The Saint on Guard

The Saint on Guard
Крутой детектив
Серия: Saint #25
Язык: английский
Год: 1944
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The book consists of the following stories:

The Black Market - When a shipment of iridium needed for the production of Allied weapons and equipment is hijacked and put on the black market, Templar hatches a scheme to recover the goods, supported by his shady US intelligence contacts and much to the chagrin of NYPD Inspector Fernack. But when one of his prime leads is murdered, Templar finds himself framed for the crime.

The Sizzling Saboteur - The Saint travels to Galveston, Texas in pursuit of a man who has been sabotaging weapons factories, but when his quarry turns up burned to crisp, he has to contend with both the local police, a trio of mysterious men behind the sabotage, and a beautiful Russian. 

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