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Mark Townsend

The orgiastic cult


A beautiful, red-haired young woman lay naked on the carpeted floor of a strange room located in the poorer business district of downtown Los Angeles. The room itself was square; the walls and ceiling were draped with dark blue velvet; one wall was completely covered with a mirror of smoky glass. A light mist of incense made the room hazy, almost surrealistic. The only light came from seven candles which stood on a low, altar-like platform also covered with velvet, that was placed near the wall directly opposite the mirror. The dancing flames made flickering shadows play on the skin of the girl, emphasizing each ripe curve of her voluptuous body.

She lay in what appeared to be a trance-like state; her eyes were closed and the only movement came from the rhythmic heaving of her creamy young breasts that rose and fell regularly while the candle flames made pink and rosy patterns on her skin. Periodically she would twist her slender body as if in the throes of an erotic dream; her long tapering legs would thrash and writhe, exposing the glistening "vee" of her pubic hair that seemed to twitch with a pulsing life of its own.

A figure appeared from behind the drapes, a young man who was also completely naked.

"Hail Vallus!" he cried as he entered the room.

He was a slim, young man about twenty-one. He was six feet tall, with a wiry, muscular build. His skin was dark, giving him a gypsyish appearance. His black curling hair framed an exceptionally handsome, sensual face. Yet, despite his good looks, there was something evil about him, an aura of degeneracy. His thick, full lips seemed to be twisted in a cruel sneer, and his dark, heavily lashed eyes seemed to hold images of evil and perversity in them. He wore a silver earring in his left ear, and suspended from the earring was a talisman that took the shape of a long, dagger-like object, topped by two round rings, like half of a four leaf clover. It swung from his ear as he moved, and enhanced the strange air that surrounded his appearance.

He moved towards the flame-haired girl on the floor and stood before her. As he did, gazing down at the gleaming, luscious body, his penis, unusually long and thick, began to throb and rise. His large, pendulous balls, swaying below his pulsing organ, began to swell with life. He raised his arms upwards, in a sort of ritual gesture.

"Hail Vallus!" he cried. "God of the night! Protector of the creatures of Darkness! I am your slave! Hear me! Your slave Raoul surrenders himself to your commands!"

He gazed down at the girl's face, set off by the vivid redness of her hair. Her wet, gleaming lips were half open, an invitation to be kissed, or for a tonguing. Her nose curved slightly downwards, giving her an exotic, almost Arabian look. Her eyes, heavily made up, were like those of a cat; even closed, they seemed to radiate desire. The young man, Raoul, dropped to his knees and his face moved downward towards the exposed area of her pussy. As he moved closer he could smell the pungent, musky female odor that rose from her glistening, furry patch. He flicked out his long, pointed tongue and explored the warm, curling hair that surrounded her fleshy slit. The soft tendrils felt good on his oral member, and he moved in closer, while his hands roved lewdly up and down her long, curvaceous body.

His face moved downwards, and his tongue glided along the fleshy lane, running wetly along each ridge and fold of her cuntal lips.

Still in a deep trance, the girl did not open her eyes during all of this. But her body began to respond as the gypsy's hands moved over every soft, silky curve of her body. She began to undulate slowly, spreading her legs wide to give Raoul easier entry. Her tongue moved out around her lips, wetting them, exploring them in response to the tonguing she was being given down there between her quivering legs.

"Mnnnnnnnmmmmmmmm…" she moaned, in her semi-conscious state.

"Vallussss… Vallus…"

Hearing her moan, Raoul increased his tonguing, and stiffening his oral spear, suddenly plunged it deep into the warm, cuntal cave.

"Unnnnggggghhhh!" the red-haired girl cried out, "Vallusssssssss! Vaaaaaaallllllusssss!"

Suddenly, another figure appeared from within the folds of the velvet cloth; it was an older woman.

"My son!" she commanded sternly. "It is not time yet! Vallus will be displeased!"

Raoul moved quickly away from the girl on the floor and turned to the new arrival.

"Yes, Mother," he said, almost meekly, "forgive me. I was overcome with the fullness of Vallus! I felt compelled to surrender to his will immediately."

The woman's eyes narrowed.

"You must never do such a thing until I have consented to it! I am the HIgh Priestess of Vallus, you are merely a slave Prince!" she shouted at him. "Remember that!"

"Yes, Mother," he replied.

"Bring the sacred symbol, bring the sign of Vallus," she commanded.

"Yes, I obey you. Hail Vallus."

"Hail Vallus."

The young man slipped quickly into the opening in the drapes. The woman turned her attention to the young girl on the floor and moved towards her. Gazing down at the ripe, young beauty she thought of her own appearance. She was a woman in her early forties, but still quite desirable; she had seen to that. Her jet black hair hung down almost to the small of her back; her face was severe and, like her son, she appeared to be of gypsy origin. Her eyes seemed as black as her hair and two half-moon eyebrows were placed above them giving her the look of a sorceress. Her lips were thin and somewhat tightly drawn.

Her full body, still smooth and ripe, was perfectly revealed by the gauzy ceremonial robe she wore, barely concealing her firm, jutting breasts through the thinness of the cloth. The robe was floor length and of the sheerest black material, set off with little silver stars. It clung to her as if it were damp, revealing every ravishing feature of her mature, sleek body. And yet, gazing down at the younger girl, she seemed almost jealous.

Raoul appeared bearing a large symbol made out of heavy metal; it was an exact reproduction of the little talisman that hung from his earring.

"Place it on the altar," the woman commanded.

"Yes, Mother," he replied, doing as he was told.

"Now is the time," she said, "I can feel Vallus call to me. He wants us to surrender to him, and have others surrender to him also."

She glanced down at the girl.

"Tonight Lorraine shall be the object of surrender. But… but…" she turned to her son, "there must be others. Lorraine has been with us for two months now, and Vallus tires of her. He wishes us to bring others into the sacred circle."

"Hail Vallus!" her son cried.

"Hail Vallus!"

The older woman slowly and ceremoniously undid the clasps of her clinging gown and let it fall to the floor, revealing the glistening body beneath that she had taken such pains to keep fresh and young. Her son gasped as he saw his mother's tawny skin caressed by the candle light. Involuntarily, he felt his cock spring to life once again and his body became flushed with the first tingling excitement of what was about to take place. Without a word, his mother moved away from the young girl lying obscenely on the carpet, and Raoul took his place, positioning himself so that he could slip his hardened cock into the tempting wet pussy that pulsed nakedly before him on the floor. The older woman moved to the head of the young girl, facing her son. She watched, as he moved his cock towards the girl's trembling vaginal slit.

"Hail Vallus!" she cried.

"Hail Vallus!" her son answered, and suddenly shoved his throbbing penis deep into the girl's cuntal canal.

"Aieeeee!" the girl cried out, still semi-conscious, "Aaaaaaaannnnggggh!"

Slowly the older woman lowered herself over the mouth of the young girl on the floor, squatting so that her glistening pussy flesh was directly over the girl's mouth. Staring at his mother, his eyes glazing over with some kind of perverse inner vision, Raoul began to rock back and forth, running his hard and aching cock along the wet, hot walls of the redhead's ever-widening vaginal canal.