The Travelling Vet

The Travelling Vet
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Автор: Cranston Jonathan
Язык: английский
Год: 2018
Издатель: Allen & Unwin
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Jonathan Cranston is no ordinary vet. In addition to his day job in the
Oxfordshire countryside treating cows, dogs, pigs and cats, he's also worked
with an astonishing range of species around the world, including crocodiles,
rhinos and pandas. In this charming collection he introduces us to some of his
favourite patients, ranging from beloved family pets through to magnificent
creatures of the wild.

Whether microchipping armadillos, anaesthetising giraffes or advising the
makers of the Jurassic World series on exactly how to operate on a
velociraptor, Jonathan's love for his work and the entire animal kingdom is
infectious. From the preposterous (castrating a sugar glider) to the poignant
(encountering victims of rhino poaching), the stories in _The Travelling Vet_
will delight and enthral every animal lover.

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