The Seeds of Man

The Seeds of Man
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Год: 2013
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The Seeds of Man is a full-length never before released science fiction novel.
With The Seeds of Man New York Times bestselling science fiction author William C. Dietz offers us a post apocalyptic future where bullets can be used to purchase anything, and only the strongest will survive.
Millions were killed during a brief nuclear war. But now, fifty years later, the world is locked in the cold embrace of a nuclear winter and food is scarce. Billions of people are dead of starvation and the survivors are battling each other for what remains.
Lora Larsy is one of the more fortunate people because she was raised in a doomsday seed vault called the Sanctuary. It was constructed to ensure that the survivors of a nuclear war, widespread famine, or pandemic would have the seeds required for a fresh start. But most of those who live in the Sanctuary are afraid to venture outside because of the barbarians, religious fanatics, and feudal lords who rule the wastelands.
But Lora’s father and a small group of rebels are determined to leave the Sanctuary and take a supply of seeds with them. Lora decides to go along. Thus begins a long dangerous trek that test Lora in every possible way, take her into terrible danger, and will eventually place the Sanctuary’s fate in her hands.
Meanwhile Tre Ocho ekes out a living by scavenging for food, tech, and books in the ruins of devastated cities. When he falls in with a group bandits led by a charismatic man called Crow, Tre finds something more than a means to survive, he finds a purpose. A path to a better future. If he can stay alive long enough to do so.
A young man, a young woman, with everything at stake… The Seeds of Man.

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