Astronomer Book

Astronomer Book
Серия: All About Space
Год: 2014
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Gazing up at the sky, you can get an idea of the wonders that our galaxy holds. With the naked eye you can view a sea of stars, behold the beauty of the Moon and the awesome power of the Sun. But with a little guidence, there's so much more to enjoy. In this book, we'll start by helping you choose the best telescope and get set up, as well as guide you through the cameras that will help you get started in astrophotography. Following on from that, take a tour through the universe, as we show you how to view the stars, moons, planets and more. Gaze upon the wonder of the Aurora Borealis, stare at Saturn's rings and marvel at a meteor shower. You'll also find a comprehensive Star Atlas that will help you identify the constellations, no matter what time of year you're exploring the night sky.

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