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Семь ночей - Семь жизней
Очень милая сказка) мне понравилось))) Было бы еще лучше, если ее отредактировать
Семь ночей - Семь жизней
Очень милая сказка) мне понравилось))) Было бы еще лучше, если ее отредактировать
Встреча с прошлым
Не скажу что Ваув,но мило;)
Рикошет (ЛП)
Почитать можно,неплохо!
Секретарь палача
 Книгу скачивала на другом ресурсе, но увы, даже дочитать не смогла...
Купленный муж (СИ)
Прикольно. Читать приятно. Необычно. Понравилось.
Влюбляясь в твой призрак (ЛП)
 Книга довольно неплохая для такого жанра, читается легко. Если хотите отдохнуть, вам сюда, при этом, абстрагируясь от такой сказки, ведь это только книга. 
Glory in Death
Glory in Death
Автор: Robb J.d. Жанр: Триллер Язык: английский Страниц: 65 Добавил: Admin 15 Май 11 Проверил: Admin 15 Май 11 Формат:  FB2 (226 Kb)  EPUB (327 Kb)  MOBI (1132 Kb)

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'a perfect balance of suspense, futuristic police procedural and steamy romance…truly fine entertainment…sure to leave you hungering for more…' Publisher's Weekly

Glory in Death by J D Robb (better known as the highly successful Nora Roberts) is the second in her series featuring feisty police lieutenant Eve Dallas. It's set some 50 years in the future with a gun ban and genetic screening for criminal behaviour in place, but there are still plenty of crimes to solve and perpetrators to catch. Eve's investigation concerns the murder of two beautiful and successful women. Why is the first victim found alone in such a sleazy area? As a prosecutor, she must have sent many violent people to prison who could have wanted revenge, but there are many more suspects among her own family, her lover and even Eve's commander and his wife. Eve is a tough and uncompromising detective, driven to do her best for victims and bereaved. A woman without roots who has had to create herself from nothing, the one person she is close to is her lover, Roarke. Their sexual relationship is ardent and passionate, but Eve finds it hard to give her lover the commitment he wants; when he gives her an ultimatum and seems to be linked with both victims and an old scandal, she forces herself to concentrate on the investigation to the exclusion of everything else. Now Eve could be in danger herself as the motivation for the murders becomes clearer; re-finding her emotional balance, she also makes the breakthrough she needs professionally. Eve Dallas is an attractive and complex character, and the combination of an investigation involving the rich and powerful with the automatically programmed cars, androids and interstellar travel of mid-21st century living and an appealing heroine is a page-turning mix.

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