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Dorothy Taylor

Sex with the neighbors


Amanda Woods stirred restlessly on the bed, her voluptuous body twisting sensuously on the mattress as the blankets slipped slowly off her naked body. Finally, realizing that she would get no sleep in her present restless state, she turned on her back and opened her eyes. She should have known better than try to sleep when she was so keyed up. Her thoughts kept returning to the conversation she had had with her boy friend's father, Randall Thorpe.

Randall Thorpe was a big man in Pennsylvania. He owned a few mines, and various other businesses and was considered one of the most powerful men in the state. A man like him, especially if he had any political aspirations, couldn't afford scandals. But, he knew he would have one soon if he didn't do something about his son Scott, the most notorious wastrel in the state. Scott was what Thorpe's private conversation with her had been about. Long ago, the two of them had come to an understanding regarding his son, one that was beneficial to both of them and unknown to Scott.

Amanda had started going out with Scott because he was rich and entertaining. Soon, however, she had realized just what a bastard he really was, and was just on the verge of leaving him. That was when his father had stepped in and offered her a deal. He would pay her a salary if she would stay with his son, keeping him interested, entertained, and out of trouble. She had jumped at the deal, for though she didn't really like Scott, for the kind of money she was being offered, she would have put up with anything. Scott had a wild imagination and a strange sense of fun-one she found generally unamusing-but she stayed and stayed all for the sake of some good easy money. She had never considered leaving Scott either, or at least she hadn't until this afternoon, that is, when she had heard his father's latest plan to turn his no-good son into a responsible citizen.

The batty old man was planning to send Scott up to some godforsaken mining town called Beaulea where he would learn all about coal mines and the way less fortunate people lived. If that wasn't bad enough, the old man wanted Amanda to go with him and be there, in some two-bit shanty town for the whole fucking time! The guy had balls! But she had to admit one thing, she was looking forward to Scott's reaction, that would be a show to sell tickets for! Shit, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, after all he had promised to up her salary while she was there.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Probably Scott himself to tell me the good news, she thought wearily, and throwing on her near transparent negligee she walked through the apartment, turning on a few lights as she went, before she opened the door.

Scott was standing at the front, door, and next to him stood another young man, about; the same age as Scott. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes. He looked at Amanda as if he were appraising a whore in a whore house.

"Howdy, Amanda honey, hear the good news from daddy dear?" he looked at her and smiled sarcastically.

"Yes, are you going to do it?" she asked as casually as she could, while casting a questioning glance at the dark-haired man standing at his side.

"Oh, I have to, or should I say," he smiled wickedly, "we have to. After all, we do want to inherit his money, don't we?"

"Naturally," she returned.

"Can we come in?" Scott spoke with just a hint of sardonic humor.

"What? Oh, yes. Of course. I just…"

"This is Amanda, my girl. She and I have a little understanding."

"Understanding?" Amanda hadn't quite caught onto what Scott was up to. She was still rather groggy. "You've been talking about me, to him?"

"Yeah, of course I have. I guess because you're something pretty special."

Amanda was flattered by the cryptic compliment, but was somewhat taken aback by the fact that Scott had brought this friend along. He was up to no good though, she could realize that much.

It was after they had all walked into the apartment that Chuck said, still eyeing her up and down. "Scott, you rich asses get all the luck with the chicks." A lustful smile grew on his face.

The perplexed redhead found herself looking from one to the other of them, tense and curious. Obviously, Scott had told this fellow something about her. But had he told Chuck the more intimate details of their relationship? The nerve! She would be furious if Chuck knew all about her sex life with Scott. Moreover, she didn't know what Scott had in mind.

There was an awkward silence as the two young men studied Amanda's sensuous figure, her soft, billowing tits fully visible under the sheer negligee, the soft tufts of her pussyhairs.

It was Scott who spoke first. "Chuck here is one of my old college buddies."


Scott, hooked his thumb in his belt and seemed very serious. "Well, you see, Chuck just arrived in town and he doesn't know anyone here, so I thought I'd bring him along to share the fun. You know, we can all have a little fun together."

Amanda was too stunned to reply. Perhaps she hadn't heard him right, perhaps. "What? Scott, what are you suggesting?" She had done a lot of things with Scott that were new and exciting, and insanely pleasurable. But she had never thought he would suggest anything like this. Party? What he meant was an orgy with her as the object. And after this, would he bring still more friends over at his whim? A gang-bang? He was gradually preparing her for a gang-bang! She had heard about them, of course, fantasized, even, but never dreamed…

"I… I…" Her face was white and her hands were shaking. "N… No… no! I won't… I…" Her voice was so small and so frightened that Scott could hardly hear her protests.

Chuck turned to Scott. "All talk and no show, huh? You were talking real big back at the bar."

"Now wait a minute. I told you she would want to fuck us both, and she will. It doesn't take much to get her hot. Listen," Then he turned to Amanda, leveled a finger at her as if in accusation, and said. "It's all or nothing, Amanda. Either both of us, or neither of us ever!"

Amanda looked at Scott as if she were in a dazed trance. Goddamn little bastard, he had her and he knew it. She sometimes wondered if he didn't know that his father paid her to stay with him to keep him out of trouble. He kept taunting her with things, throwing her faults up at her, making a fool of her, as though he were daring her to leave. And she would have long ago if she hadn't liked the money so well, but tonight! He had never gone this far before, asking her to act like a bawdy house-whore with a perfect, stranger! Letting both of them fuck her however they pleased? Both of them fucking her at the same time?

It was a horrible thought. And yet, at the same time a very thrilling one. Amanda had never been much of a prude, and she couldn't not admit that she was excited at the obscene idea.

"I know how to make it a little easier," said Scott. "How about a little drink?"

"A drink?" replied Amanda.

"C'mon, that always loosens you up." He reached down into a brown paper bag and removed a large bottle of Southern Comfort.

Amanda shook her head and stepped back. She turned her head from one side to the other as if looking for an escape. Scott became annoyed.

"C'mon, you know you love the stuff. What's the big deal?"

"I don't want…"

"Just like I said," Chuck interrupted. "All talk and no pussy. Man, what a braggart. Let's get the hell out of here. We can find our pussy somewhere else."

Amanda was stung by his remark He was treating her just like a tramp, a whore, but more than that, he was acting so condescending! If there was one thing she would not tolerate, it was being condescended to. She had a voice, she had a brain, and a personality! As angry as she was, she still managed to say. "Oh, I'll have a drink, in fact, I'd like to have one Scott, darling, but just a small one."



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