Rocannon's world

Rocannon's world
Социально-философская фантастика
Серия: Hainish Cycle #1
Язык: английский
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Copyright 1966, by Ace Books, Inc. Part of this novel appeared in Amazing Stories, Sept. 1964, as a short story, and is copyright, 1964, by Ziff-Davis Publications Inc. Scanned & proofed by Binwiped 10/12/02 released in #bookz by MollyKate

We once wrote that while only a few women wrote science-fiction they made up in quality what they lacked in numbers. Certainly among the ranks of the most highly esteemed artisans of fantasy fiction will be found the names of Andre Norton, Leigh Brackett, C. L. Moore, Margaret St. Clair, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Rocannon's World introduces the first book by another of that select group, Ursula K. Le Guin. Mrs. Le Guin lives in Portland, Oregon, and has made her first sales to the magazines. That she has talent will be evident on reading, for the s-f reader will find in this vivid interplanetary fantasy elements reminiscent not only of the soaring imagery of the above-mentioned but hints of the fantasy of the Tolkien or Merritt type. This may seem extravagant praise for a beginner, but we hope that the reader will sense this for himself and wait, hopefully, for her next novel. D. A. W.

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