The Copeland Bride

The Copeland Bride
Исторические любовные романы
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All London knew her as "Her Highness", the fiery temptress who robbed men of their gold.
But it was proud, untouched Noelle Dorian who was cruelly abducted by Quinn Copeland, the rugged American shipping heir, and, in one brutal act of passion, forced to take his family name.
Transformed by Copeland wealth, abandoned by Quinn, Noelle's rare beauty blossomed in London society. But beneath her soft grace burned a vow of vengeance and a passion for the man whose jet-black eyes and powerful touch she would never forget…
For Quinn would return-to carry her off to the bold shores of the New World. Together they were destined to carve a new life in the harsh wilderness, bound by a love as glorious, as savage, as their pride.
From Soho pickpocket to society belle, from London to the shores of the New World, hers was a game of passion and chance.

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