When Shadows Call

When Shadows Call
Городское фэнтези
Автор: Bonilla Amanda
Серия: Shaede Assassin
Язык: английский
Год: 2012
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An exciting prequel to Amanda Bonilla’s Shaede Assassin series. 

The envy of 1900s society, Darian is the rich, beautiful wife of a prominent Californian doctor—but her life is far from perfect. For years, Darian has suffered at the hand of her cruel husband and yearned for an escape—one that she knows to be all but impossible. 

But when an enigmatic stranger comes to call, Darian finds herself charmed by his seductive smile and the inexplicable connection she feels. And when he makes her a thrilling—yet frightening—proposition, Darian must decide if she’s strong enough to abandon the mortal world she knows and answer the shadow’s call…

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