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Robert Taylor

Whipped bitch


If you saw me walking down the street, you'd think I was gorgeous; all hot and sexy, and you'd be right. I mean, I've got this mane of blonde hair that just won't quit, a lovely ass, great long legs, a mouth that looks as if it were shaped solely for sucking, and the kind of tits that drive teenage boys crazy.

And yet, you'd be missing something.

There'd be something about me you wouldn't quite know.

And that's that… well… let me put it in the plainest way that I know.

I want to be dominated. I love it!

I need to be made to… serve other women. They turn me on the best of anybody. If I see a hot woman with that certain look in her eye, there's nothing I like better than to go to her and say, in my hottest, sexiest voice, "Make me submit!"

You'd be surprised how often that works… how quickly I can get a woman who seems to be so sophisticated and suave to make me open my legs, and to go down on me and make me do things that your mama never dreamed of.

It happens a lot. Not quite as often as I'd like it, but often enough.

Like just last week.

Let me tell you all about it.

I hadn't had any sex in a couple of weeks, and I was ready to crawl the walls!

I mean, I can get laid any time I want, but this particular time I needed to have… well, you know, don't you?


I can tell…

Already you're getting all hot just reading about it…

And you want me to give you details… don't you… hot, delicious details…

Well, I will…

I'll give you all the details you want.

Because I love to have everyone know all about what I do.

It turns me on almost as much as having it done to me.

Listen, to each is own, right honey? So…

There I was, in a bar somewhere in the village, one of those hip modern places where all the downtown people hang out… all those people who paint during the day and fuck during the night. All night.

I walked in and could feel the electricity in the air.

Something was up.

There was some kind of sexual charge happening, that much was very clear.

I went to the bar to try and sort it out. Where was it coming from?


I had no idea.

But I was determined to find out. I ordered a kamikaze and waited.

I peered throughout the room, checking out the men and the women, hoping that someone would click with me.

And then I felt the hand on my shoulder! It was filled with juice!

I knew then I'd connected.

I turned slowly, making sure that I didn't tip my… uh… hand too quickly.

And there she was! Gorgeous!

I mean, hot, my friend. This lady was looking at me as if her eyes had fingers and they were busy undoing my clothes.

I nearly creamed in my panties just from that first look.

I swallowed hard and tried to smile.

She put a hand on my shoulder and said, softly, "Well, you're new here, aren't you?"

"I… uh…"

Jesus… did I have to be that clumsy? And did I have to give myself away so easily?

The answer to both those questions was a resounding yes.

Now, as I watched her, she let her hand graze down from my shoulder and lightly, ever so lightly, touch my tits.

I couldn't believe it!

There, right there in the crowded bar! I blushed and she smiled.

She liked that.

"I bet you'd like me to tie you up," she said, quietly.

I couldn't believe this either! Just like that!

No names, no introductions, no small talk, nothing.

All she wanted to do was to tie me up.

And you know, the idea sounded just so good, that I couldn't help but go along with it! That's right.

I was game.

I was up for it.

I was up for anything.

I wanted to see this babe's pussy, so bad, that I'd anything in the world she wanted me to. I swallowed hard, not able to hide my blush, and shook my head slowly yes.

She giggled slightly and finished her drink.

"I knew it. I can always tell. You're all alike, so easy…"

I didn't particularly like the fact I was being compared to others, but there was nothing I could do about that.

I looked down.

"That's right. Humble is in."

She put her fingers under my chin and held it tight while she lifted my face.

"Finish your drink, darling, and follow me outside. I'll be waiting."

"Yes…" I said softly.

I didn't even know her and I was going to go home with her alone!

That's the way I am, I guess.

And I'm so hot, I couldn't stand to wait even another minute!

I finished my drink and straightened my dress, as I walked toward the door.

I felt as if every eye in the place was on me, looking at me, coming with me to watch my submission…

Not a bad idea!

Outside, I saw the long stretch limo, and the beautiful woman waiting outside.

"This way. Hurry."

There was a commanding note in her voice that told me I'd better hurry.

So I did.

I got inside the car and so did she, and as she told the driver, whom I couldn't see because of the tinted glass between the front and back seats, as she told the driver to hurry up, we were now alone, together, for the first time.

She didn't waste words.

"Put your hands behind your back," she said to me. I did as she wanted.

Now, before I knew what was happening, I felt the cold hard steel of the handcuffs clicking on my wrists.

My hands were secured, just like that. She looked at me.

"Good… you listen well… I like that…"

She kissed me softly on my cheek and whispered in my ear.

"I'm going to make you do things… I'm going to make you do things you never dreamed of…" I could tell she meant it… I could tell she was really going to do it…

And my pussy was dripping.

"Lift your knees," she said simply, and I did just as I was told.

She reached underneath and pulled down my panties!

She slid them off my legs, and now held them in her hand.

She put them to her nose and smelled. "Mmmmmm…" she said, easily. "I like the way vour pussy smells. They're wet… did I make you do that?"

I shook my head up and down. She was really getting to me.

Now, before I could protest or anything, she put one of her hot hands behind my head, on my neck and held me straight, while she made me open my mouth.

I was sitting there like a marionette, and then, with one smooth motion, she shoved my panties in there… gagging me with them!


"What's the matter, baby, can't talk?"

She was grinning and obviously enjoying herself very much.

Too bad she didn't really know how much I was loving it too…

But I was… Very much… And couldn't wait for more!

I didn't have to wait that long.

Now, she produced a long silken cord, and with it, proceeded to tie up my ankles, and then my knees.

Neatly. Efficiently. So that I couldn't move.

I don't have to tell you, do I, that my pussy was flowing now.

She'd pulled some kind of cork out of me, because I was running like a wine bottle turned upside down!

My face, even with the panties gag, was a dead giveaway.

She knew she was in total control, and going to have a lot of fun with me.

A lot.

Now, we finally pulled up to our destination – some abandoned loft, it seemed, in Soho.

I wondered how I was going to be able to walk out of the car.

No problem.

She'd thought of that. Everything.

The driver, a bulky kind of guy, came out of the driver's seat and opened my door and literally picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, to carry me inside.

Like I was a bag of potatoes! I couldn't believe it!