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Copyright © 2015 by Neel Majumder

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

First Printing: 2015


The End?

“Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced – this perspective of my life is about to change in few minutes. I never had imagined that my life will end in such pathetic & suffocating way. God, why? Why can’t I have at least a dramatic end? FUCK!!! Drama. Why am I even dying?

You must be thinking that why am I speaking like a crazy psycho? When you will end in an approximate 7 feet /4 feet box, more than 10 feet underground, you will understand my fucking situation. I am already feeling numb due to lack of oxygen so I must stay cool, this way I can lower my heartbeat and can use the limited oxygen for a bit longer survival. I know I will fucking die here. So before I die I must tell you my story.

90 Hours before

It sometimes happens that you meet a girl who’s such a hot number that you want a second look and turning your head as she passes, you bang into someone who starts bawling you out. May be you are riding a bike at the time of seeing her. Most likely you will run up the kerb or have a collision. Well Regina was one of those, take-a-second-look-girl. You know what I mean, Don’t you? The careless beauty with a build-up that weakens your resistance. We knew each other for 2 years.  Due to my ethics that I never intimate with professional connections, I resisted myself. But tonight with black gown and her large ice-blue eyes like a chunk of sky, shook all my resistance.  Beside the fact that we were not working together, it was also our first date. Regina was a doctor by profession and modelling was her hobby. Beauty with the brains always was my biggest weakness. She blushed most of the time at dinner as she noticed that I couldn’t lay off my eyes from her. I was wondering if she was feeling same storm inside her like me. On the way back her beauty and irresistible smell, turned my storm more devastating and when I turned my car towards my apartment instead of her hotel, I already realized that the fire was on both side.

It was a heavenly morning when you wake up beside such a wonderful beauty with an amazing memory of romantic wild night. It became more romantic when I smell coffee and somehow she managed to find all ingredients from my kitchen which was not an easy job as it was Ravi’s territory.  Regina was wearing one of my Black shirts, which was quite big for her but she was ravishing even in it. When she sat on my lap I knew that she was wearing nothing inside. I kissed her. She kissed back gently. I slide off my hand inside the black shirt. With my exploring & naughty hand, her kiss turned to more passionate.

[You must be thinking why I am suddenly describing Regina and my passionate wild story in detail when I am dying in this box. Isn’t it obvious that we all want to die with the most pleasant memory? I had no idea that it was the last fucking sex of my life.]

Ravi, my beloved caretaker who was sent by my parents with me since I have shifted to Mumbai, is now enjoying holiday back to Kolkata. Every year I send him back home to enjoy family time. It was really hard to find kitchen tools and ingredients when Ravi is out-of-town but Regina did truly admirable job when she made a tasty breakfast using the same kitchen. I could not stop myself and kissed her few more times in appreciation.

I dropped Regina to her Hotel at Bandra and reached Dadar by invading through horrific Mumbai traffic. It was Tamble sir who called me when I was on the way back from Bandra. He called me early that day before but as I was flying high with Regina at that time so could not receive his call. After I exposed the MP education ministry scam and organized serial murders, Tamble Sir have been discussing more cases with me & Sunaina for our fresh take on those cases. He is the most sharp,courageous and honest police officer I have ever met and when someone like him gives you respect on your truth finding process it motivates. Tamble sir asked me to reach at Golden Court residential apartment. Golden Court is one of the most posh residential areas of Mumbai.

Police inspector Mr Basu was at the entrance of the Golden Court. He told me to go to flat no 6F it was on the 6 th floor of Golden Court. The floor was flooded by police. 6F was lavishly decorated. Costly flooring and classy interior made me realize that the owner must be a big shot. 6F had three master bedrooms and one big dining room with a well decorated modular kitchen. Tamble Sir was in one of the bed room. I saw another Police inspector whom I didn’t recognise but his seniority was highlighting through the stars of his uniform. Tamble sir welcomed me with a big smile and introduced me with this senior narcotic officer Mr Arvind D’Souza. He was one of the most ferocious narcotic officers of Goa. Goa is India’s most popular area among international tourists and also hub of illegal drug distribution. Then I saw Sunaina came into our room. I was surprised to see her here. Tamble sir told me that when he couldn’t reach my phone at the early morning he called Sunaina. Well as per Police report it was a clear case of normal burglary. The thief was also arrested as he couldn’t able to disable the second security alarm which was installed three months ago. But the catch was when police came and secured the place they find something which they never expected. They found 20 KG of fresh Cocaine and that’s why Mr Arvind was here. Now when police wanted to contact the owner of this flat 6F, they were unable to trace him and as per the Golden Curt caretaker Mr Surya yadav, he didn’t came to his flat since 3 months, just after updated the second security alarm.

I knew that we were there on Tamble sir’s request and from body language of Mr Arvind I guessed that he didn’t like the idea of Tamble sir to involve us in the case. Though I was sure;  when Tamble sir called us then there must be something more than just burglary and drugs. I started to check all rooms. Sunaina pointed me at a Painting. OH MY GOD. It was POLICE GAZETTE by Willem de Kooning, a 67 Million Dollars abstract painting. It was one of the most expensive paining of the world. I could not believe that though it must be a duplicate. I am an art lover so I do research on these paintings and I can tell you that it was very well copied. Then I looked at the opposite wall. I touched the wall. I requested all police men to empty the dining room. Tamble Sir and Mr Arvind also came to see what I was doing. I jumped on the dining table and then lifted the couch in front of the wall, laid on the floor. I looked at Sunaina. I saw a bit of embarrassment in her eyes because of my sudden jumping around. I walked slowly to Tamble Sir and asked him to break the opposite wall of the painting. Everyone was surprised. Mr Arvind had a smile that was pointing me as an idiot. Tamble Sir looked at me again and I replied him confidently to break the wall. Before Mr.Arvind said anything Tamble sir ordered his subordinates to break the wall. I was silently standing on the balcony of 6F while police was breaking the wall. Sunaina came beside me and asked me how my date last night was? I didn’t tell her about Regina but I think she was sharp enough to do the math and guessed it that I had a date last night. I whispered back to her “AWESOME”



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