No Business Of Mine

No Business Of Mine
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Язык: английский
Год: 1947
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He was a big strapping fellow around thirty, broad and well-built, but far from muscular ; soft, just this side of fat.
" Hello, Baby, " he said, " You one of her boyfriends ? "
" Go jump in a lake, " I said, " Jump into two if one won't hold you, " and I turned back to Netta's door.
He giggled. " There's no one there, " he said, adding in an undertone, " She's dead : died by her own hand. "
I felt a little cold breath again my cheek. There was something wrong here. I knew Netta well. She wasn't the suicide type.


And that's how it began. From then on Steve Harmas, American newspaper correspondent, was never out of trouble. Netta's body was kidnapped, then her mysterious sister Anne also committed suicide.
Harmas, working on his own to try to solve the mystery of these two girls' deaths, became so involved that followed that he was in danger of being arrested himself.

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