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Единственный дракон. Замок княгини (СИ)
Книга понравилась больше чем "Невеста без места", но жаль, что незаконченна и еще пишется. Сюжет интересный, правда, вполне предсказуемый, и все же,  хотелось бы дочитать . 
Вдвоем – за любовью
Ничего выдающегося, ничего понравившегося, ничего особо раздражающего - полный штиль.
Ты - моя собственность (СИ)
Ну вот! Коротко и интересно!
Боль (СИ)
Идея хорошая, но совсем не раскрыта. Слишком коротко
Четыре дня (СИ)
И смысл писать это короткое и неинтересное?
Покоряясь тебе (Одержимость) (СИ)
Книга об отношениях в стиле "50 оттенков". Захватывающая, но психологически тяжелая история.
Хадар. Начало
Hit Parade
Hit Parade
Автор: Блок Лоуренс Жанр: Крутой детектив Серия: John Keller #3 Язык: английский Добавил: Admin 23 Апр 12 Проверил: Admin 23 Апр 12 Формат:  FB2 (207 Kb)  RTF (216 Kb)  TXT (199 Kb)  HTML (207 Kb)  EPUB (424 Kb)  MOBI (551 Kb)

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The New York Times bestselling author and master of the modern mystery returns with a fierce and poignant new novel featuring his acclaimed killer-for-hire, Keller
John Keller is everyone's favorite hit man: a new kind of hero for a new, uncertain age. He's cool. Reliable. A real pro: the hit man's hit man. The inconvenient wife, the aging sports star, the business partner, the retiree with a substantial legacy. He's taken care of them all, quietly and efficiently.
Keller's got a code of honor, though he'd never call it that. And he keeps the job strictly business. "What happens is you wind up thinking of each subject not as a person to be killed but as a problem to be solved. Now there are guys doing this who cope with it by making it personal. They find a reason to hate the guy they have to kill. I don't know what's a sin and what isn't, or if one person deserves to go on living and another deserves to have his life ended. Sometimes I think about stuff like that, but as far as working it all out in my mind, well, I never seem to get anywhere."
But while Keller might be a pragmatic and crack assassin, he's also prone to doubts and loneliness just like everybody else. There was a psychotherapist once. A dog. Even a woman. And though he's got Dot, his wisecracking contact and sometimes confidante, and his precious stamp collection, these days, it doesn't seem to be enough.
Keller's been at this business a long while. Just maybe it's time to pack it in and find a nice little house in the desert. Only problem is, retirement takes money. And to get money, he's got to go to work…
Hit Parade, the third novel featuring the fascinating Keller, displays the hallmarks that distinguish Lawrence Block's award-winning fiction: the intelligence, the clever plotting, the humor, the tricky twists and ironic turns, the darkness and emotional complexity – and, above all else, the humanity.

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