenage cock! Fuck my teacher ass… fuck my teacher cunt… screw me, screw me, screw me!"

"Teacher cunt… teacher cunt… teacher cunt!" he chanted, thrusting his cock deeply into her. "Teacher pussy… teacher pussy… teacher ass… teacher ass… teacher ass!"

"Ooooo yes!" Karen dug her fingers into his hard ass. "Teacher cunt, baby! I'm your teacher cunt!"

They thrashed about on the bed, making the small motor home, rock on its springs. Karen was overwhelmed by his sexual ability, by his tender age, by his lovely cock that was filling her cunt. She had dreamed for a long time of finding a young boy with just this type of sexuality, a boy so young, yet so uninhibited. She wanted a boy like him, a young teenager that would do these things to her, with her, without any feelings of shame or guilt. Being called teacher pussy sent her emotions soaring, making her hotter and ever so much more receptive.

"Just a minute!" she cried out, stopping him. "Let me get on my hand and knees, darling. Fuck me from in back… like a dog."

Devon pulled his cock from her clinging cunt and sat on his heels, watching her twist about on the bed. Karen got on her hands and knees, presenting her shapely, naked ass to him. She bowed her back, making her pussy pooch between her creamy thighs. Devon gazed at her rounded ass cheeks, at her hairy cunt, at the crinkle of her asshole. There were a few dark hairs around her asshole he saw, and just to be playful, he poked his finger against her tight shitter.

"Uhhhh!" Karen yelped, wiggling her ass at him. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering with desire. "Come on, put that cock back in my cunt. Leave my asshole alone. I want you to fuck my pussy, baby!"

Devon got on his knees, and Karen reached between her thighs to take hold of his cock once more. She pulled it to her pussy, and whimpered happily as she felt it slide into her. She grasped his balls and caressed them as he began to fuck her, his hands on her hips. She could hear him grunting as his cock stabbed in and out of her wet pussy. Then he lowered himself on her back, reaching under to cup and pull at her tits as he fucked her.

"Ohhhh, yes, yes!" she gurgled, wiggling her ass for him. "I love it… love it! Fuck me, Devon! Ohhhh, God, fuck me! I'm so fucking hot for that cock! Fuck me… fill my teacher cunt with your teenage cock!"

"Fucking teacher!" she heard him whimpering against her back. "Goddamn, hot pussy fucking teacher cunt! Hot ass teacher… hot ass… ass… cunt!"

"Fuck my teacher cunt," she whimpered, dropping her head to the bed, waggling her ass inn frenzy now. "Fuck my teacher cunt and come in it!"

Karen could feel his cock plunging in and out of her gripping snatch. She thought she could feel every ridge and groove of his prick. Her body shivered and shook with the intensity of her pleasure. She had dreamed for years of being with a teenage boy his age like this, with a boy who would fuck her, do this with her, and not be bashful about it.

"Give teacher some cock!" she moaned, feeling her orgasm swell inside her pussy. "Give teacher's hot cunt some cock! Fuck my teacher pussy! Ooohhh, fuck it, baby! Make my teacher pussy come!"

"Fuck teacher! Fuck teacher! Fuck teacher's ass. Fuck teacher's cunt. Fuck the cocksucking teacher's hot fucking pussy!"

"You're making me… making me… ohhhh, darling, I'm going to come!" Karen yelped, banging her naked ass against him.

"Yeah, me too!" he grunted.

"Squeeze my tits, baby! Squeeze my tits!"

But Devon had turned her tits loose and was on his knees at her ass now, clutching her hips as he banged wildly. "I'm gonna come!"

"Yes, yes!" she whimpered. "Me, too!"

Karen's cunt convulsed, and she came strongly, her pussy clutching at his cock in a tight slippery grip. But while she was still coming, Devon pulled his prick free and spurted his cum against the checks of her ass, over her back. He used his hands to smear his jism over her creamy smooth ass cheeks, even against her asshole. For some odd reason, this made Karen come again. She yelped and waved her ass about in a shameless frenzy.

She slumped to the bed, rolling onto her back and looking at him with misty eyes. She was smiling, very satisfied. But Devon moved toward her face, his cock slippery with his come clinging to it.

"Lick me," he said. "Lick my cock off, Karen."

"Ooooo, yes!" Karen lifted her head and shot her tongue out, licking at his smeared prick with hungry delight. She sucked his cock between her teeth and sucked it, licking him gently and lovingly. Then she lay back again, her face and eyes glowing.

"It was beautiful," she said, still breathing a bit hard. "I just knew you'd be this way, Devon."

"What way?" he asked.

"So… so eager! Ohhh, I just love you! You're not at all bashful about fucking me, and I like that!"

"Why be bashful?" he said. "I love to fuck. I thought everybody liked to fuck."

"Silly." She lifted herself up and kissed his young mouth. "But we know one thing, don't we?"

"What's that?"

"You and I are going to have a fine school year," she said. "I hope you don't mind staying after school once in a while. I believe my pussy is going to need a great deal of extra homework."