Magic's Pawn

Magic's Pawn
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In this book, the main character is Vaynel Ashkevron, the most powerful Herald-Mage to ever live. Vanyel, when he was younger, had a very powerful, untrained, mage gift. He didn't want anything to do with it, he'd much rather be a Bard, but something that strong in nature is very dangerous if left untrained. Savil, the most powerful Herald-Mage of Valdemar at the time & Vanyel's aunt took him from his family's estate and brought him back to Haven to be trained in his Gift. At Haven, Vanyel fell in love with a young man, a Herald-trainee named Tylendel. But something horrible happened and Tylendel dies. (I won't say'll have to find out!) Vanyel is so grief-striken that he almost loses his mind. Then, as if by miracle, he is Chosen by Yfandes, the only full-grown Companion that hasn't chosen, that refused to choose anyone for over 10 years. She helps him overcome his grief. But another problem occurs, it soon becomes clear to Savil that not even she can train Vanyel with his Mage Gift. She must take him to the Tayledras that reside in the Pelagris Forest. There he learns to become a full Herald-Mage

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