Intimate Surrender

Intimate Surrender
Исторические любовные романы
Серия: Intimate #2
Год: 2013
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A Scandalous Secret
Hannah Bartlett was tossed out of her home at the tender age of fifteen, when a man of the cloth stole her innocence. To survive the streets, Hannah entered into a life that she never imagined. Now, known as Madame Genevieve - the owner of London's most infamous bordello—she dedicates her life to rescuing young girls from the streets and protecting them from a shameful fate.

An Unexpected Attraction
Vicar Rafe Waterford meets Hannah at one of his sister-in-law's country gatherings…and immediately falls for the mysterious beauty. Despite his declarations of love, Hannah insists they cannot be together. But Rafe is like no other man…and he refuses to forget a love so passionate and consuming.

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