Incredible History. Vol. 1

Incredible History. Vol. 1
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Год: 2013
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Have you ever wondered what life would have been like in the time of the dinosaurs? How roman gladiators felt when they stepped into the arena facing almost-certain death? What happened on board the Titanic on the night it sunk? Our lives today are governed by several technological advancements and creature comforts that blind us from the fact the we got here today after many years of struggle and warfare. Almost a century ago, the World Wars changed the world forever. But there were a few leaders and visionaries that built and left lasting legacies and monuments that we cherish to this day. The Book of Incredible History is a step back in time through some of the ages, customs and traditions that shaped the world we live in. Covering the ancient world, prehistoric times, the iconic buildings and landmarks scattered around the globe, ground-breaking weapons and the inventions that changed the world, there’s something for everyone to learn about and enjoy. Every subject is accompanied by stunning illustrations and marked diagrams so that you can best understand the topic covered in life-like detail.

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