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Ralph Burch

Women Abducted

Chapter 1

The last chance for the two women to escape the flood waters that crept closer to the isolated house came at about five P.M.

"We really ought to head for my apartment in Weatherford," said Alice Kellog nervously. "It's on the fourth floor. We'll be safe." "No," said May Springer. "We'll be safer here. High ground."

The petite blonde, Alice, paced nervously." But we're so far from help… May, if my son gets through, do you mind if I leave with him?"

"You leave with him," said May. She could never explain to her friend, Alice, that this sturdy house was her bulwark-all she had in the world. If the flood took it, she wanted to go too. Alice had never understood May's peasant, primitive soul. A house, a piece of ground that sustained you, that you were willing to die for.

In fact May Springer enjoyed the danger of the high waters, the rains, the deep feeling of herself against raw nature. It was-well, sexual. The nipples of her full breasts stood out against the thin shirt she wore and tingled. Her cunt, snugged against the tight hold of her cut-off jeans, felt alive, slightly wet, as if the fluids in her body responded to the awesome rushing waters outdoors. She was barefoot, her long, dark hair in strings. If Alice weren't here, she'd tear off her clothes and wallow in the sheets of water that ran on each side of the house, turning her head up to the driving rain and screaming her ecstasy and challenge to the elements.

May's life in Weatherford was dull. This dangerous flood made her feel alive for the first time in months. She'd spent the afternoon outside, saving things from the rising waters and buttressing the retaining wall behind the house. If that wall went Alice fumed and paced. She looked incongruous in the big, dark house with the roar of the fierce rain on the roof and the gut-freezing sound of that rising water on two sides of the place. She wore a dressy, and silken pants suit that hugged her petite figure. The spotless off-white was set off by a gay scarf at her neck. Her pretty face was neatly made up, including earrings of gold, and her soft blonde hair retained the perfect, buttery curls of normal weather. To her, the flood in Weatherford was a frightening outrage.

Don Kellog arrived shortly after five. "Forget the city." he said. "You need a boat down there. I'll bet I'm the last one out."

Alice flew into her son's arms as soon as he took off his slicker.

"Oh, Don, what's going to become of us?" she wailed.

"We'll be safer than down in Weatherford," the young man said. He looked at May over his mother's shoulder and rolled his eyes. They both understood Alice's self-involvement.

Not that you're much better off, thought May. Momma's boy. But she had warm feelings for young Don. He was very handsome, a young blonde god-type and he turned her on. Which she'd always been careful to conceal from Alice. Now May felt a reckless surge of sexuality. Don had better keep out of her way on this long, exciting night ahead of them!

They assessed the situation. Three days of pounding rain had sent the Brighton River on a rampage. This afternoon the earthen Forks Dam had broken. The whole valley was a lake and it was National Guard and Red Cross time.

"But will we be safe here?" wailed Alice again.

"Go upstairs, Alice," said May. "Give us a full report on the water run from all parts of the house."

When Alice fluttered up the stairs, May said: "I want your car and mine against the edge of the retaining wall. Alice won't like it. She thinks we'll be able to drive out of here."

Don whistled gravely. "That bad, huh?"

"Pretty bad." She went up to him and hugged him and gave him a light kiss. In her sexed-up state she couldn't help it. He looked into her excited, dark eyes and some of the flame jumped to his.

"Why, you're getting a kick out of this," he laughed in surprise. His hands lingered on her thin shirt, hot and heavy.

She gave him another squeeze with her hand. "I turn-on to storms. Even dangerous ones." Their eyes locked. It wasn't the first time sex signals had passed between the young man and the voluptuous older woman. May just couldn't help testing Don's priggishness, his closeness to his mother.

Now she ran her hand inside his pants pocket and lightly touched his cock. Don blushed. "The car keys-in the other pocket," he mumbled and got them out. His eyes had a new fire in them and she could see the vein in his throat jump.

She grabbed his hand and they ran out into the torrents of rain like a couple of children, he forgetting his slicker.

"Oh, wow. Oh, Jesus!" he cried as the storm lashed them.

"Aieeee!" she yelled in delight, turning her face up to the rain. Her heart pounded in the excitement of exposure to the elements. Their bodies bumped together and suddenly the strong young man caught her and kissed her.

It was tremendously sexual-the cold pounding rain on her head, back, butt and bare legs, while the hot, young mouth probed her lips and brought her a different, warm liquid. She had to gasp and then opened her mouth for his tongue and they rocked in sudden ecstasy, his hands digging into her rich buttocks, her belly moving against his abdomen.

How many times had she wanted this to happen? How many times had she seen the lust in his blue eyes, hot and hungry, but there was always Alice and the politeness of dull daily living.

"Oh, Jesus, I've always wanted to fuck you!" he cried in her ear, as they rocked together.

Warm flushed ran up and down her body. "We've got a long n-night ahead," she managed. She felt light-headed, giddy, felt inner restraints lifting inside of herself. Tonight anything was possible. They lived in the shadow of death and all the rules were changed.

Then they dashed for the cars and worked them along the wall to extend the safety line and provide stout metal against rising waters.

"Our cars will be ruined!" cried Alice as she met the two dripping figures that returned to the house.

"The cars have to go to save the house," said May bluntly. She dripped water on the rug carelessly. Her shirt was plastered tight to her body and her full breasts with the eager nipples stood out-lined as strongly as if she were naked. "There's insurance."

"Oh, May, you look like a drowned rat," said Alice. She grabbed a blanket from the sofa in front of the fireplace. "Cover yourself before you catch a cold. Old women like us can't take chances."

May noted with amusement that young Don looked disappointed as she settled the blanket on her shoulders. His eyes stayed riveted on her breasts and she took plenty of time to adjust and readjust the blanket before she covered them.

"You, Don, you're a soggy mess. Get right out of those clothes and into a hot shower." His mother fussed at him, pushing him towards the bathroom.

"Hey, hey," protested Don. "I got no other clothes."

"I'll get you a robe from upstairs!" said Alice desperately. "Go to your shower at once."

"Calm down, Alice," said May.

"I thought I saw the two of you hu-hugging when I looked out of the window upstairs," said Alice. "I hope I didn't see that. God, I hope I was wrong." She stood like an angry, pretty judge, legs far apart, blue eyes blazing, blonde curls disarrayed from the vehement tosses of her head in her distress. "Oh, God, this is terrible. The TV's gone because your antenna broke and we can't get news. Your only radio works on batteries and they're almost dead. The world's coming to an end and I thought I saw-I saw-"

"Go get your shower, Don," said May evenly. "Alice go upstairs for the robe. You'll also find that the radio works better up there."

Not much point in hearing the news. "Rising flood waters" was the only message tonight. The telephone was already out and so was the electricity. Their only amenities were candles for light and a fire in the fireplace for warmth.

After Don retired to the bathroom, Alice glared at May who looked back at her evenly. Alice didn't trust herself to speak-she'd seen that hot kiss and groping all right and was shocked right down to her bones that her best friend would make a pass at her son. Then Alice flounced up the stairs, reassured by the rushing sound of the shower that she could hear above the low monotony of the pounding rain. May wanted to break something in frustration. She was sexed up, hungry for the young man's prick. It had been building for years. But always there was Alice and the constraints of society. She knew the young man wanted her, brought alive by the wildness of the elements. But it was still Alice's world, even to the moment that the house swept away and they all drowned, prudish, proper and moral to the very end.



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