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He laughed, petting her damp cunt. "I don't mind at all."

"You better get your shorts on," she said sadly. "Your mother or father might come after you. You've been here quite some time, you know."

After he had gone, Karen lay on her bed, feeling his cum still warm on her ass. She writhed deliciously as she thought of her coming school year. What luck, she thought, to find one of my own students here. I've always wanted to fuck one of my students. She giggled as the thought came to her, the thought she had often visualized in her mind.

Karen had dreamed of being naked before her students, her shapely tits revealed, her swelling ass and hairy cunt exposed. She wanted to excite the whole classroom, make the boys get nice and hard, the girls get hot, wet little cunts. She would dream of seeing her class engaged in fucking, sucking, while she took on one boy after the other, two at the same time. Those erotic visions usually sent her into a sexual frenzy until she would finger fuck herself long and hard, coming as much as five and six times.

She went to sleep on her bed without turning off the light, her body relaxed, her dreams filled with young boys and girls fucking and sucking each other in her classroom. She dreamed of taking a teenage cock into her twat, and a hard one in her mouth, all at the same time…


When Karen woke up the next morning, it was to a day of bright sunshine. She could hear birds chirping in the trees, and already there were children screaming and laughing.

After her eyes were open, she lay in the bed, stretching and yawning. She felt very good, better than she had in a long time. Smiling, she wondered what Devon was doing this morning. She hoped he would visit her today. He was such a precious little child, she thought, slipping her legs over the edge of the bed.

Standing, still naked, she lifted her arms above her head and stretched again. Her tall, slim, curvy body felt vitally alive, every nerve vibrant. She went to the tiny stove and put coffee on, then showered in the small, cramped shower. There was a satisfied throbbing in her cunt, and her tits still tingled. As she moved about the tiny motor home, she caressed herself, humming with happiness.

Since Karen had discovered this strong desire for young boys, this was the first time she had been completely satisfied with one. Always before the boy had been shy, bashful to the point that he was almost passive. She wanted a boy like Devon – young, not much hair on his balls, yet with a desire as strong as hers, and uninhibited. Devon was certainly that, she thought, with a smile of affection.

She dressed in a bikini, planning to swim a bit before noon. She sat in the small dining area and drank coffee, smoking her cigarette. Karen allowed herself one cigarette a day, and that was when she had coffee in the morning. As she smoked, she recalled the things Devon had said last night. "Teacher cunt," he had called her. Karen giggled like a naughty child.

"Yes," she said aloud, "I am a teacher cunt, aren't I?"

A shiver of delight ran through her. She could imagine the joy and happiness Devon must have felt fucking her, having her suck his cock off. Most boys, Karen felt, had erotic fantasies of fucking one of their teachers at some time or other. She just hoped he wouldn't brag to his little friends about it.

Then a thought shook her. Devon had said his father was the chairman of the school board. That could be very bad for her, she thought, if Stan Holmes should ever hear what she was doing with his son. For a moment she considered dropping the whole thing, packing up and leaving the campground. She thought of never seeing Devon again, having him transferred from her class if possible. Stan had said Devon would be one of her students come September, hadn't he? God, that could become sticky!

Going outside, she looked at the water and saw a number of children already in it. Glancing toward the Holmes' motor home, she saw the family sitting at a table, having breakfast. Susan waved, and Karen lifted her hand in greeting. Stan motioned for her to join them.

"Good morning," she said as she approached. She noticed that Stan was looking at her almost naked body with unconcealed admiration.

"That's a lovely suit," Susan said. "You look good in white, Karen. Your dark hair sets it off perfectly."

"Thank you," Karen replied, accepting a cup of coffee from Stan.

Pamie scooted over on a bench to make room for her, and she sat down. They chatted like old friends as they had coffee. It was not long before Karen felt the warm thigh of Pamie pressing against hers. It could easily have been accidental, but Karen didn't think it was. She kept her eyes averted from the sweet little thing, but her body was shivering. She recalled the bikini Pamie was wearing the night before, how it revealed her precious little body.

Today, Pamie was wearing a bright-red bikini. It was not much bigger then the one last eight. A sideways glance at those delicious little tits told Karen they would be fantastic to touch, kiss, and maybe suck on.

She felt the thigh exerting pressure against hers, and before she knew what she was doing, Karen returned the pressure. She continued talking with Susan and Stan as though nothing was happening, yet her cunt was bubbling crazily. The warmth of that smooth, creamy thigh against hers was making her mind reel.

Suddenly Karen's breath stuck in her throat. Pamie had placed her palm halfway up Karen's thigh.

Karen shot a sideways glance at the little girl, who didn't so much as look up at her. She sat there in innocence, her eyes sparkling, but otherwise pretending as though nothing were happening. Karen felt the hand move on her thigh, caressing it. The palm was hot, excitingly so. The hand moved higher on her thigh, and Karen considered getting up and leaving. Just as she made up her mind, those inquisitive little fingers crawled high on her thigh, slipped between Karen's legs and began to boldly explore along the crotch of her bikini.

Karen wanted to leave immediately, but she knew if she stood up, her legs would be like rubber. She was afraid she would fall… afraid to get up and go… afraid to sit there.

With her face so innocent, Pamie stroked her fingertips along Karen's crotch. Karen could hardly breathe. She felt her face grow warm, and wondered if she were blushing.

The hand forced its way between her thighs, and Karen resisted at first. But the feeling was so good, so beautiful, her thighs opened slowly. She felt the hot little hand cup her cunt, pressing, squeezing. Her pussy throbbed madly, and Karen was certain she would come at any moment if Pamie kept it up.

Her coffee forgotten, Karen tried hard to listen to what Susan and Stan were saying. She thought they were telling her about their home, but words were lost. She was smiling, but it was a forced smile. She had her chin cupped in one hand, trying had to be interested in what was said. But all she was conscious of was that hot little hand on her twat. She could feel the wetness of her pussy, soaking the crotch of her bikini. She hoped desperately it would not show when she stood up if she could stand up.

Now and then, despite all her efforts to remain still, Karen's ass writhed against the bench. She heard a soft giggle come from Pamie, and shot a quick glance at the girl. But Pamie was paying no visible attention to her. She sat there with her warm thigh pressed against Karen's, her right hand cupping her cunt, as she toyed with her ponytail with her left. Karen's heart was pounding, and she wondered what would happen if she came. She knew she would moan at the least. Sometimes when she came, she cried out. She hoped this would not be one of those times.

She did not get a chance to find out.

As suddenly as that little hand had begun to touch her, it was gone. Karen had a sudden empty sensation between her thighs. Her pussy was still pulsating nicely, the lips swollen and her clit quite enlarged. She managed to relax a bit, and when Pamie got up and began to race off to the water, she watched, feeling relief, but also a bit sad, too.