The Dragon Bard

The Dragon Bard
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Серия: Dragon of the Island #4
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he fourth book in the Dragon of the Island series, The Dragon Bard blends Celtic mystical beliefs with sizzling romance as it tells the story of a proud Irish queen and the charming, cynical bard who is her destiny.

While visiting north Britain, traveling bard Bridei ap Maelgwn is taken captive and sold to Irish slavers. When they land in Ireland, he is rescued and taken to Queen Dessia of the Fionnlairaos. Dessia is wary of this charismatic stranger, but also intrigued. As bard and queen spar with wits and words, Bridei awakens not only Dessia’s heart, but an ancient legacy of magic that binds them together in a web of treachery and passionate desire.

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