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Ожерелье из янтаря
Книга имеет привкус детства,но своё очарование она от этого не потеряла,всегда хочется верить во что-то светлое,мне книга напомнила далекое детство,вот такие ассоциации у меня возникли после прочтения.
Анастасия Павловская
Тамара Щедрова
Благородный воин
Классный роман.
Сенсей 0511
Дикая и опасная
Огромное спасибо автору за данную книгу. Просто супер!!!! И насмеялась и наплакалась. Жаль что нет оценки 100.
Сосед [СИ]
 Хороший роман) Читается легко)
Любовь начинается с боли
почему эта книга стоит в разделе популярное????Фингя фигнёй
Кгб (СИ)
Оставляю отрицательный отзыв - но только за безграмотность автора, отсутствие нормального форматирования. Перед выкладыванием книжки на сайт стоило бы убрать хотя бы основные ошибки, научиться писать
Blindman’s Bluff
Blindman’s Bluff
Автор: Келлерман Фэй Жанр: Триллер Серия: Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus #18 Язык: английский Добавил: Admin 18 Май 12 Проверил: Admin 18 Май 12 Формат:  FB2 (287 Kb)  RTF (342 Kb)  TXT (278 Kb)  HTML (289 Kb)  EPUB (414 Kb)  MOBI (775 Kb)

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LAPD homicide detective Peter Decker and his wife, Rina Lazarus, will be blindsided by a brutal multiple murder in this twisting tale of suspense from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.
"They say dead men don't talk, but if you listen, they do."
As a lieutenant in the LAPD, homicide detective Peter Decker doesn't get many calls at 3 a.m. unless a case is nasty, sensational – or both. Someone has broken into the exclusive Coyote Ranch compound of billionaire developer Guy Kaffey and viciously gunned him down, along with his wife and four employees.
A well-known figure on both the business and society pages, Kaffey, with his sons and his younger brother, Mace, built most of the shopping malls in Southern California and earned a reputation for philanthropy, donating millions to worthy causes. It doesn't take long for Peter, his trusted detectives Scott Oliver and Marge Dunn, and the rest of his homicide team to figure out that the gruesome killings must be an inside job. Things become even more entangled when they discover that Kaffey's largesse had included organizations that extended second chances to delinquents, many of whom Kaffey had hired for his personal security. But was the job pure murder/robbery or something even more twisted? A developer of Kaffey's magnitude doesn't make billions without making more enemies with blood grudges.
With leads taking the team across L.A., up and down the Golden State, and into Mexico, Decker is plenty busy – and plenty thankful not to have to worry about his wife, Rina Lazarus, getting caught up in this deadly case. Rina is out of harm's way, serving on a jury at the courthouse.
But then a chance encounter with a court translator who needs her help leads Rina into the terrifying heart of her husband's murder investigations – and straight into the path of a gang of ruthless killers. To protect Rina, Decker must find his prey before death unites his two worlds.
A fast-paced tour through the urban landscape of L.A., Blindman's Bluff is a riveting mile-a-minute thrill ride from a formidable master of her craft.

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