My First Seven Years (Plus a Few More)

My First Seven Years (Plus a Few More)
Биографии и мемуары
Автор: Фо Дарио
Язык: английский
Год: 101
Издатель: St. Martin's Press
Переводчик: Joseph Farrell
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An extraordinary coming-of-age memoir by the Nobel-Prize-winning playwright.
My First Seven Years is Dario Fo's fantastic, enchanting memoir of his youth spent in Northern Italy on the shores of Lago Maggiore. As a child, Fo grew up in a picturesque village teeming with glass-blowers, smugglers and storytellers. Of his teenage years, Fo recounts the struggles of the Fascists and Partisans, the years of World War II, and his own tragicomic experience trying to desert the Fascist army.
In a series of colorful vignettes, Fo draws us into a remarkable early life filled with characters and anecdotes that would become the inspiration for his own creative genius.

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