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She watched Pamie's tight, compact ass bunch and flex as she trotted away, her slim thighs flashing in the sun. "You have a beautiful daughter," Karen said, her voice husky, but controlled.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?" Susan replied, looking after her daughter. "Both our children are the sweetest any parents could ask for. No trouble out of those two. However, they are a bit unusual."

Karen looked at Susan. "Unusual?"

"Well, maybe not unusual," Stan said. "They seem to have certain, welt, characteristics that are lacking in other children their ages."

"I haven't noticed," Karen said. "They seem quite bright."

"Bright they are!" Susan laughed. "Geniuses, really."

"Who's a genius?" Devon asked, coming from the motor home. He had slept late, and Karen knew why. She saw he was wearing a pair of cut-offs like his father, his young muscles rippling.

"Certainly not you, lazy bones," Susan laughed. "I don't see how you can sleep so late."

"Well," Karen said, getting to her feet while she still had some strength. "I left a sink of dirty dishes."

"Oh, don't go," Susan said. "After all, we're camping. A few dirty dishes won't matter here."

"I can't stand dirty dishes," Karen said. "Not that I'm obsessive. I just like things to be clean and neat."

As she left, she could feel Stan's eyes on her ass. Karen's walk had a natural sway to her hips, but she found herself unable to make her hips swing a bit more with Stan looking at her. She knew she had a good ass, a downright lovely ass, and she enjoyed being looked at. But this was the first time she had enjoyed a grown man looking at her, and Karen wondered if her sexual inclinations were starting to change toward grown men after all these years.

Her cunt continued to throb as she washed up the few dishes. She had never met such a bold little child in her life. But then she remembered how bold she had been at that age. Only difference was, Karen had been bold with boys. This was the first time a girl bad ever touched her pussy, and Karen found it enjoyable. She remembered what she had felt the night before, looking at Pamie. She also had felt that strange sexual sensation this morning with the Holmes family.

Just as she finished the dishes, there was a soft knock on her door. Karen opened it to find Pamie standing there. For a moment Karen couldn't speak. Pamie, standing on the ground, was looking up, directly between Karen's thighs at her crotch.

"You're nice, Karen," Pamie said. "I thought I'd come visit with you."

"That's sweet of you, Pamie," Karen said, trembling as she stepped back to let the little girl enter.

Pamie brushed past Karen, and again Karen shivered with desire. She looked at the little girl. Pamie was shorter than her brother, making her head level with Karen's tits. As Pamie walked toward the front of the motor home, Karen gazed at the fine, swelling ass. The bikini, as last night, had been pulled into the crack, and both those caressable ass cheeks were exposed. The white flesh was an erotic contrast to the creamy tan of her slender thighs, and Karen felt her cunt twitch.

Pamie sat in the seat next to the driver's chair. She swiveled it around, slumped her little ass forward, and spread her thighs wide. She looked at Karen with huge, impish eyes. Karen stared between those slim thighs, and was startled to see golden, curly hairs sticking from the tight crotch.

"Did you like what I did, Karen?" Pamie asked in a soft voice.

"Like what?" Karen asked, knowing what Pamie was referring to.

"When I felt you up."

Karen gasped, one hand at her throat. She stared at Pamie, surprised at the bluntness.

Pamie giggled. "Sure you liked it! Otherwise you would have made me stop."

"Pamie, I don't think…"

"You're hot," Pamie giggled again. She ran her small hand down her flat little stomach and unabashedly began to rub at her crotch. "I could tell. You got real wet when I felt you up."

"Pamie, I'm not going to…"

"Want me to tell?"

Fear clutched Karen. "Tell? Tell what?"

"You know."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Pamie," Karen said, her voice shaky. "I think you should leave. What if your parents knew of this?"

"What if they knew about you and Devon?" Pamie countered, sliding a finger under her crotchband.

More golden curls were revealed, as well as one sweet cuntlip. Karen's legs trembled, and she felt her own pussy responding to this display of open masturbation.

"What about me and Devon?" Karen asked, her face blushing hotly. "There isn't anything…"

"You fucked him," Pamie said. "You fucked my brother and you don't want anyone to know about it."

"I did not fu…" Karen's face was bright red now. She wondered how Pamie could know about that. She stumbled to the bed and dropped upon it weakly.

"You did too!" Pamie insisted. "I know."

Karen had been caught, and she knew it. Even if Pamie had no firsthand knowledge, she could make trouble for her if she said such a thing. Karen thought frantically, wondering how she had gotten herself into this predicament.

"You gotta do it with me," Pamie was saying. "If you don't, well…"

"Pamie, please," Karen pleaded. But her eyes were fixed upon what Pamie was doing. The little girl had pulled the crotch of her bikini to one side, revealing her little snatch without embarrassment. Karen saw the sparse, golden curls, and her tongue licked over her lips. She could see the glistening tip of Pamie's tiny clit, and her own became rigid with desire.

"Do you like my pussy, Karen?" Pamie asked, her voice lower. "I've been told I have a pretty little pussy."

"Who told you that?"

"Oh, just people," Pamie replied mysteriously.

She was rubbing at her clit with one finger, her other hand moving up and down the inside of one thigh. Karen realized Pamie was very pretty, very cuddly, very innocent-looking. And that innocent appearance, along with playing with her cunt, was what made the little girl so downright appealing.

Watching Pamie, Karen became so aroused she forgot her fear, forgot the threat of exposure. Her dark eyes gleamed hotly as she looked at Pamie. Her tongue moved about her lips suggestively. She had not known one of her hands was cupping a tit until she squeezed it. Pamie smiled knowlingly at Karen, then stood up. She came to Karen and moved between Karen's knees. She took Karen's face in her hands, then kissed her on the mouth. And then, with a soft moan, Karen had her arms about the small girl, holding her tightly against her trembling body.

When Pamie removed the top of her bikini, exposing her tits, Karen could only sit there and wait, breathlessly. She was being seduced by a child barely in her teens, and all she could do was sit there and allow it to happen. It was the way she had been at that age, only Karen had seduced boys.

Pamie leaned back to look at Karen's tits, and made mewling sounds of delight. "Oh, you have nice big tits, Karen! I love big tits."

Her small, hot hands fondled Karen's tits, and Karen began to moan and make small whimpering sounds. She could not stop the child, could do nothing but sit there and let Pamie do as she wanted with her.

Pamie leaned down and, while Karen sat there trembling, began to suck on one hard nipple, playing with the other tit. Karen's mind reeled and her body grew hotter by the second. The little mouth on her tit was hot and wet, and it was obvious to Karen that this precocious little beauty had sucked on a tit many times before. Pamie sucked Karen's tits not so much with an expert manner, but more in a wanton, eager, hungry way.

Karen's hands moved around the small girl, and they slipped down that smooth back, down to caress over the small, tantalizing swell of her pretty ass. Pamie moaned as Karen's hands squeezed her little ass, and she began to sway as she sucked on a nipple, her tongue fluttering to and fro.