Серия: Dreamland #4
Язык: английский
Год: 2003
Издатель: Jove
ISBN: 9780515135817
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Hidden in the Nevada desert is America's most advanced aerospace weapons — testing facility. Dreamland is the place where the nation's top minds come to develop artillery and aircraft that push beyond the cutting edge. And where the Air Force's top guns come to test them — on the front lines of a new era in warfare…
A showdown between Indian and Chinese navies in the Pacific gives Dreamland the opportunity to test their new remote-operated underwater probe. Using the Piranha for surveillance, the U.S. watches as India and China circle each other like sharks. When the tension erupts into violence, innocent civilians are caught in the fray — and Captain Breanna Stockard is shot down trying to rescue them. To save her, Dreamland rushes an unmanned bomber project off the drawing boards — and into the sky…

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