ENT - 001 - Broken Bow [Star Trek Enterprise]

ENT - 001 - Broken Bow [Star Trek Enterprise]
Космическая фантастика, Научная фантастика
Серия: Star Trek: Enterprise #1
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Before Janeway and Sisko,
before Picard and Kirk...

It Is the twenty-seoond century...and the dawn of mankind's boldest adventure. Thanks to the amazing breakthroughs in warp technology, an era of true Interstellar exploration is about to begin, and a whole new universe, full of astounding wonders and unparalleled dangers, has just opened up for humanity.

Someone has to lead the way, and that someone is Capt. Jonathan Archer of the first Starship Enterprise™, NX-01. Archer and his crew, including Vulcan SubCommander T'Pol and the enigmatic Dr. Phlox, will face challenges previously unimagined as they truly go where no man has gone before™.

But they must also survive first contact with a fearsome extraterrestrial race known only as the Klingons.

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