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"Oh, what a beautiful piece of equipment," Maggie purred, to the giggles of the class. She looked up at me, and must have seen something in my face, because she whispered, "You’ve never had this done to you before, have you?"

"Not unless you count my own hand," I admitted, whispering back. She giggled, and said, "Well, then, I’d better make it an experience to remember, right?" She looked down at it, her hand running softly but firmly up the length, and then said, "I don’t think it’s gonna fit, but I have got to give it a try." And then next thing I knew, the head of my dick was in her mouth. And then more of my dick. And more. And still more.

Holy fuck.

I was getting a blowjob from Maggie Benson. While I was naked. In front of our whole Biology class-including, let’s not forget, my long-time crush. Who was grinning ear to ear, I noticed. Then my attention was diverted-as Maggie swallowed. I was getting deep-throated. All the way, as her lips made contact with my pubes. She raised her thumb in the air as if to say, "I did it!" as she took it all in. I looked down, her cheeks were all puffy and I could see the muscles in her throat working as she swallowed my dick. And it felt…well, it was indescribable.

One thing I knew for sure was that I was ready, already. I tapped her on the shoulder and, when she looked up, gave her a little sign. She didn’t care. She just started slowly and slightly bobbing up and down on my dick. I think it took about three bobs-and I exploded. Maggie swallowed every drop. Then she released my dick, and looked up at me with a little self-satisfied smile. "I took it all!" she exclaimed, to the cheers and whoops from the class.

"That you did," I agreed. "Wow."

"You’re welcome," she giggled. "It was my pleasure." She stood up, bowed to the class, and sauntered back to her seat to applause. I tried to quickly catch my breath, before attempting to stand up. My legs were like spaghetti.

"Hey, Wicklow." It was Ed Dauer, another one of Maggie and Amanda’s friends. "That’s the way to do it. You need relief, get a professional."

"I am not a professional," Maggie said in mock indignation. "I never charge money."

"Shit, I don’t know why the hell not," I blurted out. Everyone howled at that, even Maggie.

Ms. Toranetti laughed herself, and then said, "Good. Now that we’ve concluded our entertainment, we can get back to class. Having trouble walking, Mr. Wicklow? Take your time." I just blushed and waved as I unsteadily made my way to my seat.

"I told you you wouldn’t be able to go through the whole week without relief!" Amanda whispered as I sat down. I just shrugged and kind of grinned.

"Since we’ve got two Program participants in the class this week, we’re going to take advantage of it. I’m pushing up the sex-and-anatomy lesson." Amanda and I looked at each other, in apprehension. Ms Toranetti must have picked up on it, because she said, "Don’t worry, you two. It won’t be that bad, and you’ll not be forced into anything. And this is a good group. Right?" she said pointedly. The class cheerily affirmed her opinion.

"I’m going to be honest with you. The Program means a lot to me. And that’s what we’re going to start with, today, talking about The Program itself. Jared, Amanda, I’m going to be asking for some of your impressions-not today, because it’s the first day, but later in the week. Today, we’re going to talk about The Program in general-and why it’s mostly failed here the past two years."

Kevin Abraham, a kid I didn’t know well, raised his hand. "It’s mostly failed because there weren’t enough controls."

Ms. Toranetti looked at him. "Marie is your older sister, isn’t she."

"Yeah," Kevin confirmed. "For those who don’t know what Ms. Toranetti is talking about, my older sister, Marie, got put through the program last year, when she was a senior." Kevin took a deep breath. "She’s one of the ones that ended up in the hospital. She had-well, basically, it was a nervous breakdown. She’s a lot better now, but it really messed her up."

I raised my hand. "What happened to her? I don’t mean to pry, but, listen-I’ve found all of this uncomfortable and embarrassing, but not anything that’s really going to mess me up. What went wrong with the program, really, the last two years?"

"People abused the rules," Ms. Toranetti told us. "Kevin, I’m going to try not to really get into this, but let me give them a bit of background." Kevin nodded. "Kevin’s sister was painfully shy. Now, this is why her parents wanted her in The Program to begin with, but it backfired. Marie was a wallflower; I don’t know a nicer way to put it. She spent four years fading into the woodwork-and suddenly she was the center of all attention. And not always in a nice way. She didn’t handle it well."

"Yeah," Kevin agreed. "It was too much, too soon, and too intense. And that whole reasonable request thing-let’s just say that ‘reasonable’ gives you a whole lot of leeway. What’s reasonable for me, or you, might not be reasonable for someone else. When you’ve spent four years so shy that nobody even talks to you-and then you end up being groped every time you walk down the hall, it’s a drastic change. Marie just freaked."

"Yes," Ms T. agreed, "and, don’t for a second think I’m blaming the victim here, because I’m not, but there were too many Maries in the pool the first two years. This is why we wanted people like Amanda, who aren’t shy-and even Jared, though he’s not the social butterfly Amanda is"-everyone laughed at that, Amanda and me most of all-"even Jared is pretty well-liked and has a decent amount of friends. That’s also why we came up with the buddy system-and why we teamed people like Jared and Amanda together. Both are normal everyday students, both are very nice people who we knew would treat the other with respect. This doesn’t cure all the ills, but good role models are hard to find."

"Aah, all this responsibility," Amanda mock-sighed to laughter. "There’s one objection that I have to that theory, though." Ms T. nodded for her to go on. "Knowing someone isn’t shy doesn’t take care of all of it. Maggie would have done better with this than I am-because I’m completely sexually inexperienced." That was a tough admission for her to make, I could tell, especially with half the class looking at her in disbelief. "That’s the big problem I’m having-not the nudity, per se, but that I feel like I’ve had my sexuality thrust onto me, and I’m not sure how I feel about that."

"That’s a good point," Mrs. T said. "Do you feel the same way, Jared?"

"Well, let me just tell you this," I said, "what just happened a couple minutes ago was the absolute first time any hand ever touched my dick that wasn’t my own. And a mouth? Forget it."

"Oh, goody, I love breaking them in!" Maggie interjected to general laughter.

"Good, Jared. So, how do you feel?"

I thought about that one for a minute. "You know, less put-upon than I thought I might. But that’s because of Maggie, she made it fun and didn’t embarrass me. And my buddy, here, Amanda, too-she was making all these goofy ‘go for it’ eye motions at me. It was fun, because Amanda encouraged the fun, and Maggie made it fun." They were both beaming at me. That was cool. "I told myself I was not going to ask for relief at all this week-Amanda’s pushing and Maggie’s enthusiasm changed my mind. I never would have done it without them."

"Good," Ms. T said, "and that’s why we want people like you guys in The Program. Jared, you’re likeable-Amanda, too. Maggie likes you, Jared, as a friend, I mean. That makes it all easier."

"She likes his dick," Ed Bauer quipped.

"Well, yeah," Ms. T agreed, "but it couldn’t be just that. Maggie, would you have been that enthusiastic if you didn’t like Jared as a person?"



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