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Серия: Kit Fielding #2
Язык: английский
Год: 1986
Издатель: Michael Joseph
ISBN: 978-0-7181-2756-5
Город: London
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When Kit Fielding, champion steeplechase jockey, finds that Princess Casilia, his chief patron, is facing serious trouble, he goes unhesitatingly to her aid. Neither realises that his instinctive support is the first step to a frightening battle involving violent risk, with the honour of the princess’s family as the prize and Kit’s own destruction as the forfeit. Beset by other problems, not least his troubled romance with Danielle, the princess’s niece, Kit knows that while steering through deadly outside dangers and riding at breakneck speed in races, he must also contend with the long-term hatred of his own family’s enemy. Many of the characters from Break In, Dick Francis’s previous bestseller, reappear in Bolt, but the story ends here — and it’s a story which will keep every reader on the very edge of his seat until the last page is turned.

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